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Difference Between 3G and WiFi Nook

3G vs WiFi Nook

Most portable devices nowadays come in two versions, one with WiFi only and another with WiFi and 3G. The Nook from Barnes and Noble is no exception to this. So what’s the difference between the 3G and WiFi Nook and what can you do with the former that you can’t do with the latter? Basically, the 3G Nook is capable of connecting to the Internet pretty much anywhere that you can get a 3G signal. The WiFi Nook can only connect to the Internet when you are in a WiFi hotspot that you have permission to use. This can be in your own home, the office, or in any of the multitude of establishments that offer free WiFi to their customers.

But, even if you can connect to the Internet with the 3G Nook outside the coverage of WiFi, this doesn’t mean that you can browse the Internet the way you typically do. The Nook restricts internet browsing to WiFi only. So you can only view your FB account or visit your favorite sites when you are tethered to a WiFi hotspot and not when you are roaming around town.

So what can you really do with the 3G Nook? Well, for one, you can buy books online and have them delivered to your device right away. Not really a major advantage unless you hate waiting or you finish books rather quickly. Most people have WiFi in their homes and they can do their purchases then. The second thing you can do is download small articles or news tidbits. This is also just a small feature that lets you keep updates, probably as you commute to and from your office.

The 3G Nook is not really that much superior when compared to the WiFi Nook. You should only get the 3G Nook if you have the cash to spare or if you really want to have the absolute best. If you want to save a few bucks and you constantly stop at WiFi hotspots throughout the day, the WiFi Nook is the more logical choice. There’s just not that much you can do on the 3G Nook that you can’t do on the WiFi Nook.


  1. The 3G Nook can access the Internet pretty much anywhere while the WiFi Nook can only access the internet via hotspots

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