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Difference Between Amphetamine and Methamphetamine

Amphetamine vs Methamphetamine

Amphetamine is a drug that belongs to the phenethylamine which results to wakefulness and increased focus.  Often this medication can also result to decrease in fatigue and eventually in appetite.  The Methamphetamine is a drug that belongs under the class of Amphetamine.  The same way the latter works, it can increase alertness, concentration, and when taken in high doses can result to euphoria.  Methamphetamines are drugs that are known commonly as meth, glass or ice.  Amphetamines are known as amph, whiz, billy and uppers.  When it comes to users, athletes and students have a tendency to go after using the meth as it has a higher potency compared to the amphs.  Generally, the basic chemical structure of both the drugs is the same.  The main difference is that the meth has a stronger strength.  Thus, this is why most athletes prefer to use this drug compared to the original.

When it comes to appearance, the Methamphetamine appears almost crystal-like.  Hence, most people often give it the nickname of crystal meth.  There are times the physical composition of the drugs looks like chunks that appear like shaved glass.  On the other hand, the parent drug of the Amphetamine looks like a powdered white or grey substance and commonly sold as wraps in the market.  The wrap is described as this square of glossy paper or sealed plastic bags.  The intake of the drugs is also varied.  For the Methamphetamine that appears in small rock formations, it is usually taken as a smoke.  At times, such an intake is habit forming and can become an addiction.  For the powdered Amphetamine, it is usually swallowed or mixed with drinks.

A side effect when it comes to taking these drugs will depend on the person using it.  Both are very powerful drugs that will stimulate and awaken you when you are feeling low and down.  The speed by which you will feel the effects will usually depend on the method it was ingested into the system.  Methamphetamines are noted to be appetite suppressants.  Thus, it is used by many overweight persons who want to lose the extra pounds fast.  Amphetamine users result to hallucinations, panic attacks and depression when they are stopped immediately.  In fact, long term use of Amphetamine can lead to mental illnesses or perhaps cardiac problems.

The Methamphetamine is a drug that is classified as a Class A drug, which means if you are in possession of such, you can be imprisoned for at least seven years.  The Amphetamine is a Class B drug, but can be moved into the Class A section when it comes in the form of injection substances.


1.Amphetamine belongs to the family of phenethylamine while Methamphetamine is under the former.
2.Amphetamine is called as amph, whiz, billy and uppers while Methamphetaminesare referred to in the streets as meth, glass or ice.
3.Amphetamine appears in a powder like substance while Methamphetamine comes in both powder and rock formations.
4.Amphetamine is a Class B drug while Methamphetamine is a Class A.

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