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Difference Between Meiosis 2 and Mitosis

Meiosis 2 vs Mitosis

All of the living organisms in our planet are made up of cells. In biology, cells are the fundamental and primary unit of life. It is the sole basis for understanding organisms in this planet as well as the foundation for research in fields such as life sciences.

Robert Hooke introduced the word “cell” during 1665. From the invention of the microscope, humans were able to understand about cells and other microscopic organisms. The largest cells that can be seen through the naked eye are the egg cells.

From a single cell to becoming functional organisms, all living species in this planet underwent cell division. As we vividly remember, cells replicate to become tissues. Tissues replicate to become muscles. Muscles replicate to become organs. And a set of organs become a system. That is just a summary.

In cell division, there is mitosis and meiosis 2. Mitosis and meiosis are both cycles in cell division. It is explained in this process how cells replicate.

The main difference between the two cycles is that the mitotic cycle lasts for more than two hours while the meiotic cycle may take days up to weeks to produce sex cells in animals because it involves meiosis 1 and then meiosis 2.

Mitosis involves four essential stages. These are the following: prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Meiosis 2 has varying stages depending on the organism. Mitosis is initially the formation of two new daughter cells as its end product. In prophase, coiling happens. Metaphase involves reorientation of chromosomes. In anaphase, chromatids separate and move toward opposite poles. In telophase, a cell divides and new daughter cells are formed from the parent cell.

Meiosis 2 involves the production of sex cells. In meiosis 1, genetic recombination occurs. In meiosis 2, the sex cells with the chromosomes are divided into half. During reproduction, when both sex cells combine, the number of chromosomes is complete again.

Meiosis 2 and mitosis are important cycles in cell division. Knowing them enables us to know how we developed and how we came to being a full-blown organism.


1.Mitosis occurs for two hours or more while meiosis 2 occurs for days up to weeks.

2.Mitosis involves four essential stages while meiosis 2 varies.

3.Mitosis is the process in which information on the genes are distributed evenly on the daughter cells while meiosis 2 is the production of sex cells.

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