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Difference Between Life Science and Physical Science

Life Science vs Physical Science

Life science and physical science are two broad categories under science. As we all know, science is a systematized body of knowledge based on proven facts and principles.
The differences between life science and physical science can be segregated in a simple explanation. Life science is the scientific study of life or all living organisms while physical science is the study of non-living organisms.
Life sciences involve the study of humans, animals, and plants. However, psychology which studies the behavioral aspects of living organisms is also under life science because it also involves biological instances and aspects of these organisms to explain such phenomena.

In physical science it only involves non-living things though sometimes biological processes are also included to explain it fully. General principles of physical science rest upon theories and laws to explain why this occurs and why that does not.
Examples of life sciences field are the following: biochemistry, botany, cell biology, cognitive neuroscience, ecology, genetics, health sciences, medicine, microbiology, zoology, and a lot more while under physical sciences are: chemistry either physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc; earth sciences such as: geology, soil science, meteorology, and lastly physics.
All of these fields of natural and physical science have its own degrees which can be taken in colleges and universities around the globe. So if you love science and mathematics very much, then just choose among these for you to fulfill your dreams.


1.Life science involves fields of discipline catering to living organisms such as we humans while physical science caters to non-living organisms.
2.Life science has more fields of discipline than physical science.
3.Physical science relies on laws and theories to explain concepts while life science relies on biological explanations and can also rely on theories.

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