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Difference Between White and Clear Sperm

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Humans both men and women are fascinated with their reproductive systems. One of the fascinations is on the nature of the sperm. Many confuse the sperm to be the same as the semen. It is because after ejaculation, people sometimes refer to the ejaculated fluid as the actual sperm when in fact it is semen. The semen is the organic fluid that contains the sperm cells and other fluids like water and sugars.

Being unaware of this fact, many will get confused with the difference between the sperm’s clarity. Well, sperm shouldn’t be disputed for its clarity because the normal naked eye is not even capable of seeing these microscopic sex cells. Rather it is the semen that has to be properly distinguished for its appearance. Thus, when people talk about white and clear sperm they almost always pertain to the white and clear semen quality.

Clear sperm (semen) is usually seen as a pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum. It is the fluid that will get out of male sexual organ’s urinary meatus before climax in sex or during foreplay. White sperm is usually the sperm quality seen in the actual ejaculated fluid. Nevertheless, clear sperm can also be seen in the actual ejaculated semen. Although there’s no concrete evidence yet as to why the quality of sperm or semen varies, it is believed that clear sperm arises when the man frequently ejaculates or masturbates regularly. This will result to the ejaculated fluid being clearer because there is less sperm. The sperm quality in this instance is thin, fluidic yet still sticky.

White sperm (semen) is the ejaculated fluid usually seen among men who rarely have sex or who don’t masturbate regularly. This will result to thicker, cloudier and a more viscous seminal quality. Obviously, there will be more sperm in this fluid compared to the clearer sperm.

With regard to the maturity of the sperm or semen, it is also believed that those who just stepped into the puberty stage will have a much clearer sperm quality compared to the older men. It is because younger males are still beginning to produce sperm. Older men often produce thicker, richer and whiter (less clear) sperm because of the concentration of several millions of sperm cells in the seminal fluid.

Therefore, if one would treat the clarity of sperms to be the same as the clarity of the semen then:

1. Clear sperm (semen) has less overall sperm count compared to white sperm.

2. Clear sperm is usually seen among younger males in their early pubertal stage while white sperm is seen among older and more mature males.

3. Clear sperm is the result of too frequent ejaculation or masturbation while white sperm is the result of less frequent ejaculation or masturbation.

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  1. i’m a gul of 24yrs when i hav sex with my husby my sperm is whiter than before

  2. My fiancé sperm is clear and we barely have sex so reading this makes me think that he is cheating on me.! Because his sperm is clear and not white

    • Or he just likes to mastuerbate.

    • Maybe you need to think about that sentence. The words “we barely have sex” come glaring out at me. Of course, he could just have a low sperm count and absolutely nothing is going on, masturbating or cheating. If you really think your fiance is cheating on you because of his clear semen and have no other proof, maybe he’d be better off with someone else.

      • Amen to that. There is no reason to marry someone who you think is cheating. And your “evidence” against him is really nothing at all. Semen color is nonsense anyways. My semens always white even if I’ve ejaculated 10 times that day. Jumping to conclusions and assuming cheating based on the color of semen? That’s nonsense.

        • Yes, it is possible you semen can be clear if you have a low sperm count. But you can still have white semen. You are more likely to have clear semen on a low sperm count if you are young, and a higher chance to have white semen at a higher age.

      • Every girl is the same…..LOL!

    • If I were your boyfriend and we “barely have sex”, for sure I’d be looking for a way to cheat on you. Although not all men are the same and maybe your current boyfriend is silly and faithful to you. If you don’t want to lose him, try to please him more often.

    • yeah guys often masturbate daily. do not think this is nasty. it is normal and if they do not masturbate regularly then the penis can shrink as much as 3cm

    • I noticed coffee consumption is correlated with whiter color. Masturbtion or not it’s gotten whiter since for me.

    • I am and I dont masturbate or have sex alot.. But when I do its always been clear since I was fourteen are so all ive seen is clear and I have four children so reading this doesnt make sense either..its never been white… ?

    • Girl I would think the same just saying

    • It doesn’t prove that all.
      He may be masturbating frequently…

  3. This doesn’t explain my question:

    When I was young I could cum many times a day and deliver heavy white semen all the time. Now in my 40s anytime I ejaculate there is only the clearer semen. The volume now changes too, though I understand why. I don’t understand the clearness though. Since Im in my 40s are the white loads gone for good? Are the good times really over for good?

    • You might have caused your body to not reproduce semen/sperm as quickly, or at all, due to viscous ejaculation in your younger days.

  4. the heavier foods you eat like: red meat & diary the whiter the sperm

  5. l was tested for sperm count and the results were as follow ph 8.0 colour cream motile Nil.volume 1.5mil sperm count Nil.After a month the sperm colour changed to colourless.l was told to go for uroserg and l am afraid.Pliz help me lam now warried.

  6. I don’t masturbate and the only person I am having sex is my wife and we have 6 children and mine is and always has been clear.

  7. My husband does neither. (unless he’s doing it a work, during break, while on the phone with me and our daughter) so why is his clear?

  8. I’m 16 years old, and I’m always worried because I have clear sperm. Do you guys know what cause that? I also mastubate a lot too.

    • Make sure to eat whole foods. lots of meats, veggies, fruits, grains and lots of water! Please be more athletic to. Participating in anything harder on the body with certainly boost your “loads! 🙂 bless on dudes!

    • That’s all. Nothing to worry. But if you do it a lot you won’t be as hard during sex.

      • im married and when I am with her I ejaculate inside here so I have no idea of sperm colour etc. But I have two dark skinned Asian mistresses and I like to ejaculate on their faces and its very clear white sperm there

  9. It’s a zinc difficiency I believe. Try eating oysters or take a cold ease. Before sex and observe. Or any zinc rich foods. Red meat also has a fair amt of zinc.

  10. I am 37 n i have never had white cum n my man of 13 years showed me porns of woman who cum white what does this mean for me?

  11. Me and my husband had sex everyday now for 2 months straight before we would have sex like 4 times a week at least and when using bathroom after sex his always comes out in a whitish not white as snow clumps but today and we have not sex in 2 days his was clear. Been together 2 years and his sperm never is clear. When we get done having sex not trying to be nasty but I cup my vagina and walk into the bathroom to use toilet so none gets on floor and his sperm gets all in my hand too and toilet but today it was clear and shiny and a bit sticky no clumps or white stuff on my hands and in the toilet it looked like the color of skim milk in the mix of water in toilet still no clumps. We are trying to conceive he is 24 and I just turned 30. I been on birth control depo shot up until 5 months ago and still ain’t regulated with my periods. Please no comments on age wise he will be 25 in Feb and age ain’t nothing but a number and we got married just a month ago to live right for the Lord we are also Christian and do and go everywhere together. But I was just concerned. Thanks and God bless

  12. Really u cup it and believe in jebus your going down straight to hell dor cupping it haha

    • Don’t be rude. I was saying I cup my vagina so it don’t get everywhere cause lots come out if I don’t do so. My question was being that his nut only comes out clear here lately did that mean it’s cause he has low sperm count or what could it mean? He dont masturbate we are always together and has me for that I’m a sexual person literally 24 hours a day and we rarely have sex more then 2 a day usually 4 or 5 days out the week. But yes his nut be on my hand where I cup myself I should not be judged for that or picked on plenty of women does this and it’s all clear and sticky. Before it use to be clear with some white. Just wanted to advice and answers and support because we are trying to conceive soon. Thanks anyway and God bless smh

  13. Is there some one else who could answer my question besides deminges. Don’t need some one picking on my religion saying I believe in Jesus and saying I’m going straight to hell for cupping myself after sex with my own husband? This site is trying to figure out our man’s sperm and why it’s clear when most men has white sperm and no not white as snow. Ppl can be so childish and rude

    • Honestly just make sure you keep trying. My fiances sperm is clear and im pregnant. So if god truly believes you are ready for a child you will get pregnant. If you were on the depo shot for so long there could be a chance you might have to wait for a while for you to have healthy eggs to concieve better. But i do wish you both best of luck.

    • You should contact me and send me some pictures so I can see and really give you a good solid answer as to why. I will be available for expert opinion. But I need to see it straight out of you right after. This way I can make a right determination. Thank you god bless.

    • Hi Kris, I do the same thing and I’m also 5 years older than my husband and we are also trying to live right by God so on that note, I was on the shot and I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with his seman I’d you have insurance go to a clinic and both of you get checked make sure your tunes haven’t gotten blocked or something and don’t worry as soon as you stop trying so hard it will happen also I was reading that you shouldn’t have sex to much it makes his sperms count go down try 2 -3 times a week no masterbating in between

  14. Your comment jst gve me comfort. Ever since I had my first ejaculation at age 13 my semen has always been clear. It has never been white. Now I’m 19 and it’s still clear. I’ve never had sex so it got me wondering if I’m probably infertile. That’s how I arrive on dis website and seeing your comment, my hope is revived & dat it could be normal.

  15. I’m 2 weeks off 39, my ejaculate varies from completely clear pre-cum (dribbles constantly out of my japs eye during foreplay with the wife, especially when suckling her nipples as I’m a boobs man), sometimes when horny and she isn’t (period) either she gives me a “massage” or I take care of it myself. Usually when being stimulated by hand, rather than vagina my cum is thin and has very little sperm (white globs), if at all they are normally streaks of white in mostly watery semen. If I cum inside her vagina, with her stroking/clenching my balls, she usually tells me how thick and creamy my cum is when it eventually finds it’s way back out again 2 hours later and ends up in her knickers like yoghurt! She says she can smell me on her/in her all day (Which she loves as it makes her even hornier)!

    At times when we haven’t had sex for a couple of days, and I masturbate because I’m really highly sexed and need an outlet (& she isn’t!), I take over an hour to climax (when watching porn) if I’m really in the mood I “edge” which is coming close but not climaxing (no touching until feeling has passed), whilst massaging my balls. When I do eventually cum it is really powerful (makes me feel light headed sometimes) with huge amounts of ejaculate which is THICK white, like jelly!! I would suggest taking a long time to “warm up” either foreplay/necking/kissing/breast play/oral, so he is really ready (you’ll know ;), but I mean it; take 30 mins at least (discipline!), when you get him inside “milk” his penis with your vaginal muscles SLOWLY and gently clasp his balls with your hand (let him tell you what he wants), if he is an arse/legs man bend over for him, breast man; then ride him (go on top). Make him tell you when he is close, then slow it down, repeat a couple times, then really hammer that thing until he blasts his load all over your cervix/vaginal walls…Hope this advice helps you out some.

    My advice to anybody who has posted saying they are worried their cum is clear, don’t worry as women can get pregnant from pre-cum which contains far less sperm but still plenty; lets not forget cum contains MILLIONS of spermatozoa, so clear cum will more than likely have 500,000…remember it only takes 1!!

  16. Well what would you call (cum) then if sperm is not sperm but is semen what is (cum) what’s nutting off new words my juice is white with a bit of clear mixed around like always

    Smoking marijuana seeds won’t ruin your juices will they i hope they do

    I saved all my jackoff juices in a small jar one time but the smell was so damn bad I threw it away I couldn’t keep opening it up blasting off in it because of the rotten egg smell it had inside the jar it really was like a rotten egg I won’t do that again I don’t know why I did it but I did.

    I’d say if someone has yellow juice then you must be sick inside it should always be white and clear.

  17. So I have a question today my boyfriend and I have been talking about starting a family but his sperm isn’t completely white but it’s not completely clear. When we first met we had sex maybe 2-3 Times a week which was about 5 years ago. We moved in with each other like 2 years ago and have sex almost everyday. I’ve been on birth control for 4 out of the 5 years we been together. I’m just wondering if our chances of having kids are still good? I’m 27 and he’s 24.

  18. What a load of BS ,,its more like the other way around,,guys who have thick white semen are pullers,and the ones that have clear dont as much,,

  19. I got no baby since 4 years of got Marriage….
    Symen analysysis Report of mine
    Physical Examination ;
    Quantity : 2.0ml
    Appearance : Milky White
    Odour : Musty
    Reaction : Alkaline
    Time of liquefaction : Highly Increasad

    Microscopic Examination :
    Sperum Count ;12.0 million/ml
    Motility ; Sluggish Motile
    Nature of Motility:-==
    Abnormal forms :- 80%
    Red blood cells : Absent
    Epithelial Cells NB: Absent
    Pus Cells : 4-5/HPF

  20. I’m thirteen and I’ve been coming for a year and my semen is starting to turn white before it was clear

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