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geologyGeology vs. Ecology

Geology is a very broad field of scientific study. From the term itself, you can immediately determine what the field entails, because ‘geo’ means earth, and like all fields of study, there is always the term ‘logy’ as a suffix. Hence, geology is literally a study of the earth. Technically speaking, this field embraces everything that makes up the earth, in both solid and liquid forms. Under it’s umbrella, is the study of the earth’s composition, along with the structural and physical components of the planet. Even the history, processes and almost every scientific inquiry about the earth’s physical constituents, are subjects of geology. Due to this fact, geology is closely linked with many factions of engineering, the study of the earth’s minerals, and the environment as a whole. All of these connections with the minor sciences make geology a major discipline in science.

On the contrary, ecology does not focus on the physical properties of the earth. What it does pay close attention to, is how each living organism interacts with their respective surroundings or environment. It also studies how each living creature (plant or animal) behave in the presence of another (the interactions between organisms). Ecology is a field that involves life, therefore it also has certain involvements with the earth’s ecosystems. Every organizational group and organism that hierarchy their own unique habitats, are of primary focus in ecology.

Lastly, geology, when compared to ecology, is closer to the study of environmental science. It is also a very old discipline that started to emerge even when the entire concept of the earth was still of much uncertainty and speculation. During the time of antiquity that involved famous philosophers, such as Aristotle, the study of the earth already had it’s first roots. However, many experts agree that modern geology sprouted at a later time, around 700 to 800 AD. Ecology, on the other hand, is relatively new field of study, as it only came into existence during the latter portion of the 19th century.

As a summary, geology and ecology differ from each other because:

1. Geology is an earth science that studies everything that makes up the planet, including it’s physical (liquid or solid) constituents, while ecology is the study of the interactions among earth’s life (the organisms living on the planet), as well as how they mingle in their natural habitats or environment.

2. Geology is a major and broad discipline that came into existence during the time of the philosophers, as early as 700 to 800 AD, whereas ecology branched out from the other major sciences, only in the 19th century.

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