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Difference Between Hard water and Soft water

glass-waterYou may have heard of some people complaining about using a lot of soap to get cleaned from all the dirt. Or you may have heard some people grumble about their skin getting rough or on the other hand it may get rather smooth. Well this is dependant on the water used, hard or soft water which can have such an impact. So knowing the difference is critical.

Hard Water essentially has an abundance of calcium and magnesium, while soft water contains both of them but in very small portions. Hard water passes through soft rocks thereby gathering the minerals like calcium and magnesium before reaching the water pipes for supply. Soft Water on the other hand goes through hard rock like granite and hence gathers minimum or no minerals during the flow. Hence soft water reaches the pipes without or less minerals in it. Hard water can create roughness to the skin and requires a large amount of soap to remove any stains and dirt even off the skin. On the other hand soft water is known to create a soft and smooth effect on the skin with soap lathering much better.

Both hard water and soft water have their own benefits, where soft water being gentle on the skin helps prevents skin diseases while hard water with the mineral content can prevent heart diseases, lower blood pressure and better and stronger bones with the calcium intake. Generally hard water is known to be better recommended.

With an abundance of hard water and the inability to use hard or soft water as per our convenience, many people opt for using water softener in hard water, to make it soft. Primarily with water softeners, the minerals in hard water are replaced by Sodium to soften it. Since there is minimum salt such additions do not pose as a health hazard. On the other hand softened water has proved to emit lead from old pipes in the supply system. Hence adopt a method where one can consume hard water for its health benefits and taste while soft water can be used for chores around the home, for bathing purposes. So benefit from both worlds!

1. Hard water contains minerals- Magnesium and calcium. Soft water has minimum or no mineral content
2. Hard water has health benefits and preferred in taste.
3. Soft water is preferred for chores and washing related tasks including bathing.

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