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Difference Between Nook WiFi and WiFi/3G

Nook WiFi vs WiFi/3G

An e-reader is a niche product that caters to those who love to read. While Amazon has the Kindle, Barnes and Noble also has the Nook. The initial model of the Nook came with WiFi and 3G, then a second model with no 3G was released. The main difference between them is, of course, the lack of 3G connectivity of the latter model. WiFi is good enough for most people who have WiFi access at home, in the office, and many establishments. The version with 3G is good for people who lack access to WiFi hotspots.

Along with the loss of the 3G module is the reduction in price. The Nook WiFi was roughly $80 cheaper than the WiFi/3G. If you want the best, the WiFi/3G and the additional $80 might be worth it. But for those who are more practical and have reasonable WiFi access, the Nook WiFi is more than adequate and is a lot cheaper than the WiFi/3G. Although it seems to be unnoticeable, the Nook WiFi is also slightly lighter due to the removal of the 3G module.

Since Barnes and Noble released the Nook WiFi, they have discontinued making 3G capable models of the new versions of the Nook. Both the Nook Color and Nook 2 are only available in WiFi-only models. If you really want 3G connectivity, you are basically stuck with the original Nook or opt for other e-readers from Amazon or Sony.

Having a 3G modem in an e-reader seems to be unnecessary and frivolous because of the widespread availability of WiFi hotspots. Using 3G is also a major battery drain and can be a problem if you are away from a wall socket for long periods of time. Most people who read a lot while travelling keep 3G turned off most of the time to save battery power. So not having it in the first place doesn’t seem like much of a loss.


1.The Nook WiFi/3G has a 3G modem while the Nook WiFi doesn’t.
2.The Nook WiFi/3G is more expensive than the Nook WiFi.
3.The Nook WiFi/3G is slightly heavier than the Nook WiFi.
4.New models of the Nook only has WiFi, and the WiFi/3G models have been discontinued.

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