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Difference Between White and Clear Sperm

medecine-40817_640White vs Clear Sperm

Humans both men and women are fascinated with their reproductive systems. One of the fascinations is on the nature of the sperm. Many confuse the sperm to be the same as the semen. It is because after ejaculation, people sometimes refer to the ejaculated fluid as the actual sperm when in fact it is semen. The semen is the organic fluid that contains the sperm cells and other fluids like water and sugars.

Being unaware of this fact, many will get confused with the difference between the sperm’s clarity. Well, sperm shouldn’t be disputed for its clarity because the normal naked eye is not even capable of seeing these microscopic sex cells. Rather it is the semen that has to be properly distinguished for its appearance. Thus, when people talk about white and clear sperm they almost always pertain to the white and clear semen quality.

Clear sperm (semen) is usually seen as a pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum. It is the fluid that will get out of male sexual organ’s urinary meatus before climax in sex or during foreplay. White sperm is usually the sperm quality seen in the actual ejaculated fluid. Nevertheless, clear sperm can also be seen in the actual ejaculated semen. Although there’s no concrete evidence yet as to why the quality of sperm or semen varies, it is believed that clear sperm arises when the man frequently ejaculates or masturbates regularly. This will result to the ejaculated fluid being clearer because there is less sperm. The sperm quality in this instance is thin, fluidic yet still sticky.

White sperm (semen) is the ejaculated fluid usually seen among men who rarely have sex or who don’t masturbate regularly. This will result to thicker, cloudier and a more viscous seminal quality. Obviously, there will be more sperm in this fluid compared to the clearer sperm.

With regard to the maturity of the sperm or semen, it is also believed that those who just stepped into the puberty stage will have a much clearer sperm quality compared to the older men. It is because younger males are still beginning to produce sperm. Older men often produce thicker, richer and whiter (less clear) sperm because of the concentration of several millions of sperm cells in the seminal fluid.

Therefore, if one would treat the clarity of sperms to be the same as the clarity of the semen then:

1. Clear sperm (semen) has less overall sperm count compared to white sperm.

2. Clear sperm is usually seen among younger males in their early pubertal stage while white sperm is seen among older and more mature males.

3. Clear sperm is the result of too frequent ejaculation or masturbation while white sperm is the result of less frequent ejaculation or masturbation.

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  1. i’m a gul of 24yrs when i hav sex with my husby my sperm is whiter than before

    • I’m not sure that you are actually 24 because of the way you type

      • Lol

      • im 13 and i had sex with my girl she is 14 she had a period and things we had sex with out a condom we want a child but my sperm is clear and sometimes white is that normal can the baby get created or something ?

        • Woah calm down sport.

        • Whoa son. Have your balls even dropped yet?

        • Dang kid, calm down. You said you were 13 and your girl is 14? That is way to young to have children. You need to finish middle school for crying out loud!

        • No offense but you really do not need to be having a kid at 13. Do you wanna ended up only seeing your kid on the weekends and stuck paying child support by the time your 16 ??? Cuz that’s how you do it!!! Enjoy your teenage years and finish school! Don’t become another statistic all because you think having a baby will be fun! Because 90% of the time it’s not! My 8 month old is sick and is teething all at the same time I have only slept 4 hours in the last 2 days and my hair is crunchy cuz I have vomit in it ! Also I have a 4 year old and 2 twin 2 year olds! And trust me they are expensive I’m 26 and I have no idea what I’m doing half the time so I highly doubt you would know what to do either at only 13! Please try and be a normal kid and go to a party with underage drinking or something maybe get grounded cuz you got cought sneaking out, but for the love of god don’t have a baby cuz in the long run y’alls parents are gonna be the ones raising your child simply because your brain is not even close enough to being understanding what it takes to be a parent! Sincerely A mother of 4 who is exhausted and going insane!

          • Great on the speech but also if your a mother and stuff then why are you reading about male semen, just thought that was funny
            I’m also 13 and I don’t understand why this kid in my age group is having sex and reading about ejaculation

          • He has a question

          • Thanks Rose hope his brain take that in cuz it seems to have stopped functioning properly that’s why he thinks he’s all grown up.

          • Heyy
            How you doing.
            I get your point of view and all… And I get what you were trying to let the kid know. But did you really have to bite his head off, insult him and tell him he isn’t smart old or able enough???

            There are better more soothing ways of doing things… As a mother you should know this.

            The kid is 13! You read that right, yes? 13!!! Insulting him isn’t the way to go.

            I don’t disagree that he is too young. Or that it’s too soon and he should be a kid more… But the extra was not needed.

            As a mother of 4 who was going crazy and tired and has insomnia… I sympathize with you… And in no way at all getting at you…
            Just to be clear

        • You really shouldnt do that at this age but who am I to judge

        • probley not, first of all your 13. you dont need kids.

          2. Stop wanking so much then have sex because then it will be thicker. But seriously dont have kids yet

        • Do it man do it 🙂 you wont regret it

        • Sorry kiddo but you basically just molested a 14 year old girl. She is not old enough according to the law to be able to give consent

          • Technically they molested each other because neither on is old enough to give consent. 13 and 14 years old. Anyways me and my wife are trying to get pregnant I cum deep and as much as I can every time we have sex. And we raise her hips so the sperm has a downward trajectory towards her eggs. When she stand up to fast the sperm or white sperm tends to leak out is this normal is she still able to get pregnant, can we have a baby? And does any woman have some tips on how to get pregnant or anything some of y’all have done as couples to get pregnant

          • It is normal for the fluids to leak after sex. However, raising her hips is a good idea, but you have to make sure it is high enough that it actually tips her cervix. Put a pillow under her or two if the pillows are kind of flat like mine. Do your thing. BUT, she will need to stay in that position for 15-20 minutes after you finish in her, in order for the semen to have plenty of time to reach her egg. Best of luck to you guys!!

          • You’re an idiot! She’s the older one she is the molester if any. There both under age dumb ass. And she will age out before him.

          • Hahaha! They’ll be broken up before or by 16yrs old! Trust me dude she doesnt want to be in high school trying to hide a big baby bump and feeling ashamed because everyone talks about you both being pregnant in high school. Enjoy your high school and college life bro. Dont think about having kids till youre in your mid to late 20s and have a good job. Youre 13 bro, shes 14 neither of you can work or even drive yet. So that all falls on your parents shoulders and theyre already raising you. Think about it, use ur dome! When youre 14-15 in high school youll have a sex education class and watch a baby being born naturally with no censored out parts. You see that an itll ruin it for you and your girl. Also try watching a crying, screaming, puking, shitting infant that you cant give right back to their parents for a week. You’ll be sleep deprived and pissed lol. You want all that when youre 14 years old? An trust me you guys wont be together for long. Enjoy your childhood bro!!! For real!

        • Good job boii mass respect but no kids tho

        • Yo Denis I’m SURE you do, everyone else is believing your lies but not me.

        • the way to find that out is STAY IN SCHOOL AND GET A GOOD EDUCATION… THAT WAY WHEN YOU ARE MATURE/RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH you can get a good paying job and a (DL)drivers license to purchase a nice home and a good reliable car to be able to take care of a child and not depend on yall’s parents neither the messed up gov… raising a child is the hardest job u can think of 24/7 365..I believe you have a lot of love to give but it takes sooooo much more… you are just a child yourself don’t grow up so fast..sorry,,no offense but I am a mother with a 13yr old so what I’m saying to you is with all due respect!!take care!!im sure when it’s time you’ll be a great dad

        • the way to find that out is STAY IN SCHOOL AND GET A GOOD EDUCATION… THAT WAY WHEN YOU ARE MATURE/RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH you can get a good paying job and a (DL)drivers license to purchase a nice home and a good reliable car to be able to take care of a child and not depend on yall’s parents neither the messed up gov… raising a child is the hardest job u can think of 24/7 365..I believe you have a lot of love to give but it takes sooooo much more… you are just a child yourself don’t grow up so fast..sorry,,no offense but I am a mother with a 13yr old so what I’m saying to you is with all due respect!!take care!!im sure when it’s time you’ll be a great mom

          • Please having a child isn’t what makes you a father giving that child a good foundation and stable environment to raise that child .Trust me 5 seconds of pleasure will not make you a father anyone can get a woman pregnant . Giving up a lifetime of self sacrifices , LOVE , education and Placing God as the center of your family is what is important . Placing that child first in your life and sitting back 20+ years later and watching your children being parents is the greatest reward …

        • WTF! You’re not even old enough to drive your Baby Mama to the hospital! How about a home and job with medical benefts? Geeze! I was 17 and 19 when I had my kids and THAT was way too young! I’m now in my fifties and struggle with endless guilt over how much my immaturity effected my children’s adolescence. It was the most selfish decision I’ve ever made. Just because you have the capacity to love them with all your heart doesn’t mean you have the tools and life experiences they NEED just as much as if not more than love. I thank God they don’t resent me for the hundreds of mistakes I made as “a child raising children”. Simply put that’s what it amounts to. Now in there 30’s they both have sadly decided not to have there own kids and I know there own childhood played a big part in that decision. If you truly want to have children I say great! Just wait until you can give them everything THEY need and put aside your own selfish desires and fantasies about having a baby. I GUARANTEE you the reality will be completely different.

        • Plan b you are rushing

        • how do you get away with sex

        • I believe you two young people should wait before having a child, if you LOVE this young lady and she loves you both will be much happier once you graduate HIGH school and even college before bringing a child into this world. Best of luck

        • Warning do not show this to your women or it might cause trouble in your bedroom and if you are hard to understand it will be hard for you to get any Loven so that is if you get any at all now then yes the thing too do is as it feels like your about to cum pull it out and shoot your load on her or something and that would drastically lower the chance of getting her pregnant and if you wanted a little more safer way ware a condom yes it does take a bit of the filling away but it really does have better chances not getting her pregnant and it also helps on not transferring any diseases and if you are in one of the very friendly relationships you can go around and get some from a friend down the road somewhere or something and Please don’t show her this because every time you go out she will Wonder With whom is he fucking this time see what I am a saying she might say she’s fine with it but you can hardly ever tell girls are funny about things like that so I hope you the best and I hope I helped you out and I hope to the good Lord Almighty that you have a child only when you are ready Amen my Lord and in Jesus Christ’s name I pray !!!!!!!!

    • Well everytime I have sexual intercourse With my cat I load that bitch up with some clear ass cum & it’s a lot

  2. My fiancé sperm is clear and we barely have sex so reading this makes me think that he is cheating on me.! Because his sperm is clear and not white

    • Or he just likes to mastuerbate.

    • Maybe you need to think about that sentence. The words “we barely have sex” come glaring out at me. Of course, he could just have a low sperm count and absolutely nothing is going on, masturbating or cheating. If you really think your fiance is cheating on you because of his clear semen and have no other proof, maybe he’d be better off with someone else.

      • Amen to that. There is no reason to marry someone who you think is cheating. And your “evidence” against him is really nothing at all. Semen color is nonsense anyways. My semens always white even if I’ve ejaculated 10 times that day. Jumping to conclusions and assuming cheating based on the color of semen? That’s nonsense.

        • Yes, it is possible you semen can be clear if you have a low sperm count. But you can still have white semen. You are more likely to have clear semen on a low sperm count if you are young, and a higher chance to have white semen at a higher age.

          • I am old. 86. My ejaculate is never white any more. It bothers me. Broke off with my 85 year old girl friend with an awesome vaginal cavity because of no WOOD. I want my manhood back.

          • I’m not 86 but all I can say is I feel you

            I probably shouldn’t say something sounding like that on this type of article but that’s not what I meant

      • Every girl is the same…..LOL!

    • If I were your boyfriend and we “barely have sex”, for sure I’d be looking for a way to cheat on you. Although not all men are the same and maybe your current boyfriend is silly and faithful to you. If you don’t want to lose him, try to please him more often.

      • Seriously? You’re saying you would cheat if a female isn’t giving it up . You are a loser .

        • I agree. if girl doesn’t have sex you cheat? Lol… maybe your not that good

        • Hello. Yes, all men will find a solution to a female partner who does not provide enough sex. If the partner is not adequate they are at risk of being 2timed.

          • Yes, pepe is right. If you are female, and get cheated on, it is you’re fault.

          • man, that’s not even true. some of us respect women so stfu. you’re giving all of us a bad rep. just because you think it’s normal to cheat selfishly when she doesn’t wanna give it up

          • your** @Kek
            are you dumb?

          • Lol, he used the right on bro, you’re stupid.

          • Lol, he used the right one bro, you’re stpid.

          • Gotta take a minute and appriciate these names

          • Your job as a partner of a relationship is the maintenance of the others well being. Men have their roles, and women have theirs. If your woman will not perform her role as desired sexually ( sex is a more important mentally to a man vs. a woman) then yes, that woman’s position in the relationship is under review. Applications are now being taken at the front desk. The same goes for men. Fellas if you are not performing your role as so desired, then your position is now open for new applicants.

          • Nah I disagree, just because someone is female and gets cheated on, doesnt make it their fault, infact I know a guy who has several girlfriend and cheats on them all with eachother, it’s not the several females faults, it’s his fault for not wanting to keep the one girl.
            And this ladies and gentlemen is how STDs are transmitted.

          • Pepe, no not “all men” find a “solution” sometimes they need to be there for the woman they love and don’t cheat either. My girl was recently raped and has been having a really hard time with intercourse. I would never even think about cheating on her…you give men a bad name. Y’all are losers.

          • U better have beat the fuck outta the rapist my man.

          • I agree. Im in a new relationship where my girl isn’t ready but I wont cheat. She means the world to me.

          • By your preception about women and men it says a lot about you and the way you were brought up by your parents & enviroment. No a woman or a man deserve to be cheated from the lack of sex. Some with out knowing can have a low libido levels. And not all men are as fucked up as you, some they do have a level of self respect and values and not to mention being a MAN. You are such a bad example to represent your kind and placed the rest as your level.

          • Pepe stfu not all men cheat just cause there arent enough sex. On top of that it isnt always the women’s fault. Lack of communication can result in lack of sex. Try maturing up a little then you will understand the phrase. If you cant stimulate my mind you wont be able to stimulate my body. Hence why communication is one of the basic key factor in the relationship foundation

          • I am a female .. N I agree if u can’t keep him happy he will go to someone who will

        • Yeah he is, I respect females and believe that they should be able to trust my kind/guys and not worry

      • So what is your thought about a women who needs more intercourse and male is not giving in.I’m disturbed by his actions ,by the way he’s younger then me over weight , always on his phone youtube ?always has a reason to be mad ,a then claims the victim .

        • Stop being so f* dumb

        • Then find someone else if you have so many negative things to say about the guy? No one said you had to stick around…

        • After reading I’m wondering this too @Lisa.. I Have a higher sex drive than my partner so he doesn’t always give it up… And honestly if you’re going to cheat just because you’re gf won’t give it up then you don’t really care about her and better for you to just be single… A relationship is about more than just sex and if you’re gonna throw away a relationship just because you don’t get laid as much as you want then youre a selfish person tbh and don’t know the meaning of a good and deep relationship

        • Well Lisa since men and women are equal don’t be a bad example of your kind and don’t cheat get separated or divorced if you aren’t happy then fuck someone else I’m a guy btw

      • Yeah, sorry brother but that’s just stupid. Why not just find a chick with a high sex drive and have a relationship with no strings attached then? There could be plenty of reasons why they ain’t having sex. You’re just naive boy. Young dumb

      • She said fiancé not Boyfriend

        • I have a 8 inch d. Mine is VERY crooked. Almost a 90 degree angle to the left and up. But my girl loves it cause it taps here Gspot like a boss. My question is, why is my semen blueish colored. And when I’m on bottom and cum, I shizz the bed 9/10 times. The orgs are so intense. She gets so mad cause she thinks I’m an alien.

          • All I have to say is literally what the fuk, GalacticSeminizer

          • I think you are an alien, just asking, do you ever glow when you jizz?

          • Blue semen is usually signs of an infection and a serious on at that it’s affecting the bladder and prostate I suggest you get that checked out b4 it damages your kidneys a penis that is heavily curved is do to Petronius disease you probably injured the penis before and hard scar tissue has formed bending the shaft this condition will worsen through time when penis is constantly abused. Take care of yourself.

          • Typo it’s peyronie’s disease

    • yeah guys often masturbate daily. do not think this is nasty. it is normal and if they do not masturbate regularly then the penis can shrink as much as 3cm

      • Gabe, your penis will not shrink if you don’t masterbate. And it’s not “nornal” to masterbate three times a day…where you living? Your mommas basement with no job? And is that what you tell chicks so they say “okay honey, I don’t want it to shrink…so keep masterbating.” Disgusting human being.

    • I noticed coffee consumption is correlated with whiter color. Masturbtion or not it’s gotten whiter since for me.

    • I am and I dont masturbate or have sex alot.. But when I do its always been clear since I was fourteen are so all ive seen is clear and I have four children so reading this doesnt make sense either..its never been white… ?

      • So you saying your sperm has always been clear and you have kids? So this means clear sperm doesnt mean infertility right

      • Hello brice,hv been worried for long but seen your write up here about clear sperm gives me hope because have noticed same thing all along

      • Brice then you didn’t really read the article correctly. Go back and read again. No where does it say that if your semen is clear that you can’t procreate.
        All it says is that clear semen just has a lower sperm count than white semen. Both clear and white semen can lead to procreation. A LOWER sperm count is not the same as a ZERO sperm count.

        Your semen is just naturally not as potent as that of a guy that shoots the white stuff. That won’t affect your ability to procreate.

    • Girl I would think the same just saying

    • It doesn’t prove that all.
      He may be masturbating frequently…

    • Im 26 and my husben is 27. We been trying to have a baby for 3 years but I have not been able to get pregnant. His sperm is clear. We are so scared that we cant become parents. Dose some one know if its possible he could get me pregnant with clear sperm. We are willing to adopt if not or try some thing alse.

      • I’ve known many people in your situation that have been able to conceive once they started supplementing on Maca. It’s a natural plant root that comes from Peru and well known for it’s positive effects on fertility. Both you and your husband can take it. If you’re going to try it I suggest you get the Gelatinized version of Maca. Check your local nutrition store or you can even order it on Amazon.

      • Dear Claudia you can go to a hospital where they specialize in artificial impregnation, the doctors will analyze and explain to you what is the problem. It varies from different patients most probably it’s something they can offer a solution to you. Sometimes you need a male sperm doner, sometimes you need a female egg transplant or just simple artificial insemenation. Hope this helped someone

      • Incorrect spelling makes me confused of your actually a grown married person but anyway just get a doctor and you can pay other people to carry your egg and baby but it is still yours ya know, if you adopt someone at least tell them though

    • I’ve had a vasectomy. Absolutely zero sperm on my semen. Yet mine ia still thick and white.

    • Yes or he may be masturbating

    • I have milk white sperm what’s that mean

    • Let me just say In all experience
      That guys cum is sometimes clear as a pre cum and not always white and he might not always reach ejaculation, but if he be cheating you Better catch him

  3. This doesn’t explain my question:

    When I was young I could cum many times a day and deliver heavy white semen all the time. Now in my 40s anytime I ejaculate there is only the clearer semen. The volume now changes too, though I understand why. I don’t understand the clearness though. Since Im in my 40s are the white loads gone for good? Are the good times really over for good?

    • You might have caused your body to not reproduce semen/sperm as quickly, or at all, due to viscous ejaculation in your younger days.

  4. the heavier foods you eat like: red meat & diary the whiter the sperm

    • This has to be true, because I recently changed my lifestyle to veganism and I’m only 24, single and don’t masturbate that often. My load is as clear as water, does this then mean I have a low sperm count? Because I chose not to eat meat?

      • It could be related. You might want to try supplementing on Zinc (10 to 15 mg’s daily), liquid boron (3 to 6 mg’s daily), Methylcobalamin form of B12 (5 mg’s daily) and see if that helps.

        Your vegan diet is most likely blocking your body’s ability to absorb the zinc you get in your food due to vegan diets being high in phytates.

    • Did you test that out.

  5. l was tested for sperm count and the results were as follow ph 8.0 colour cream motile Nil.volume 1.5mil sperm count Nil.After a month the sperm colour changed to colourless.l was told to go for uroserg and l am afraid.Pliz help me lam now warried.

  6. I don’t masturbate and the only person I am having sex is my wife and we have 6 children and mine is and always has been clear.

  7. My husband does neither. (unless he’s doing it a work, during break, while on the phone with me and our daughter) so why is his clear?

  8. I’m 16 years old, and I’m always worried because I have clear sperm. Do you guys know what cause that? I also mastubate a lot too.

    • Make sure to eat whole foods. lots of meats, veggies, fruits, grains and lots of water! Please be more athletic to. Participating in anything harder on the body with certainly boost your “loads! 🙂 bless on dudes!

    • That’s all. Nothing to worry. But if you do it a lot you won’t be as hard during sex.

      • im married and when I am with her I ejaculate inside here so I have no idea of sperm colour etc. But I have two dark skinned Asian mistresses and I like to ejaculate on their faces and its very clear white sperm there

    • you’re young so you should be fine. honestly I’d take it as a lucky chance to not get a girl pregnant, but that’s just me. wait a few years and see if it clears up. you’re probably around the range of years for your peak in puberty.

  9. It’s a zinc difficiency I believe. Try eating oysters or take a cold ease. Before sex and observe. Or any zinc rich foods. Red meat also has a fair amt of zinc.

  10. I am 37 n i have never had white cum n my man of 13 years showed me porns of woman who cum white what does this mean for me?

  11. Me and my husband had sex everyday now for 2 months straight before we would have sex like 4 times a week at least and when using bathroom after sex his always comes out in a whitish not white as snow clumps but today and we have not sex in 2 days his was clear. Been together 2 years and his sperm never is clear. When we get done having sex not trying to be nasty but I cup my vagina and walk into the bathroom to use toilet so none gets on floor and his sperm gets all in my hand too and toilet but today it was clear and shiny and a bit sticky no clumps or white stuff on my hands and in the toilet it looked like the color of skim milk in the mix of water in toilet still no clumps. We are trying to conceive he is 24 and I just turned 30. I been on birth control depo shot up until 5 months ago and still ain’t regulated with my periods. Please no comments on age wise he will be 25 in Feb and age ain’t nothing but a number and we got married just a month ago to live right for the Lord we are also Christian and do and go everywhere together. But I was just concerned. Thanks and God bless

    • It’s skim milk colored. It seems fine. if you didn’t go at it, that doesn’t mean he didn’t rub one out RIGHT before you asked and he was like “Why would i say no?”. reminds me of that scene in friends where chandlier asks joey how he has sex when he’s not able to get it up. Joey replies”I do it anyway”.

      as long as usually it comes out whitish then his sperm count should be normal, i’d assume (i have no idea, i’m not a doctor)

      It’s not about how white, or how clear, it’s about how consistent it is. if it’s normally clear for him, clear is normal. if it’s usually white, white is normal.

    • I think the same when I married back in 2003 my husband said the same age is just a number he’s 36 I’m 49 its been great up until February when we bought a house and he got a new truck ,whats up with that .

    • I married back in 2003 my husband said the same age is just a number he’s 36 I’m 49 its been great up until February when we bought a house and he got a new truck ,whats up with that .

    • I just noticed the marriage comment, that’s great to know.

  12. Really u cup it and believe in jebus your going down straight to hell dor cupping it haha

    • Don’t be rude. I was saying I cup my vagina so it don’t get everywhere cause lots come out if I don’t do so. My question was being that his nut only comes out clear here lately did that mean it’s cause he has low sperm count or what could it mean? He dont masturbate we are always together and has me for that I’m a sexual person literally 24 hours a day and we rarely have sex more then 2 a day usually 4 or 5 days out the week. But yes his nut be on my hand where I cup myself I should not be judged for that or picked on plenty of women does this and it’s all clear and sticky. Before it use to be clear with some white. Just wanted to advice and answers and support because we are trying to conceive soon. Thanks anyway and God bless smh

      • Um no most women use a towel or wet wipe…but ok.

      • Your not goin to hell, you shouldn’t let people bother you, always remember that God is Good, the Devil is not, so if people are trying to make you feel bad etc. (that’s the devil working through them) BUT that should phase you at all, just continue to live in Good, with God. BUUUUUT Alllllso the only reason you should have sex, is to have a child, and you should only have a child after being married, if a Man does not marry you then he does NOT love you. His love is a false love, which is of Satan. God believes in marriage, before children.

  13. Is there some one else who could answer my question besides deminges. Don’t need some one picking on my religion saying I believe in Jesus and saying I’m going straight to hell for cupping myself after sex with my own husband? This site is trying to figure out our man’s sperm and why it’s clear when most men has white sperm and no not white as snow. Ppl can be so childish and rude

    • Honestly just make sure you keep trying. My fiances sperm is clear and im pregnant. So if god truly believes you are ready for a child you will get pregnant. If you were on the depo shot for so long there could be a chance you might have to wait for a while for you to have healthy eggs to concieve better. But i do wish you both best of luck.

      • Let me get this straight you think God has something to do with this right? God thinks you’re ready for it there for you get pregnant, correct? So what does it mean whenever a man rapes his daughter and she gets pregnant did God think she was ready for it? Say the baby comes out with birth defects or mental problems this is all part of God’s plan? Your thought process is ridiculous your belief in God is even more ridiculous. Use your head. That’s like saying I thank God when I score a touchdown in football. you think God chose your side over someone else’s sign or even would give a a flip about a game? Of course not but God isn’t real so it doesn’t matter .remember you’re born atheist you’re taught religion.. what religion you are usually depends on where you were raised and what country you live in. Never depend on anything that depends on Blind Faith. you’re being lied to you are a follower..quit it.

    • You should contact me and send me some pictures so I can see and really give you a good solid answer as to why. I will be available for expert opinion. But I need to see it straight out of you right after. This way I can make a right determination. Thank you god bless.

      • I am a boy my age is 20 i do masterbation and when i cum.its fully white but with in 1,2 minutes it becomes transparent like water and i am suffring from pre cum so is its normal ??

    • Hi Kris, I do the same thing and I’m also 5 years older than my husband and we are also trying to live right by God so on that note, I was on the shot and I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with his seman I’d you have insurance go to a clinic and both of you get checked make sure your tunes haven’t gotten blocked or something and don’t worry as soon as you stop trying so hard it will happen also I was reading that you shouldn’t have sex to much it makes his sperms count go down try 2 -3 times a week no masterbating in between

    • Also, there is NOTHING wrong with your husband…he had clear cum for two days? What are you freaking out about…maybe he ate something different. If that’s the only problem there is absolutely nothing going on. If he isnitchy or getting bumps see a Dr. If you think he’s cheating hire a P.I. and if you think he has a serious medical condition go see a Dr. Stop trying to find all the answers on google no one here is a lisenced physician.

    • I’m 54 5 kids clear sperm it might not be anything morning sex is how all my kids were made I found that my penis is 3 to 4 times harder in the morning before I pee plus my orgasm is way stronger try it remember sex first then he can pee good luck

  14. Your comment jst gve me comfort. Ever since I had my first ejaculation at age 13 my semen has always been clear. It has never been white. Now I’m 19 and it’s still clear. I’ve never had sex so it got me wondering if I’m probably infertile. That’s how I arrive on dis website and seeing your comment, my hope is revived & dat it could be normal.

  15. I’m 2 weeks off 39, my ejaculate varies from completely clear pre-cum (dribbles constantly out of my japs eye during foreplay with the wife, especially when suckling her nipples as I’m a boobs man), sometimes when horny and she isn’t (period) either she gives me a “massage” or I take care of it myself. Usually when being stimulated by hand, rather than vagina my cum is thin and has very little sperm (white globs), if at all they are normally streaks of white in mostly watery semen. If I cum inside her vagina, with her stroking/clenching my balls, she usually tells me how thick and creamy my cum is when it eventually finds it’s way back out again 2 hours later and ends up in her knickers like yoghurt! She says she can smell me on her/in her all day (Which she loves as it makes her even hornier)!

    At times when we haven’t had sex for a couple of days, and I masturbate because I’m really highly sexed and need an outlet (& she isn’t!), I take over an hour to climax (when watching porn) if I’m really in the mood I “edge” which is coming close but not climaxing (no touching until feeling has passed), whilst massaging my balls. When I do eventually cum it is really powerful (makes me feel light headed sometimes) with huge amounts of ejaculate which is THICK white, like jelly!! I would suggest taking a long time to “warm up” either foreplay/necking/kissing/breast play/oral, so he is really ready (you’ll know ;), but I mean it; take 30 mins at least (discipline!), when you get him inside “milk” his penis with your vaginal muscles SLOWLY and gently clasp his balls with your hand (let him tell you what he wants), if he is an arse/legs man bend over for him, breast man; then ride him (go on top). Make him tell you when he is close, then slow it down, repeat a couple times, then really hammer that thing until he blasts his load all over your cervix/vaginal walls…Hope this advice helps you out some.

    My advice to anybody who has posted saying they are worried their cum is clear, don’t worry as women can get pregnant from pre-cum which contains far less sperm but still plenty; lets not forget cum contains MILLIONS of spermatozoa, so clear cum will more than likely have 500,000…remember it only takes 1!!

  16. Well what would you call (cum) then if sperm is not sperm but is semen what is (cum) what’s nutting off new words my juice is white with a bit of clear mixed around like always

    Smoking marijuana seeds won’t ruin your juices will they i hope they do

    I saved all my jackoff juices in a small jar one time but the smell was so damn bad I threw it away I couldn’t keep opening it up blasting off in it because of the rotten egg smell it had inside the jar it really was like a rotten egg I won’t do that again I don’t know why I did it but I did.

    I’d say if someone has yellow juice then you must be sick inside it should always be white and clear.

  17. So I have a question today my boyfriend and I have been talking about starting a family but his sperm isn’t completely white but it’s not completely clear. When we first met we had sex maybe 2-3 Times a week which was about 5 years ago. We moved in with each other like 2 years ago and have sex almost everyday. I’ve been on birth control for 4 out of the 5 years we been together. I’m just wondering if our chances of having kids are still good? I’m 27 and he’s 24.

    • your chances of getting pregnant after years of birth control are exactly the same, if not greater in some cases. it may take a little while to go back to normal though. don’t worry about it, just keep trying! best of luck 🙂

  18. What a load of BS ,,its more like the other way around,,guys who have thick white semen are pullers,and the ones that have clear dont as much,,

  19. I got no baby since 4 years of got Marriage….
    Symen analysysis Report of mine
    Physical Examination ;
    Quantity : 2.0ml
    Appearance : Milky White
    Odour : Musty
    Reaction : Alkaline
    Time of liquefaction : Highly Increasad

    Microscopic Examination :
    Sperum Count ;12.0 million/ml
    Motility ; Sluggish Motile
    Nature of Motility:-==
    Abnormal forms :- 80%
    Red blood cells : Absent
    Epithelial Cells NB: Absent
    Pus Cells : 4-5/HPF

  20. I’m thirteen and I’ve been coming for a year and my semen is starting to turn white before it was clear

  21. 3 is completely untrue, I never masturbated before and​ it is still clear on my second try..

  22. Hi. I am 21 year old. I am very much worried about my self. I used to masturbation when I was in ,12 or in 13 regularly but it was my mistake that 1 day I have done Therese and that day I scared because the blood came out. But piss was like a dehydration. And I was scared
    that after long time all most 2 or 3 month I masturbat my sperm color was yellow . And that day and now the sperm is yellow . Even I am eating healthy food . And yes yellow color and watery also . Please tell me how to recover.

  23. Why did I “cum” here??? LOL

  24. I have been cumming since 5 years and from the starting to present i have not so clear and not so white semen. when me and my gf are on for sex i last for 1/2 hr and my cum is same every time but the quantity varies.

  25. I’m 10…. Why am I here again?!

  26. Dude, most of the people in here that are trying to conceive, can’t even spell or use proper grammar. I vote we do iq tests for those trying to become pregnant so we don’t fill the world with another generation of idiots

    • Amen!

    • I completely agree with you, I’m laughing my ass off trying to comprehend the retardation of this absolute idis.

    • Thank god other people have some common sense. But like how can someone be 15 or something and not be able to type or make simple sentences correctly. Schools need some damn help especially if they can’t teach kids properly.

  27. This whole thread of conversation has me in stitches-kmsl!! I’m 39 and have no kids, and I’m ok with that. My bfs sperm is watery because he abuses drugs and alcohol, which means he doesn’t need kids until he can take care of himself first. I’m pretty stoked that he has not impregnated me, and the three children he has from previous relationships are just awful in most every way, all the way across the board. Jarret Conrey, you pegged that shit just right-I’m still laughing!!

  28. So my hubby is 25 and I am 24. His semen is clear but every so often he gets a little white mixed in. Is this normal can he still get me pregnant? TIA

  29. i am 15 years old boy …… my sperms clear and thickness. ….why not my sperms white. and milky ??

  30. Reading some of these comments are funny, Cum… white, yellowish or clear all fine, …..I was worried when mines came out rainbow coloured and now I have a kid unicorn.

    ……. Cum in all colours if it feels good, although blood or green puss then that’s a that’s a concern..

    Your man needs checked out….

    But ……
    I can see a rainbow too.

  31. When I masturbate often, I get a clear sperm… When I take a break , I get a white sperm ….

  32. I don’t know if my sperm is different. I have little sperm and it white like water colour. Please can you just tell me what that mean

  33. Can clear sperm get a girl pregnant

  34. You start the article explaining the difference between sperm and semen and then throughout the article you continue to incorrectly use sperm when you mean semen. This makes the article very difficult to understand whether you’re talking about semen or actual sperm.

  35. If your sperm white your seventeen is that bad Plus When an squirted sperm it felt warm is that bad…??

  36. When you squirt I meant


  38. Come on guys let’s be real..sex is very important ..

  39. Aren’t white and colourless semen two different essential things? I produce both. The clear one is ejaculated in starting and its completely colourless but sticky, the white one is normal. Is this normal?

    • I’m 16 currently but even I could read the main paragraph where it talks about pre cum and then cum it’s totally normal you do not have to worry

  40. I’m in my teens and I masterbate a few times a month with the clear sperms so would that be because a so young???

  41. My girlfriend seems to have a sperm fetish and loves to jack me off. When I’m really horny and have a pent up load of several days and need a release, my dick gushes loads and loads of warm white fluid all over her magical hands, but when I’m not so into it, the fluid is more clear. For me, the degree of whiteness is directly related to the need to release! I don’t know if this means intense releases have more sperm but intense squirting is definitely more white and thicker.

  42. Let me tell you why I searched this up. So, my brother and I share a bathroom and today as I was lifting the toilet seat I felt something on the tip of my fingers, it was clear as water but as I brushed my fingers against each other I realized it was rather… sticky. I mean, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was stringy sticky I would have believed it was hair gel. And I wasnt born yesterday, I’ve seen stuff. So I literally searched “How clear can sperm be” and boy, emphasizing point 3 I guess my bro gets lonely sometimes. So 1. I will never peacefully pee again in that bathroom seat and 2. If you have fun with yourself might as well leave no hint behind you pleaseee this will haunt me forever

  43. I have been having sex with my boyfriend quite frequently. But why was his semen clear like we don’t do it multiple times a day maybe like once every couple days or something. It makes little to no sense to me, he is 18 and it was as clear as water and as far as I know he never really masturbates. Does he have a medical issue and would it be weird to bring it up? Also could I get pregnant from it somehow?

  44. When i ejaculate my speed are sometime colourless,yellowish i dont know why…is it because they are immature or what…25years

  45. Strange. I’m 32 and I could never make myself cum while conscious. When I woke up sticky, it is usually clear. Perhaps once or twice, I woke up as I was spurting ‘white jelly’.

    I usually never masturbate, due to once having a tight foreskin. Even since being cut at 25, I could never get into it. Porn never did much for me, as it wasn’t me doing it. My imagination was ruined by the knowledge that it was fake and impossible to come true; I was undesirable, never attracted any serious interest and I also had to pay for all the sex that I ever had. Even then, I knew it was ‘fake’ so I could barely perform.

    As a result, I guess I conditioned myself over the years to have a low sex drive, which is just as well, though I do think with all this clear cum that I must be impotent as well (not like I’d be having kids, regardless). Hopefully, with these occasional nocturnal emissions, at least my prostate won’t be a problem later on.

  46. Great post! We will be linking to this particularly great article on our website.

    Keep up the great writing.

  47. Am 18 and I am used to seeing my ejaculation as white during wet dreams but now am seeing my cum as clear as glass but still sticky. And for the record I don’t masturbate so what is wrong plz I need help.

  48. Hi my name is Hamid, and I’m son of Jesus. Very important question for you cum lovers, is it normal to have brown sperm. It all happened 3 years ago when I gave my girlfriend anal, and when I blew a load at the end. It was all brown in color. I don’t know if it was because of the no no zone or my medical health issues. Ever since it’s always been brown and sticky to the point that I can’t wash it off. Please send help, I am begging

  49. Semen quantity, color, and viscosity can vary because of many factors. Generally a young male, puberty to maturity, will ejaculate thinner clearer semen. When sexually mature (18-22 years old) his ejaculate will be more white to off-white and thicker. A mature male will on average ejaculate 3-5 ml of semen after 3 days abstinence, containing about 100 million sperm per ml if he is normally potent. A young healthy male can ejaculate three or more times in a single sexual encounter, needing only 5-15 minutes to get another erection and go again. Each successive ejaculation will produce less semen until he is finally down to droplets, but he will recharge quickly to full capacity in 72 hours. If he is ejaculating in a female’s vagina his semen will invariably look thin and watery after it leaks out because no matter how thick and white it was immediately after squirting, the semen will quickly liquefy to make it easier for the sperm to swim and do their job. Color and viscosity have nothing to do with potency because sperm only make up 5-10% of semen volume. So insignificant as to be, for all practical purposes – invisible. Every male is slightly different. I emphasize slightly. From my own personal experience, I’ve found that prolonged (~30 minutes) foreplay will produce a greater volume of fluid when I finally ejaculate. This extra volume tends to be clear because it comes from the Cowpers glands, two small glands on either side at the base of the penile shaft. This is pre-ejaculate or pre-cum and it is always clear and slick because one of its functions is lubrication during intercourse. Hyper-excited by visual or imaginary erotic images when masturbating, or by cunnilingus when with a partner, these tiny glands go into overdrive and produce what seems like an endless supply of pre-cum. After ejaculation there is still a good supply of this fluid in the male plumbing and it will ooze out of my cock for 15-30 minutes after ejaculation. It is always clear, but it is not semen from the ampulla in the groin, where semen is stored awaiting ejaculation. As to the question of potency and fertility, an adult male who has abstained from sexual activity for 3-5 days might shoot 5 ml of semen containing half a billion sperm. Father nature is prolific to increase the chances of creating a baby. Indeed, even a 90 year old male with healthy balls may still produce enough virile sperm to create new life and pass on his genes. True, he will have to have a circulatory system in good enough condition to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to deliver his sperm. Typically this old guy’s semen will be similar in appearance to what he ejaculated when he was 40 or younger, maybe a little thinner, and usually half the volume that he could make a half century earlier, but still worthy of a condom if procreation is not desired.
    Are the size of a male’s balls an indication of sexual potency? No, not really. A male with a small pair could be more potent than a male hung with a large pair. My left ball is atrophied from a work injury when I was 22, and my healthy right one is average size. Yet I easily and successfully inseminated a woman to help create two children. And there were two more that were aborted that may have been mine. I say “may” because the woman was having intercourse with another man (or men), so it was hard to say who fathered these embryos.
    Does the size of a male’s erection have anything to do with his ability to procreate? Not really. There is some evolutionary theory that suggests females choose to mate with a male with big balls or a long cock because he is more likely to make a baby. But the truth is that women choose wealth and success over any other consideration. The average vagina at rest is only about 4 inches long. True, it can be stretched to accept the tool of a 12 inch porn star, but it hurts! The average fully mature male has a 5-6 inch erect cock. Even a male with a 4 inch erection can squirt 3-5 hundred million (or more!) sperm into the top of a female’s vagina near her cervix, well capable of getting the job done. Preference for pleasure is another story. Some women, either by genetics or age and childbirth, may be endowed with a larger vagina. They may get more pleasure taking a male with a wider thicker cock because they get more clitoral contact when he thrusts. But this extra mass has nothing to do with potency or virility. And finally orgasms are mostly mental anyway. A male with a small cock and a small pair is judged to be “good in bed” IF he happens to be a millionaire or famous or both.

  50. I’m just here for the comments

  51. I am 35 years old and jack off every week. My cum is a pale yellow and often clear but I can still shoot a load of cum when I jack my cock.

  52. I done sex with my gf but i don’t know if my sperm comes out

  53. My guy I’m seeing love for me to swallow his ejaculatory fluids. I’ve been swallowing his fluids for 2yrs about 4 times a week. I love swallowing his juice I want to stop ,but I can’t. I guess because I’ve been doing it for so long now I can’t stop drinking it.

  54. I am 50 years old and it takes a lot longer to ejaculate and my semen is clear. This has been happening for about 2 years and I am a little concerned. Do older men have clear semen or should I see a doctor? Sex is fine and still get hard elections but I am concerned about the clear semen and less volume. Any advice?

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