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Difference Between Love and ‘Arranged Marriages’

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Marriage is a social contract between a man and a woman. Marriage is a legal contract between two persons that leads to kinship. Nowadays, one can hear about love marriages and arranged marriages, which have some differences between them.

Unlike arranged marriages, love marriages are more common in the Western World. Well, what exactly is an arranged marriage and love marriage? An arranged marriage is a marriage which is arranged by persons other than those who are getting married. On the other hand, a love marriage is a marriage which is arranged by the partners themselves.

In arranged marriages, the couples must the consent of their parents. On the other hand, in most of the love marriages, the partners will not need the consent of the parents, or elders.

Unlike love marriages, arranged marriages are more stable. Divorces are seen less in arranged marriages, and there is a great family bond.

In arranged marriages, the parents will be thoroughly investigating the background of the bride and the groom. They will be looking into every aspect, like wealth, health conditions and habits. In love marriages, the couples are not worried about any background investigations. It is just love that runs in their blood.

When talking about love, love has to be developed in an arranged marriage, as they will only know each other better after the wedlock, but in a love marriage, the couples have always been in love, and there is no need to develop it.

In arranged marriages, the couples may not be able to understand each other very well, and also not know the likes and dislikes of each other. Another thing that is seen in arranged marriages, is that men are always more dominant than the women. In love marriage, the couples get to know each other ahead of the wedlock. In such marriages, no one seems to be dominant person over the other.


1. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is arranged by persons other than the two who are getting married. On the other hand, a love marriage is a marriage which is arranged by the partners themselves.

2. Unlike love marriages, arranged marriages are more stable.

3. In an arranged marriage, the couples must get the consent of their parents. On the other hand, in most of love marriages, the partners will not need the consent of the parents, or elders.

4. In arranged marriages, men are always more dominant than women.

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  1. Arranged marriage is best and also love marriage is better when arrange after love with agree with two family.

  2. I believe in arrange marriage i hate word call “”LOVE””…

    • oops boy being a girl I prefer arrange marriage and by respecting the parents there must be consent of my parents. but all the people don’t have same view.So don’t worry pratik.

  3. i am interested in love marriage because i love someone more than my self i love you omaid. He also love me more than every thin. It is very dificult for each other because our religion are different i am shia and omaid is sunni.

  4. i belive the love marriage. after love marriage before love which of the best? only for love…

  5. love marriage is best…:)

  6. I think love marriages base on lie ,

  7. i think both are nice…!! Just need of good understanding b/w them…!!

  8. i think arranged marriage is god after marriage also they can love each other

  9. Guys! Both are good. People said, arranged marriages are much stable than Love marriages. We have to realize some thing here. Even in arranged marriage, there r some fights and misunderstanding between the couple, but their family members will stay with them and solve their problems (almost). But in Love marriages (no problem if both sides parents agreed heart fully), they r lack of parents support, due to this they will be in problems (ALMOST). U know one thing, all arranged and Love married people will face the same type of problems (with little variances) in their running life, arranged marriages looks stable (with parents and relatives support) while love marriages looks unstable (because they r lack of support most of the time). Naturally the most of the Love married people punished by their parents not by the society. In fact Love marriages better and more stable than arranged marriages if both sides parents r going to agree. In India, all most all parents thinking that, they loving their kids with no bounds. In return they (almost parents now a days) expecting kids life for their happiness and pride in the society. Mainly this role is playing in kids marriage time. R u thinking that, all people who had arranged marriage r happy? NO NOT AT ALL (some people r there but very less). U go and ask them and find out, how many people r crying silently (lonely) to keep their parents pride in the society.

    My suggestion: Don’t try to debate on this type issues. Both r good. Soon or later u r going to be a father or mother, so at least u should not give such a problems to ur kids. Love them and put them in good track but don’t expect their life in return. As a parent, u try to renovate your self all the time and try to reach them and try to understand your kinds life style and their thoughts.



    • You r right..both r good…bt i like love marriage coz i love someone bt parents are not giving permission to do…what should i do?i cant live without him…bt u knw my parents cant understand….they says that hmari kya ijjt rhegi agr tu aisi kregi to…bdi mummy ki 2 ldkiyone kiya hai ab tu bhi kregi kya?log kya kahenge?wo to bolte hai ki tisri ki bhi ldki bhag ke shadi kregi….nd most one mere sbhi mama bahot jyada interfare kr rhe hai……bolte hai ki tuze isiliye pdhaya kya…aur mere larents unko kuch nh bolte….m always crying……bt i cant live without him..tel me solution plzzzzzzz…..

      • take the chill pill sister……..just take advantage of that’badi mummy ki 2 ladkiyon ne kiya’. if they ask u,just say that….badi mummy ki ladkiyon ne kiya isiliye to mai v kar rhi hu. akhir himmat to unhilog se mili hai.afterall wo bade hai,and chote to badese hi sikhenge na.

        chill sister just go for it.dont elope,try nd convince ur parents that they marry u off to the guy u luv.
        all the very best.stay happy,stay blessed

      • Jaya ji.. I can understand ur feeling.. And.. Aapko ussi se shaadi krna chahiye in any how.. Tbhi aapki life beautiful hogi…

      • I think , logo ka to kaam h khana, log see humko kya mtlab ,kya log humko khana dete h, ye logo ke wjase hum h…..blki humri whja se log h….log 1 din tumhre topic p bolege or fir thodi deer bad kise or k topic p bolege, unse kya frak padta h….that’s why love is the best

    • Very well said…….

  10. The solution is that U should obey to or parents they will make yor life better. Our parents know everything of their children, if yor parents allow U (heart fully) after that U should marry with your lover but if they don’t allow U it may become more better, only obey or parents words…….

  11. Both r preferable…..
    IT depends on uhr thinking..
    Better keep uhr suggestions 2 urself or give ot 2 a person who needs it…
    Better u would be a counselor…

  12. Love marriage is best.

  13. Be love nd make love…..love marriages always better than everything in his world…..

  14. Not love marriage only arrenge marriage

  15. I like arranged marrige.
    And am doing arrange marriage.

  16. Arrange marriage is best….because love marriage is not complete before time…History time.As Radha Krishna,Lela majanoo and nows a days bollywood field Ritik Roshan,Salman khan etc.

    Love marriage likes a work “pahle istemaal kare fir vishwas kare”.

    Arrange marriage likes a work “bika hua maal vapis nhi hoga nhi badla jayega”.

  17. Either love or arrange marriage it only depends on the persons who have involved in it

  18. Ya, Arrange marriage is most better than love merrage .
    Because by the arrange merrage our are parents are always standing with us.

  19. Love marriage batter than arrange marriage

  20. Everone knows #No marriage is better than every kind of marriage ..

  21. What Happend If I Get Arrend Marrige And Love Marrege. I An In Big Problem.My Honey Say I Die Without You And My Parents Wants Arr.Marr. With Other Girl. If Its Happend So What I And Her Life Going.So Me The Right Way.

  22. I like arrange marriage bcz loving someone is god gift but loving that person which is chosen by your parents is parents gift. Parents always do best things for their childrens so how can they take wrong decisions. Arrange marriage is good bcz in love marriage we already know our partner but in arrange marriage we can know him and there will be no fights between husband and wife.

  23. Arrange is best

  24. I prefer lov marriage because in love marriage the couple know each other.

  25. I think arranged marriage is better than love marriage. We can live our life with happiness

  26. It is said that marriages are arranged in heaven and celeberated on earth, be it love or arranged. Experience has shown that arranged marriages last longer coz they are firstly with thorough investigation into family, educational backgrds and have the family backing, love may come at any stage, but is mostly opposed, besides the western experience of love marriage is a failed one, love mostly flies out of the window when harsh realities of life face the couple’s, but then there are marriages which are concived in love and blossom with marriage,each one is gud as long they succeed.

  27. Hello, so i was wondering where did this information come from? is it your own opinion or has a professional actually supported/said this.

  28. I like both arrange marriage and love marriage but it’s depend on our society.B.couse we are indian and india is male dominated country and our culture is respect each other specially women and our ancestors has always like arenge marriage.love marriage is western culture but right now it’s running fastly in our country mostly in city area. According to me 95% arrange marriage succeed in marriage life b.couse if any of disengagement comes in it than our parents, society and relative manage it and supports to bride and groom. But in love marriage mostly get divorce each other b.couse marrege relation play the major role with believe.

  29. Which is good for a girl’s love or arrange accordingly rural area???

  30. Both are good and v.good based on understanding of partners. In my experience arrange cum love is the best life leading way.

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