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Difference Between Adderall and Methamphetamine

Main short and long term adverse physical and mental effects that may appear in methamphetamine use.


Adderall and Metamphetamine are both drugs which have a high potential for abuse. Although used as prescription drugs in some cases, its recreational use can lead to addiction. The article below will help you understand the difference between the two.

What is Adderall and Methamphetamine?

Adderall, also known as amphetamine mixed salts, is a drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder caused by the inability of the brain to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Studies show that long term treatment with amphetamines decreases the abnormality of the structure and function of the brain found in people with ADHD.  Amphetamines have also been proven to reduce disruptive behaviors and hyperactivity in children with ADHD. Children on amphetamines have also shown subsequent improvements in terms of relationships with family members, in terms of attention spans and a slight change in I.Q levels. They become less impulsive.

Amphetamines improve memory and are therefore used as a test taking aid by many students to enhance performance during examinations. It is also used by athletes to increase stamina and performance. Therefore, it’s common knowledge that recreationally, amphetamines are highly misused.

Methamphetamine, in contrast, is a white crystalline drug, also known as crystal meth. It is a psychotic stimulant that is used for the treatment of obesity and to some extent for ADHD. However, it is rarely prescribed because of the high risk involved of being a highly addictive substance. Recreationally, methamphetamine is used to increase sexual desire, elevate mood and increase energy. Unlike amphetamine, methamphetamine is a neurotoxic drug which causes brain damage. People who abuse the drug consume it by inhaling it through the nose, smoking it or injecting it with a needle. Some even take it orally and feel like continuing with it because of the sense of well-being it offers. However, it destroys the life of the user from the very beginning. Crystal meth is used by individuals of all ages, but is most commonly used as a “club drug,” taken while partying in night clubs or at rave parties.

Difference between their SIDE EFFECTS:
The side effects vary on the amount of drug used. Adderall impairs thinking and reactions. The most common side effects include irregular heartbeats, elevated or reduced blood pressure, dry mouth, fast and deep breaths, pain or burning sensation while passing urine, painful erection of the penis which is a rare side effect, talking more than usual, extreme happiness or sadness, alertness, insomnia and mood swings. If you are prescribed Adderall and experience any of these symptoms while on the medication, it is important to consult the prescribing doctor immediately.

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and potent chemical that first acts as a stimulant but then begins to systematically destroy the body. Thus, it is associated with serious conditions, including memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior and potential heart and brain damage. Loss of appetite, hyperactivity, dilated pupils, flushed skin, irregular heart-beats, hypertension, hypotension, dry skin and dizziness are some of the other side effects. MOre serious effects can include insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia. In some cases, overdose can cause convulsions that lead to death. An important side effect which must be made note of is the “meth-mouth”  The toxic ingredients in methamphetamine lead to severe tooth decay which causes the teeth to become loose abnormally quickly. The teeth become black, stained, and rotten, often to the point where they have to be removed.

Adderall is a salt of amphetamine which is prescribedd for ADHD, narcolepsy and abused recreationally as a performance enhancing drug. Methamphetamine or crystal meth is a highly addictive narcotic drug with more health risks than benefits and is classified illegal worldwide. It absolutely must not be consumed owing to serious threat to life.

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  1. So you un-demonize and then re-demonize Adderall in the same article. I have been taking Adderall for years and have never experienced the things that Meth users take.

    • I take it as well and have never experienced the things Meth users do ( picking their skin, confusion, paranoia, rotting teeth, being up for days, stealing, etc) I have had ADD since childhood and was on Ritalin (which made me a total zombie!) I am now 25 and have been taking Adderall for years . It is the only thing in my life that has ever helped me be able to concentrate, be able to absorb information without having to read it over and over again, and remember something for longer than a day. People need to stop being hypocrites and realize too much of any prescribed drug is a bad thing! Wether it be a controlled substance or not. Some people need the drug in order to function and for them to have normal lives.

      • I agree!!
        I have never been diagnosed with ADHD even though I’ve shown signs of it my whole life, but my folks were old fashioned and did not believe in it.

        My major trigger is a tv.. If the tv is on, my cognitive senses are off, aka, I have no idea what’s going on around me. My other ginormous trigger (I believe this is extremely common with others) is when someone is talking to me-especially when the conversation is “too” full of information or complicating…even if I somehow get bored with whatever they are saying-my mind will drift off into la la land and I don’t hear, nor comprehend what was said… :-/

        I tried adderall for the first time the other day just to see what it would do (fiancé suggested it-not for the high, but for the ADHD portion) and I can focus, I can STAY focused, and most importantly I can continue to multitask without feeling overwhelmed by the workload!

        I am 34yrs old and an ex-drug addict whose been sober from everything (except occasional pot use) for over 8 years! So that being said, I do not like how adderall reminds me of being on meth or some other amphetamine-ie. crack, coke, crank, no-doze..

        I used to love being all twacked out, but now it disgusts me and I feel like a low life drug user…

        Does anyone know of another drug similar to adderall, but without the uppity feeling?! I just want the focussing and concentration benefits w/o the “I’m tweaking” feeling lol

        Jared M.

        • Concerta. Slow time released and doesn’t have the side effects like the others. You could also check into daytrana. It is a transdermal patch that youwear. I used to have a problem with them coming unstuck and falling off so I started cutting them in half and folding them backwards over my teeth where the medicine would absorb under mytongue. Worked great. I say concerta would be best for what you are lookingfor tho. It works and you cant even feel it

        • I have heard of clonidine being used for that purpose. I take it for blood pressure issues but have noticed an improved sense of order. Never been a.d.d. but have had some trouble keeping calm and ordering my thoughts. This has helped tremendously, and I would suggest talking to a doctor about it.

        • If you have ADHD, Adderall or other stimulant meds will not give you that uppy jittery racy feeling. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at 36 and started on Vyvanse. It makes me calmer, less anxious, less jittery. Which is why I know I’m supposed to be taking it. You’ll only get the stimulant effects if you DON’T need it.

          • I couldn’t agree more!! People that complain about getting high from Adderall. …shouldn’t be on it OR perhaps your dose is too high. I too take 20mg twice a day and It’s a miracle drug for me!! I can focus, calm down, reduces anxiety. Allows me to take one step at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by the simplest things… I feel it’s a great drug if not abused. I can go days without it and feel ok but I am much more functional and relaxed with my meds. Good luck everyone. . All meds are not for everyone. Be Safe!!

          • You are so wrong. You do feel the affects of adderall no matter what. That’s a myth. Seems your not honest with yourself. Hoping your doctor reads this and ups your dosage I’m guessing. Lol. Bullcrap

          • Agreed, I’m in the same boat at age 38. It has helped me to show major improvements at work and home in my ability to manage and follow multiple work related issue escalations and had helped in my communication skills with my wife.

          • I couldn’t agree more, I work with special needs kids,and have studied all behaviors, and Meds.Its 100 per cent right if you speed off Adderall or its family you do not have Adhd

          • Vyvanse is a ‘pro-drug’. It is the exact same thing as Adderall but packaged differently in that it not absorbed through the gut but must pass through the liver where it literally becomes Adderall. This cannot be abused, does not give the ‘high’, etc. as Adderall.

          • You’re actually incorrect. Adderall is effective as is, and does not need to be orally ingested for the effects to be felt, which is why you can snort it or inject it.

            “After oral administration (of vyvanse), lisdexamfetamine dimesylate is rapidly absorbed from the
            gastrointestinal tract. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate is converted to dextoamphetamine and L-
            lysine, which is believed to occur by first-pass intestinal and/or hepatic metabolism.”
            http://www.accessdata.fda.gov › label

            Also, the liver has nothing to do with how vyvanse “turns into” adderall and you most definitely can abuse and get high off vyvanse. Just like adderall. Vyvanse is just most effective when orally ingested, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t abuse it, get high from it, or get addicted to it.

            You are right about it being a pro drug though! So that’s good!

        • Ask your doctor about Vyvanse!
          It is a much safer alternative to Adderall, but is still very effective for ADHD/ADD.

          • Vyvance made me feel terrible..Adderall made me feel a little less icky, but stillmakes me feel exhausted, My doctor said that is normal, that you shouldn’t get a bunch of energy from it, only if you do not have adhd.It is helping my old ass (43) go back and finish college or I wouldn’t be taking it at all.

        • Congratulations on being sober for over 8 years! Keep up the good work. I have recently tried a product called Cognimax and for me it has lived up to the hype 100%! You will have to Google it because it is only available on line to my knowledge. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

        • Adderall did that to me for the 1st few days. Now it can actually help me fall asleep since my mind is not wondering about everything at once. Also…it depends on your dose. My neurologist started me on 30mg 2x daily. My regular dr who now writes it instead (since the Neurologist was far and my dr sent me to find out what was wrong with me)He asked how I felt (not knowing the dosage yet)and I said I feel like a crackhead. I cant sleep,moody as hell,yell and scream at my kids and said is there anything else. He about lost it when I showed him my bottle. He said it was way too high to start with so he wrote it for 5mg 2x daily. I hadnt taken the 30mg one in about 2 weeks (only side effect stopping is being VERY sleepy but thats all)and that dose was perfect. I felt brand new. Adhd really affects every aspect of your life. It saved my marriage, I have an amazing relationship with my mom and am so much happier. So maybe you took to high of a dose?I know this is old but maybe someone new coming in will see this.
          Also, i trued Vyvanse and OMG I was a CRAZY B#### and made my OCD 1000X worse. But every person is different. I get super pissed when my sister abd a few others say its legal meth. Ive taken meth before, no its nothing like it at all. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. If it helps you,screw them. Buy them a book on ADHD.

        • Late to the party, but in case anyone else is wondering, 100mg of caffeine has about the same effect as a very low, 5mg, dose of Ritalin. I take a sustained release caffeine drink that also includes taurine to help curb anxiey. I took Adderall for years and it was life changing for me, but I’m not able to take it right now. The caffeine helps me be productive and stay focused at work without getting confused or forgetting important things. Essentially, it helps me function on par with everyone else. I use the mixed berry energy from IDLife besthealthid.idlife.com .

        • I will agree about the adderall feeling.I switched vyvance

        • funny you should mention tv Jared. I have always had the theory that tv (and all the damn commercial ads) is the main cause of adhd. I know for myself anyway it definitely beyond a doubt formed such a short attention span somehow. The other is bad diet, too much sugary drinks and snacks and a total lack of any self discipline.

        • Try Straterra. I’m a recently diagnosed adult with ADHD. I’ve been taking it for about 9 months and it’s wonderful.

        • If address gives you that feeling you are not add. Address calms me down helping me focus. If you lose sleep taking it it’s not meant for you. I am prescribed 20mg 3 times a day and I can take one and still take naps. I haven’t lost weight in over 11 years on it. I can eat normally. If you can’t and being a former user stay away from it.

        • I’ll have to tell you that I started getting treated for my lifelong ADHD in my mid 30’s.
          It was hard for me to tell a lot of difference really, but then I looked at my work history, and holy crap.

          With Adderall, I was (barely) getting all my paperwork done every day. It was still a struggle, but I did it.

          I lost my insurance during the transition for 6 months. So no more Adderall.
          I found myself sometimes a week behind on my paperwork constantly using favors from the people I knew in our call center to get them to look up what I did on my jobs so I could fill out the paperwork and get paid.

          Before being diagnosed, I remember being the only manager at work every Sunday for hours catching up on my missing paperwork before Monday came around.

          It wasn’t the “feeling” that told me the Adderall did anything at all. It was the results.

          That said, its effects that feel “uplifting” actually wear off pretty fast. As in, you become immune to them (at least legitimate users typically do). I don’t take mine consistently, only when I have work to get done that I need it for. Otherwise, I won’t take any drug that’s not necessary for me, not even Tylenol. On that note, however, I could take my Adderall and go to sleep right afterward. It has no physical effects on me anymore. If I’m not well-rested, I still get drowsy on it quite easily. The only way I even know it’s working is by tracking my results on and off it, which I try to compare frequently to assess if it’s still useful since I don’t otherwise notice it.

      • Have you ever tried CBD?

      • Thank-you! I had adhd as a kid really bad and i thought I got over the add too when I got older and could controll my energy. I’ve always had very bad memory and I remember now that I could focus when I took them during the school year. I refused them during the summer because I had more fun that way. lol I read this yesterday when I had found one of those little tan 15mgs in a sandwich bag while looking through my storage closet (I took them before class 1 to get the most class focus) and I took it. I found that I could suddenly remember things from high school. I think this is seriously going to better my life! It feels like I have a chance to keep a good schedule and maybe go to bed on time again! lol 🙂

      • YES to ADDERALL on the script with a good doctor who monitors you and you take it as prescribed— However Meth Is not in the same family – Adderall is like a baby ghecko and meth is like a Komodo dragon if so! Meth eventually causes severe psychotic break, heavy delusional borderline personality disorder and as ALL other drugs drop into a scale of one to ten with dopamine and seratonin at a level 5 ( coke, Molly, xtc, crack, heroin), Adderall at a level 3 if taken as prescribed, Meth drops these same neurotransmitters at a level NINE! Like holy shit, not only that but it SUSTAINS for days considering what kind of “shit” you bought and if not can be filled with all kinds of toxic chemicals that were formulated to “crack back” just to psychologically make u taste what u thought was a good hit which in reality could’ve been straight up poison. If you can’t seem to function with out Meth you should definitely check Int a rehab and quit for a solid 6 months then maybe try Adderall if you can’t seem to focus to get shit done. Good luck.

      • Yeah but you and others like myself take controlled dosages. Where I believe if the same was done with . Eth it would be very similar. Unfortunately most don’t and that’s why. Probably be like taking 100 mgs or more of Adderall.

    • do you also have mexican drug lords with dirty labs as your source? no.

    • I’m going to assume that you most likely have ADHD and have
      A valid reason to be taking it.

      I use to be a very heavy meth user and can tell you that Adderall has some of but not all of the sane side effects that meth does.

      When used correctly Adderall increases concentration, stamina and other mental functions. They same thing that Meth can do. When Adderall is used by someone without ADHD on a recreational base and in high doses you can achieve the same effects as meth.

    • WOW ! That must be why it says “if you experience these side effects, consult with your doctor immediately.” That would mean that not everyone experiences those side effects. So, some people do, some people don’t – guess what group you’re in ?!

    • This article is pure demonization. Meth mouth is caused by the dry mouth and not taking care of your hygiene, not the “chemicals” in it. Making meth is chemistry, thats it. The psychosis, hallucinations, etc are caused by staying up for weeks on end. Responsible meth use is staying up for NO MORE than 2-3 days.

      • “responsible meth use is staying up for ONLY 2-3 days at a time”


        first, there is no “responsible meth use” and you know that. its all irresponsible. more addictive than heroine.

        Also if you think staying up for 2-3 days nonstop with no REM sleep, is healthy, you are simply ignorant or avoiding the truth

        • I’ve been addicted to meth for 15 years I know it has to eventually have some bad effects on a person’s heath or well being but as for now nothing yet I couldn’t imagine going without it

    • This person doesn’t know what she’s/he’s talking about.
      Says “Meth is used to treat obesity” lol NO it is NOT! There is NO doctor ANYWHERE that would EVER prescribe meth! They prescribe amphetamines for obesity MINUS the Frigging METH.
      There is No meth in amphetamines! Meth-amphetamine is cooked with VERY dangerous chemicals like battery acid and METHANOL (paint thinner) and a lot of stuff that no doctor would EVER prescribe to a human being ,PERIOD.
      I haven’t found any site YET that knows the difference between METHamphetamine and amphetamine.
      There is NO METH in amphetamines but there is amphetamines in meth. The meth cookers ADD the amphetamine to the meth and it’s then called METH-amphetamine. Can you imagine a doctor prescribing anyone something with battery acid,lighter fluid, METHANOL paint thinner ,lye and many other chemicals? No way.

      • You are thee most insane person on the internet with absolutely no clue what words are let alone what a methyl is in chemistry. Get off the drugs and get some help quickly, though it may be to late.

      • i beg your pardon young lady!you are quite misinformed.im a physician,dealing with alot of overweight,and morbidly obese souls.methamphetamine IS,and has been legally,and safely prescribed,and used for decades to treat such weigh issues,among other problems.if you have doubts,look up a drug called desoxyn.its been prescribed since world war 2,and is safely used by many.it is used by people whose obesity is more detrimental to thier health than its use (correctly) would be,or the lesser of the 2 evils.its not used long term,monitored very closely,and the results must be evident on a scale that benefits the patient more than the weight is detrimental.the key here is,used correctly!either drug ruins the body if misused,or used too long.the street version of desoxyn is not monitored by professionals,not sanitary in its production,or consistant in the ingredient mix,and procedure,and this causes the danger and death pharma made drugs do not.you also mention the stuff used to make street meth being poison ingredients,but if you know about chemistry,the ingredients you say are poison,are indeed at the beginning,but properly done,the chemicals exchange molecules,and atoms,and combine to create totally different substances when the reactions are complete,and done right.its the variations,substitutions,and differences in amounts and procedures that cause the danger.its the remaining chemicals,and waste that causes the explosions,bad batches,and catastrophic consequences that cooking on the street brings,that are virtually eliminated in a pharma production lab setting.youd be surprised at the things we use daily,and consider safe,that start out as a series of dangerous poisons.if you knew how some cosmetics,and otc meds were made of,youd reconsider using them.i hope ive cleared up some of your misconceptions.

      • Nah uh… You’re referring to the street meth. Prescribed it is such a low dose and isn’t made up of the same isomers as street meth. (Don’t ask me what that is lol I just read it someplace )

    • And i have been taking meth and havent experienced nearly all of those awful things. In fact , if i didn’t i would be diabetic , I would weigh over 200lbs and never get my ass out of bed
      But im not a thief, i dont cause drama, i dont abuse it, and i dont share it lol

      • I believe it. Amphetamines are multi-layered drugs and take experience to fully understand but have so many theraputic uses and i still gain insight about myself . I have 20yrs of alcoholism heroin and pill dependence. Im prescribed amps/speed and take at least 2 times a week because it balances me out and grounds me and helps me to stay clean from alcohol and dope. Meth gets a bad rep but my vyvanse is quite similar. Too much of anything is poisonous. The beauty of amphetamines is it is kind to those that need it that piece of mind

  2. James…uppers effect those with with ADHD differently than those who don’t I believe. I am not a scientist though so I could be mistaken.

    As someone that has had problematic use with both substances, this article is fairly useful. I tried meth first (when I was young and stupid) when a friend took me to a gay club and gave me some after I drank a bit too much. This was decades ago before all the media coverage on it–I only knew it was an upper and that it was popular in the Southwest.

    The highs feel eerily similar. [IMO] Meth is a bit stronger and has more of a euphoria in the first 2-3 hours and strangely has less immediate side effects for me. Adderall gives me a minor headache and cramps in larger doses. The fact it can penetrate the brain deeper was interesting to learn because I do crave Meth slightly more than Adderall.

    For anyone considering trying either of these recreationally….just don’t. I’ve never lost a job or pawned anything for drugs. I am not physically addicted to either. However, the mental addiction to either of this is unlike anything I ever encountered before. At first, you’ll feel like a superhero who can do everything in record time. Keep on using and anytime you feel tired you’ll want some. Later, even the basic chores of daily life seem like climbing Everest when sober. I dropped out of law school because I was trying to get clean and just couldn’t force myself to study and live on 3-4 hours of sleep with the discipline I had when on amphetamines.

    It scares me how widely abused Adderall is now. I think we’re going to see some major cultural ripples in the next decades from stimulants permeating vast segments of our society.

    • Your so right brother. Your so right.

    • But thats how it (Aderall )did YOU. It HELPS some people. You speak for yourself. No, Meth is NOT good for you but it’s NOT the same thing.
      Meth is NEVER good and NEVER has been and it has so much more dangerous poison in it. Adderal does NOT have poison.

    • True and copy all that Anne. Funny how I was introduced to meth the same way only it was just a small little “gay” bar that had karaoke and I like you drank a little too much. But I had no idea what I was talking my friend’s mom offered to put it in my drink saying it would sober me up quicker ..when I asked what it was she said it’s like caffeine but stronger.
      However , even if she had said what it actually was (which she did not) it wouldn’t have made any difference because I had never heard of meth at all yet as far as I recall. I was a very sheltered kid growing up and the only drugs I recall in educational videos in school were about marijuana and PCP and cocaine and lsd and mushrooms.
      The PCP one stuck out to me because there was some older dude going on and on about who the fuck knows and all the students laughed at him because he was obviously on some other planet. Actually it kind of reminds me now of how far out there my brain got when I was snorting lots of meth or whatever that white powder stuff I got in the late 1990’s was ..
      Bet nobody from school ever touched pcp though.

  3. I took Adderall for about two years and currently take vyvanse going on about a year now. Obviously people who do not have add/adhd experience different effects than those of us that do as myself. I’ve never had any of those side effects that I’ve heard about with meth, twitching, tweaking, paranoia, aggressiveness, or any type of ‘high’ so to speak. In fact for the most part Vyvanse calms me down, keeps my brain and my concentration on single tasks rather than a million things like before, I am less fidgety, less negative aggression, more control of my impulses, etc. Amphetamines have been used for a long time and for those of us who benefit from it, in a controlled environment, (under physicians care and safely) it can help a lot. Misuse or abuse it and you will be doomed. Key is, listen to your body, be honest, and never be afraid to ask for help.

  4. So you’re saying that Methamphetamine has adderall in it, except it has additional material… And thus, you conclude it’s basically the same?

    You also mentioned at the beginning that the methyl causes the amphetamine (adderall) to go deeper into the brain… How is it basically the same, when Methamphetamine is like adderall on crack?

    To compare your statement of, “It’s basically the same” is to say beer and rubbing alcohol are basically the same, since they’re both alcohol. Essentially, they’re both alcohol, so basically they’re the same. Seriously…

    I’m going to assume a more detailed explanation is needed; beer has a lot less alcohol than rubbing alcohol (some are around 50% alcohol, while others can be as high as 90%… compared to around 4-5% alcohol in beer). Furthermore, the type of alcohol in beer is Ethanol alcohol, while the type of alcohol in rubbing alcohol is Isopropyl alcohol. If you digest Isopropyl alcohol, it metabolizes into acetone.. Obviously, they’re NOT “basically” the same.

    This is why you never consider non-credible websites with “.com,” “.net,” etc. Especially a “.net” or “.org” for they have agendas. Get your information from .gov, .edu, or from a medical journal. In the process of writing an article, it is best to keep biased opinions out of the information you provide, while sticking to the facts. Otherwise your credibility is depleted.

    Then again, you did say the media demonizes it, and this is a media source…

    Granted, abusers of Adderall, when they don’t have ADHD, can have some side effects and symptoms similar to Methamphetamines; however, I doubt their teeth will rot!

    PS: If it’s basically the same, then how come the symptoms and side effects basically are different?

    PSS: You could also categorize this as fiction, rather than science. Given that certain types of fiction are based on facts and science; it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% true or accurate.

    I apologize for the rambling. I have bias towards bias, ignorance, and misinformation. I personally don’t condone on abusing any drug, and I hate taking medications (I’m an adult version of the dimetapp kid).

    • Methamphetamine itself is not the primary cause of “teeth rotting”. The cause of “teeth rotting” while using methamphetamine is mostly due to the poor hygiene habits that many meth users exhibit while high. Ask any long term meth user the last time that they brushed and/or flossed their teeth and 9 times out of 10, they probably will not be able to remember or it’s been a LONG time. Also, many meth users get a sweet tooth while using, and don’t want any other type of food. So combine that with not brushing… Then yes, anyone, on Meth or not, would be on the fast track to having thier teeth rot out of their face!

      I’m not saying meth isn’t bad for you or your teeth, but claiming meth is the sole cause of “teeth rotting” is spreading the misinformation that you claim to be against.

      I used meth for 4 years, almost daily, but I made it a point to not be the stereotype. I showered daily, kept up with my appearance daily, brushed my teeth twice a day, didn’t pick at myself, didn’t act like an incoherent idiot and most importantly, I stayed as far away as I could from the actual drug world after buying the product.

      I graduated cum laude from a prominent university with my B.S, actually repaired relationships with family (I was a shit head teenager) and I was on Meth. The entire time!

      Before y’all get all preachy, I’m not condoning meth use. I’m just saying to not put everyone who does something into one category, because not everyone fits into one category. If you have had no experience with what you’re talking about, maybe you shouldn’t talk about it.

      • I never reply to stuff in websites, but I have to say that you are right. I injected meth for over two years (popped loads of oxys in the years before that, and many other drugs before the pills), and I never even once got a cavity (none in the 2.5 years since getting sober either). I was quite productive during my first year of use, but things began to get harder after sleeping an average of 20 hours per week for a year, then, two, etc. Not to mention the complete and utter restructuring of natural brain chemistry and neurotransmitter functioning/depletion. My kids never knew, I never had legal trouble or even a ticket; but relationships, finances, health, cognitive functioning, and emotional state definitely declined steadily after that first year.

        I guess I identify with much of what you wrote because it was always hurtful and frustrating to instantly be assigned every single “meth head tweaker” stereotype known to mankind and no longer seen as a real human being with anything worthwhile to think or speak.

        That being said, I am a Chemical Dependency Counselor now, and I definitely do not advocate for recreational use of anything, nor do I feel there is any real “safe” way to abuse substances. Not saying you feel that way, but some others on here have mentioned “responisble meth use,” and I think that term is 95% delusional and 5% applicable in terms of a harm reduction standpoint. Of course there are safer practices in drug use, but the bottom line is that no matter how safe you are, drugs are never good for our health, and 9 times out of ten addictions steal so much more from us than they give.

        Anyway, thanks for what you said and I think you nailed it!

      • It’s the dangerous chemicals that are in he METH that causes the teeth to rot out plus they stop taking care of themselves. There are some unimaginable ingredients in Meth

      • You have NO idea what you’re talking about! You said “doctors prescribe meth for obesity” lol You’re clueless. No way a Doctor would ever prescribe METH. He prescribes amphetamine WITHOUT the meth.
        Meth is cooked by pushers or users themselves and they use Battery acid, Methanol ,lye and many other chemicals! They are NOT pharmacist. They cook meth and extract from over the counter drugs to turn it into METH Amphetamine.
        Amphetamine is in meth but meth is NOT in amphetamine.
        No doctor would ever prescribe METH-amphetamine thats got all those dangerous chemicals in it. Thats crazy.

      • Finally someone with intelligence. People have been led the wrong path on this and many other signs of drug use. Sadly this is exactly why parents and other family members have no clue that their child is using. I used meth for about 12 years. Started at 26, I got my first line for my birthday from my dad. I have only age related health issues and that includes dental. Not all users are so careless and dirty. I brushed my teeth twice daily and bathed 3 times daily as I still do. I took multi vitamins as a supplement to skipping meals.
        I think it should also be mentioned that METH itself is not a hallucinogen. It is the lack of sleep that causes hallucinations

  5. Oh yea, and I forgot to mention this tidbit I discovered earlier: There’s some research that suggests Adderall can promote neuron growth (Neurogenesis), and preserve neurons… Ergo, adderall (abused or used properly) causes new neurons to be formed.

    Methamphetamines are known to destroy neurons.

    Basically… the… same?

    Although I found this information on another site, I double checked on a credible site (.gov):


    • Adderall has many adverse health effects, especially when abused long term, that are very similar to Meth. Example? Death. So to imply that abusing adderall is in any way healthy… Is just absolutely ridiculous. One preliminary article on the health effects of adderall on mice is not concrete evidence of how abusing adderall effects humans.


      And those were just on the first page when I searched for adderall health effects….

      Lastly, a high tolerance to adderall is very common among those that abuse adderall (IE. They have to take more and more of the drug to obtain the same effect). The fact that tolerance is evident is proof that brain damage, and neuron damage, is occurring. If adderall didn’t cause neuron damage then tolerance would not be evident.

  6. The meth made by big farma and the hilbily shake and bake meth is like compering appels and peers.

    One is pure meth. A Longlasting version off good old amphetamine a stimmulant nothing realy special abouth it.
    Other one is some meth whit whatever byproducts that i can asure is not vitamine c.

    Did you know..
    Facesofmeth advert evrybody knows is not what hapents when u use meth. 90% off users looks normale like you and me the pict the used ar for shockeffect and are THE worst of the worst THE could find…ther was even a burnvictem used as a after picture fore crist sake?

  7. Haha the burn victim was probably burned from a lab explosion. So it’s still meth related… Lol

  8. How the hell is Meth a ‘Narcotic’??

  9. Iv did meth and Iv did aderol. I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE! Meth and aderol make you feel the EXACT same way. why? DO NOT BE FOOLED BY DOCTORS into thinking your kid needs speed to fix behavior! YOU, AS AN PARENT need to not be lazy and get more involved in your child’s life and fix the behavior issues yourself, don’t be lazy and let the pharmasutical companies turn/program your kid into a for life profit margin drug addict who thinks drugs are the answer.

    • I completely agree yes I’ve done it all even shot up meth and never once acted like a speed freak it calmed me down I could focus but nevertheless it made it harder to live with out it i.e. The adderall it started to take my personality away from not worth it so I found healthy activities to help control my impulse behavior and my memory and concentration I started playing the drums and doing aloof number games anytime I fell my thoughts racing I do one of those two things and it helps ease the symptoms so yes I do belive even with sever ADHD that drugs don’t help and even day after day of use I eventually started loosing something that meant more to me, my personality I don’t like being a robot

    • You’re not a doctor and you shouldn’t be telling people what to prescribe their kids. No, meth and amphetamine is NOT the same thing. It might have some things in common but METH is cooked and amphetamines are added to it ! Amphetamine that doctors prescribe it NO METH in it.

  10. I used to be on adderall, then used meth and became addicted for a time. See, due to the chemical makeup, meth acts the same way adderall does for me. I didnt get the jitters or go to walmart at 4 am. It calmed me, but i hated who i was as a person. I quit using meth and adderall (since, yes, it is essentially the same thing) now i just medicate with marijuana. Its much safer. It doesnt handle ALL my ADHD symptoms, but it does help most. I started using adderall, aka legal meth, at 15 years old, i started smoking marijuana at 16. Which is the gateway drug again? If marijuana werent medically available, i would be force to again resort to adderall, however, today, i feel cleaner and better than ever.

    • Weed is NOT good for you or those around you. I Lost a good friend because of weed! He lost his job because he failed a drug test and everytime he found a job and was about to be hired he would get drug tested and he would fail..his wife finally got sick of him and left him and he end up killing himself cause he felt bad for not supporting his kids cause all his little money went to weed.
      I tried weed before and I HATED the way it makes you feel. It brings me down and made me hungry , I was suppose to drive home from my friends house but i felt high and no way was i gonna drive and wreck and hurt anyone or myself, weed is yucky i ate and felt so full the next day it was a nightmare ,it really was! I hated even being in the same room with it cause i was so scared i would get a contact high from that s h i t and end up feeling like the time i smoked it b4 and ate up everything .
      My sister smokes it and she’s big as a house! she eats unhealthy stuff cause the weed makes her hungry and LAZY and now she has high blood pressure from eating while high on that crapp.
      NO WAY is weed good for you.

  11. I lost my best friend of 50 years to adderall April 25, 2016 Flat Rock, NC. Kay Campbell look it up.. Years of adderall use came to a stop for her and she chose death by cop over living without it!!!! She had everything the world had to offer, but without adderall she couldnt even brush her teeth, get out of bed, take a shower or even eat. This beautiful lady decided that life without adderall was not worth living and when she was high on it no one could be around her.. She was jailed, insitutionalized and now dead.. I am sure when she began the adderall road she expected it would end this way… She was not your average junky either, she graduated college and had a nursing degree… This chemical changes your thought process and thus changes you… If you like who you are, leave chemicals alone!!!!!!

    • Thats NOT adderalls fault! So you want it ban now I guess ,cause it seems some folks on here are going out of their way to demonize it.
      FAT kills people , McDonalds big mack has killed more people than adderal. Liqueur kills people ,Smoking kills people so why arent we demonizing cigarettes,why don’t the FDA or DEA and all these self righteous know it alls on here preach about drunks and POT heads killing themselves and killing other people on the road driving while drunk or high? preach about cigarettes! I lost a dear aunt because of cancer cause she smoked, I lost a friend to weed cause he couldnt hold down a job cause he would fail every drug test ,he turned into a bum and end up killing himself cause his wife left him..all over POT. I lost a uncle because of liquor! A drunk hit him in head on, cause the drunk was driving on the wrong side of the road and my uncle was on his way home from work. Pain killers are bad too. Now people want to preach about a little adderall or diet pills that dont screw up your thinking and make you drowsy?

  12. what about Dexedrine Spansule

  13. This article is very, if not completely, biased. The description of side effects stated, are exaggerated. I have been prescribed Adderall for over 10 years since the age of 12. I’ve never had any of the side effects stated, except for increased happiness and talkativeness. However, these side effects are barely noticable. Adderall does not impair thinking, unless you abuse it (as with any other clinical drug). Methamphetamine has clinical use as well. It’s classified as a schedule 2 controlled substance. The pharmaceutically produced pill form of methampetamine is not like crystal-methamphetamine, which is illegally produced. Therefore, production regulations are disregarded, and many toxic additives are included in the illegal form of methamphetamine. Alcohol is more damaging than meth/amphetamine, even when abused.

    • Doctors dont prescribe METH Amphetamine.
      You mean amphetamine (leave the METH off).
      Dr’s prescribe amphetamine but NOT meth-amphetamine.

  14. A lot of meth users do not exhibit this side effects mentioned. Adderall users would experience them if they didn’t take care of themselves. It’s a result of poor hygiene, not sleeping right, and not eating that cause most of those symptoms. They both boost endorphins and are exactly the same except one is legal And the other isn’t and adderall is synthetic, made in a lab and you know what you are getting.

  15. I’m just curious by a show of hands how many people out there that have ADHD have had a sleep study to find out narcolepsy is the core root of the problem?

  16. After having a pdst epidsode in feb.2014 I was sentenced to 14 years community corrections and was told I was not state probatable since then I was going to a state dr only till they sent me to middle tenn mental health after that I gave up on all help and tried to end my life several times no luck sad to say I live in cannon county ,tn Woodbury 37190 and cops were called because I shot up both of my vehicles and put a gun to me head I was going through a rough time I just had to take care of my grandma and watched her died in my arms which triggered my episode when I was eight I had to witness my stepdad shoot himself in the head (suicide)fortunately after I got out mental health provider I was fortunate I got in with a good psychiatrist who might I add will not see me by self have to have my mom or wife with me or will not be seen anyways my moms been paying him out of her pocket mainly because she blames herself for how I was treated long story short after seeing my psychiatrist for 8months he started me on adderall now I can eat everyday and sleep regularly now after being on it for about six months now I have to go see a state dr and so worried they will make a choice to take my meds away I’m not ready to go back to the confusion ,along with only eating every 3-4 days and only getting about 30-35 hrs a sleep a week and good I don’t want to go back to mood swings and over the past 5-6 months me and my wife and even my mom have had so much better communicators and I have not even been near as impulsive I haven’t broke any of my stuff or have had moments besides my aniexty attacks which I even feel that they have even gotten better I still stay (always)home and antisocial and have a lot of trust issues I don’t have friends and I live in the country where mental health is not believed in or even accepted since my release from my past episode I even can’t drive because the fear is too much for me to handle I feel like I finally stating to get my life semi normal now I have to fear I see a new state dr who I do not trust I had to see my current psychiatrist for over 8months before I started letting him know my symptoms now I fear this is the last month I will be able to communicate with my family,and I will go bad to having terrible short term memory,also concerned if I go back to the not eating and sleeping my wife will not be able to deal with me anymore and I will have to leave because I don’t want her to go through that anymore and I know it effects my mom,wife,and kids the most I been married for over 10years have a son and daughter who are 9/10 but I decide I’ll try to coup without it but don’t think I will be able to oh and I gained weight I was slightly under 120lbs then last month I was at 155lbs but now my weight I guess leveled out at 145 but I just was wondering any advise and if anybody else has had this problem after going to a psychiatrist for 8months then get on adderal 6months now have to go see a state dr who I do not trust after the last one had me committed to a mental health facility to get my meds straighten out meds and my psychiatrist seen what they were prescribing me and said that was not right and in excessive like Prozac,350mgs of seroquel,a mood stabilizer,and two others I forgot but have to take them all together every six hours and when I said they were not helping they wanted me to take them every 4-5 hours that’s when I told them find me something that works I should not have to take pills every 4-5 hours and especially if I can’t see a difference and neither can ppl around me but all I can do is try to be optimistic but since I had this news broke to me my stress has been so bad even the adderal don’t calm me down where I can sleep and eat regular also I am even doing basic hygiene now finally but I am sacred the most of losing my family I know I should control myself better or have better self control I am not trying to make excuses but I been everywhere to my pcp , emergency room complaining of heart attacks,begging them to prescribe me something for my appetite but no luck I have tried other all natural remedies but feel I need help and hoping if any have gone through this I am 31 years old suffering with bipolar,schizophrenia,adhd,and pdst living in Bradyville,tenn 37026 also my psychiatrist don’t want me to drive ,or be in social situations that could cause me triggers ..also along with that I just want to be there with my family and also I have a hard time showing or expressing myself and feelings,so any advise or further insight I will have my mom bringing me to new psychiatrist (the one I don’t even know ,or trust)& he has the final say about my meds and I don’t want to give up if I am going to do that I will just leave all I love behind so I don’t cause them any more misery I ain’t saying I perfect but wish I would of got help earlier but I was a marijuana head and that helped me mask or hide my or atleast self medicate for over 14 years now that that is not a option with the 14 years community corrections only in America can you get more time for reckless endangerment with deadly weapon ,and a suicided attempt then if I raped or murdered a person I would of only got 6months to 6 years atleast that’s what my psychiatrist said with at the time all the emotional and mental issues and breakdowns I was having but only in America can our president produce illegal documents and lie under oath also where a candidate for US presidential can be involved with sex and child trafficking and can do spirt cooking who of which will never do a day in jail and I had a unexpected mental breakdown in a small town treated low and was told when I was on suicide watch at the cannon county jail I was placed in library with a jug of water ,a electrical outlet,and with a bookshelfs for of books and I thought about pulling a few staples out and sticking them in the outlet with the water on my feet so I just need to talk to someone who has been in my situation sorry for long story I just needed to get this out I have two weeks before I see this unknown state psychiatrist and my nerves and my anxiety is through the roof

    • Hey pal im feeling you im 41 and I dealt with manic depression,uncontrollable anger issue they called it explosive anger disorder but I had adhd and was good at putting on a happy face I new something was wrong I just slipped threw the cracks besides in the 70s early 80s it wasnt real popular back then but now that im older I realize how much I screwed up my life from putting an act on I just didn’t want people to think I was wierd I was already antisocial but I did horrible with tests butI ok on homework I had a c&d avrage because I couldnt focus I had a million things running threw my mind it would drive me crazy so growing up my mom didnt want to admit that my brother and I had issues dad left both of us when we were young just grew up poor me my mom amd my little brother. But as I got older I.started acting out with fighting especially if some one looked at me or my girl funny id tear them up no problem and it.happened over and over again but I started to get severe panic attacts thats why I.stopped smoking weed I was so terrified that something was gonna happen to me but I never went to a doctor I figured id fix myself but twenty years later I tried to commit suicide myself and it almost worked ambulance got me I had so much.shit inbmy.head I didnt wannaI live. I checked into the spruce hospital and they figured me out for the most part but I was givin.adderall by my.physc cause I explained what I was going threw so the combination of the head drugs and adderall I feel 80 percent better its been 3 years I mean I still have my good days and some bad days but the wife usually helps me with.them. And as of them taking you.off ask them for.vyvan. My.friend.takes them and she.said there better than addies. I.hope.you.feel better and everything goes your way. You.need someone to.talk to emai me mustgt9812@yahoo.com. See ya I

  17. Everything in this article is completely false and misleading and requires that you have an in depth understanding of the drugs mentions. DRUGS DON’T CAUSE ADDICTION, EVENTS DO!

  18. I definitely don’t agree with your comment. I also don’t agree with everything in the article. But I do have to respect it’s merit. This isn’t simply the opinion of a few drug loving dope heads hyping up meth and adderall as equals. But it is breaking down the similarities between the two and pointing out the misinformed agendas that are fed to the world about how one drug is terrible but put it in pill form or a similar formula of it and get it from a doctor then it’s safe. If you do some research on the two on other sites that aren’t promoting that they’re the same then you will then be able to look at their characteristics and see that the effects of the two drugs physically and mentally are NEARLY identical. What separates them dramatically is the fact that meth has no consistency when bought on the street. You don’t know who made it. It’s potency or use it in the same regimen as you would with a prescription of adderall or any psycostimulant. You may not like it but the guy isn’t wrong. I’ve done meth, adderall and Ritalin. On meth I’ve never had a psychotic episode, picked my face or even stolen shit to pay for it. I’ve been productive and lucid during the time spent using and abusing it. I’m not saying I haven’t fixated on things or felt mentally off while using meth but that goes back to the amount ingested and the difference in potency makes a huge difference versus a ready made dose that I’d take each day. Its just the facts that the drugs are not that far from each other if given the same circumstances. They both take have great effects on the brain as well as damaging effects on the brain and body. The withdrawals from both have the same come down and withdrawal symptoms if used for a long period of time. Don’t knock research just because it doesn’t fit right in your head. At least put in some work researching for yourself before trying to discredit someone else’s work.

    • Your “research is WRONG bro! You are probably going to blogs and stuff like that where is mostly like this and dont know WTH they’re talking about. I was reading these comments on here last night so i decided to call the Walgreens and ask them did adderal and dite pills have meth in them ,I told them when they answered that I had an unusual question so then i started out telling her that a friend and i were arguing about adderal and my friend was telling me that “my adderal was meth and its the same” and i told the pharmacist that i told my friend “No its not the same” and the pharmacist said i was right,it’s NOT the same! she (the pharmacist) said that “adderal has amphetamine but it does NOT have meth in it and then i ask her about diet pills and she said NO they dont have meth either not at all” which i KNEW already this was true but i just wanted to hear what a pharmacy had to say about it. Google “whats the differance” and you come up with a lot of BS that doesnt know wth they’re taking about.

      • Sandra, you’re hurting more people than you are helping. I don’t know if you’re a troll or you’re just ignorant, but some people will believe you and could lead to them hurting themselves or others. METHamphetamine and Amphetamine are not the same thing, that’s true. However, METHamphetamine and Amphetamine Are both Schedule II drugs. If you look up what schedule II drugs are, you find that they are Drugs that have a high risk of Addiction, High Potential of abuse, And Have some recognized medical value. Schedule I drugs like Marijuana, LSD, And PCP are listed the same except they are considered to have No Recognized Medical Value. METHamphetamine Is a Schedule II drug, which means it has recognized medical Value and can/is perscribed by a Doctor. METHamphetamine isnt called METHamphetamine for ANY reason related to what it’s cooked with. It’s called METHamphetamine because it’s Amphetamine, but with an Additional Methyl Molecule Bound to it. That’s how Chemistry Works, it’s not something you find on a blog or .com website, it’s something you learn if you study chemistry. Stop telling people untrue things about drugs online, you fucking Bitch:)

  19. I have ADHD and have been taken Ritalin throughout child hood then adderall through middle school and high school I’ve had mixed feelings from it especially the adderall I felt like a robot it seemed most of my emotions were gone but I could talk without stuttering and forgetting what I was going to say and I was able to read and learn with ease on my own instead having to be walked through step by step with everything but with that said I gave it up it was a miracle drug for me I just felt I always needed a slap across the face to bring me back to human I would sit there and stare at a wall at times or just really tired so it wasn’t worth it to me not having any fun with life at all nothing was enjoyable so I choose the lesser of the two evils and choose to be off medication so I deal with being compared to a meth head all the time now when I’m sober cause I can’t sit still and am very impulsive in both thoughts and actions and I get angry if I get interrupted I don’t know if anyone else has that problem with forgetting what you were saying as you are saying it lol

  20. I’m from Finland and amphetamine is the stimulant that is mainly used here. I’ve seen plenty of speedheads who are just as tweaky as any meth head. They’ve lost teeth and are paranoid. One girl threatened me with a knife while in amphetamine psychosis. I talked the knife away from her.

    The difference between people who use it medicinally and the ones that use it recreationally is in the dosage and method of administration. They don’t use it 10 mg doses. They might take more than 5 times that much and shoot it straight into their bloodstream. It’s a completely different drug them. It’s insane to me that one drug is praised and one is demonized. It should be aknowledged that Adderall can be very addictive and on the other hand we should stop demonizing the people who are addicted to meth but give them treatment instead of locking them up in prison.

    • I agree all except the ones.who.dont.want to.help themselves I had a friend who was like that we tried everything but he resorted back each time and that was a few years ago we tried anything I even threatened his dealer his parents put him in rehab and he said the whole time in there he just thought about getting high.again but he has nothing living from couch to couch no job but he manages to get his drugs. Im not innocent though I did.my.fair.share.of shit when I was young but grew out of them all I.do.now.is.take painOk medication for a broken back and carpal tunnel in both.hands and theres days that I feel horrible for taking them but the.way.I.see it I.would rather be happy.and mobile then stuck inI my bed feeling horrible I cant even associate with people cause the pain drives me nutz and thats exactly what I told my.shrink. Now granted my liver probably looks like Swiss cheese but ill deal with that when the timeI comes for now im notI miserable im actually happy.and can play.with.my kids.if you need to talk email me mustgt9812@yahoo.com

  21. Crystal Meth is NOT a “Narcotic” … for law enforcement purposes, they call it that, but medically speaking Narcotics are Opiates and Opioids. Crystal Meth is a form of Methamphetamine which is also a stimulant like Adderall is.

  22. It’s sign of addiction is denial . You all can glorify it. But you can’t stop taking it. Let me know how it ends up for you. Eventually the bad will outnumber the good effects. By then it will be too late. Better stop if you can and thank god for just what you are given.

  23. Some of you are on Adderall as writing these LONG reviews! Haha

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