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Difference Between Intercourse and Conception

Intercourse vs Conception

In concepts of reproduction, we should be careful about some of the words we use as we can mistakenly identify and misuse such words. When this happens, we might confuse the people who really know the meaning behind these words, and we might confuse the future people who are not aware of the meaning of these words.

Words such as “intercourse” and “conception” are words that should be defined first so that students who are first-timers to encounter these words will not be confused.

“Intercourse” is synonymous to “sex” or “coitus.” It happens when two sexual organs, the male’s organ penetrates the woman’s sexual organ. Intercourse is done to reproduce for the sake of conception. Intercourse can be done by married couples or non-married couples. Intercourse that is beyond voluntary means and beyond the right age is considered as rape. Intercourse is an activity done by couples to express their love and preserve their marriage or their relationship. Since this activity binds them together, it also makes their relationship last forever. Intercourse for some is a form of fun which should not be. This results in sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and AIDS which are prevalent in the world right now. This sexual promiscuity should not be practiced by people as they will get a higher chance of contracting varying sexual illnesses plus blood-related diseases such as hepatitis B.

Conception, on the other hand, occurs when there is a union of the egg and sperm cell. This process is also what you call fertilization. In this process, once intercourse has occurred, the sperm cell will swim its way into the fallopian tube where it meets an egg cell or ovum. It will then unite forming a zygote. The zygote will then rest inside the uterus where it will undergo other sexual processes such as mitosis until it becomes an embryo, fetus, up to a full-blown infant.

Conception may or may not occur among couples if one of them, either the male or female, is infertile. For those who do not want to conceive, sexual barriers and methods can be done to stop conception such as wearing condoms. Conception until the delivery of the infant will definitely strengthen the marriage of people as they already see their fruit of love. However, some utilize abortion which is a sin for the Catholic Church for women or couples who do not want a child.


1.Intercourse is the act of coitus or having sex while conception is the process of fertilization.
2.Intercourse can be an act of pleasure or an act of pure love among couples while conception is an inevitable process after the sperm and egg cell unite.

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