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Difference Between Adrenaline and Noradrenaline

adrenalineAdrenaline vs Noradrenaline

There are number of things that are known by different names but are more or less the same. The most confusing thing is that what the world knows as adrenaline is known as epinephrine by most people in the US. Noradrenalin is known as norepinephrine in the US. What is the difference between the two? Lets us find out:
For starters, adrenalin and Noradrenalin are different from each other chemically. Adrenalin is actually produced by the body when the body modifies noradrenalin. This is what makes it chemically different.

The two substances are used in different areas of the body. The post ganglionic neurons of the nervous system use the Noradrenalin. It is basically used as a neurotransmitter, that is, it is generated by the neurons in the brain.
Adrenaline on the other hand, is mainly produced by the adrenal medulla. Though this structure also produces some Noradrenalin, the main output of the gland is actually adrenaline.

Adrenaline and Noradrenalin also differ in their functions. There are  number of receptors for adrenaline. For example, the α1 receptors are found in the blood vessels and when stimulated, result in a constriction. However, the β1 receptors located in the heart result in a rise in the force and the rate of the heart contractions.
Noradrenalin on the other hand, has a dominant α effect. It always acts as a stimulator on the brain and increases arousal and alertness.
Noradrenalin and adrenaline are called catecholamine because they have a catechol group. They are derived from the amino acid called tyrosine.

When Noradrenaline acts as a drug, it increases the blood pressure by increasing upon its vascular tone. However, it does not have a direct stimulatory effect on the heart.

A major difference between adrenaline and Noradrenalin is that adrenaline or epinephrine contains a methyl group that is attached to the nitrogen. This is replaced by a hydrogen atom where norepinephrine or Noradrenalin is concerned.
Both adrenaline and noradrenalin are an important part of the fight or flight syndrome in the body that is activated when a person is either too angry or too excited. It prepares the body for a rush of blood through the system. Unfortunately, both these substances are under the direct control of the central nervous system and is therefore not under voluntary control.
1. Adrenaline and Noradrenalin are chemically different from each other.
2. They are also used by different parts of the body.
3. Adrenaline has a very weak beta effect, but a strong α effect. NorAdrenaline on the other hand has a less sensitive α effect.
4. Adrenaline has a methyl group attached to the nitrogen. In Noradrenalin, it is replaced by a hydrogen atom.

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  1. thanks for d information.it is useful for me

  2. I haven’t reach that rank to know it all,
    but anyway thanks.

  3. thaanxxx for the article… This was very helpful for me….
    i can give u some more details… Both norad and adrenaline increases BP, but by different mechanism…
    > Adreanaline increases BP by constricting blood vessles
    >Noradrenaline Increases BP by increasing HR > thereby, Increase Impulse conduction > increase contraction > Increasing volume expelled> thus increasing BP

    > Noradrenaline causes: (i) constriction of the cutaneous vessels; (ii) constriction
    of the vessels in skeletal muscle (adrenaline causes transient vasodilatation);
    (iii) bradyeardia (adrenaline causes tachycardia); (iv) rise in both
    systolic and diastolic pressures (adrenaline causes a rise in systolic pressure and
    either does not effect or causes a slight fall in diastolic pressure).

  4. Thanks a lot..useful article…So what is the practical use of both???

  5. I am an Alzheimers/Dementia sufferer using Adrenalin to control this insidious disease, with dramatic, positive results since using it in desperation mid 2010; currently I have had an extra 25 months of life granted to me since that time, and whilst not at 100%, I am still able to care for myself and live a fairly normal life……I put all my positive information on a website, for every/anyone to see at…www.adbi.com.au
    Regards…Tony Hogben,…Queensland, Australia.

    • May I ask your age ?You seem so calm , happy , and inspired.To actually get a grip on “reality” you are a special individual and are inspiring. I lost my husband and all 5 of his siblings to the horrendous rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s.AutoSomal Dominant. Symptoms begin in 30s and all died in their 40s.Chromosome 14 is the major culprit .Devastating ,This family was researched at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland in 1990 .Absolutely nothing could help. You rock on !

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