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Difference Between Health Science and Life Science

science_career_bookHealth Science vs Life Science

Over the centuries, major fields of studies have branched out into more specific and specialized fields. One of these are the field of science. Generally speaking, the field of science focuses on the study of the world around us. The different branches in the field of science helps us to answer the what, where, how and why of the things that we see in this world in which we live.

Health science and life science are just two of the different branches of science that is currently being studied. In a sense, both health science and life science are similar, because these two branches of science focuses on the study of living organisms. Life science branches out to literally anything and everything that has to do with all living creatures. Apart from just understanding how certain organisms survive and their respective life processes, the different branches of life science also studies and seeks to understand the relationships that different living things, here on earth,, have with each other, as well as with the environment, their behaviors, and their structures.

Health science is actually a branch of the life sciences. This particular branch of life science focuses on the study, research and understanding of how humans and other animals function. As such, the branch of health science rarely, if not at all, studies the functions of various plant life on earth. In the event that they do, it is more along the lines of how these particular plants are able to help human beings treat and prevent certain forms of sicknesses and diseases.

The branch of health science mainly focuses on gaining enough information and knowledge, which can then be applied to help human beings cure and prevent various kinds of diseases. Although there are certain specializations and professions in the field of health science that do focus on animals, the majority of these specializations and professions focus on the health and wellness of human beings. It is this branch of life science that has been responsible for the discovery, and subsequent development, of different types of vaccines and treatments for many diseases, that in previous centuries, were considered to be incurable.

The different specializations and professions in health science are also focused on the preservation of the mental and physical well-being of human beings, by the different medical professionals catering for individuals. These professions include nursing, medicine, psychology, physical therapy, and recently, alternative medicine. For this reason, the health science industry has also been considered as one of the most lucrative industries in the world today.


1. Health science and life science both focus on the study of different living things here on earth.

2. Life science generally seeks to answer the what, where, how and why of all living things, but health science focuses on the discovery, treatment and preservation of animals and human beings.

3. Life science looks into how different living things relate to each other, and the environment. Health science, on the other hand, focuses on applying the knowledge derived from studying plant and animal life, to treat and prevent many of the diseases that affect human beings.

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