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Difference Between Micro and Macro

Micro vs Macro

The basic differences between “micro” and “macro” is that macro is on a large scale and cannot be observed while micro is on a very small scale and can be observed or identified.

There are many macro and micro systems which have their own definitions, explanations, and differences. For example, the differences between micro and macroeconomics, the differences between micro and macrolenses, the differences between macro and microevolution, the differences between micro and macroanalysis, and the differences between micro and macroinfluences, microclimate and macroclimate. The list goes on, but all these fields or areas have some basic similarities in reference to “micro” and “macro.”

We will try to differentiate between “micro” and “macro” on the basis of different examples from different fields.


In economics, the whole field has been divided into two; macro and microeconomics. “Micro” deals with a particular industry or particular sector, the relationships of firms and households within the market whereas “macro” deals with economics which is related to the nation as a whole on a large scale like the gross production in a year.
Microeconomics is called price theory as it basically focuses on the prices of goods and services whereas macroeconomics focuses on the economy of the nation. This includes gross productivity, unemployment rate, inflation, etc.


Macro and microevolution are studied separately. Microevolution is believed to be evolution within a species and its gene pool. It is considered to be contained to a small part of nature, i.e., the gene pool of a specific species, the variations occurring within a small portion. For example, one litter of a dog having pups of different shades. A black-and-white dog has pups which are black and white. Some have predominant white and less black. Or the same parents having one child with brown hair, black eyes and the other with black hair, brown eyes.

However, macroevolution is something huge like evolution of life from water, evolution of birds from dinosaurs, or evolution of feathers. Another example is the evolution of the horse (Equidae) from dog-like creatures. These creatures were herbivores, and once their habitat changed into grassy pastures, they needed to graze faster and cover more ground faster. Thus the legs got elongated and toes reduced. These changes were abrupt and not observed by anyone.
Similarly, there are many systems whose examples we can give, but the main difference being the difference in their proportion.


1.The basic difference between “macro” and “micro” is micro is variations, relationships, or characteristics at a smaller scale or proportion whereas “macro” is a variation or relationship or characteristics of a larger proportion or scale.
2.Microvariations can be observed, macrovariations are huge and cannot be observed at all levels. They are felt once they are there.

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  2. Yes but in economics we have difference macro and micro

  3. Yes but in economics we have difference micro and macro

  4. One dout micro is observed and macro cannot how it is small one observed huge one cant? Fully confused plss confirm.

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