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Difference Between Subsistence Farming and Intensive Farming

agricultureSubsistence Farming vs Intensive Farming

Farming is a very good endeavor, in as much as, agriculture itself is a very nice field to be involved with. If ever you happen to be into agriculture, then perhaps you are aware of what subsistence and intensive farming are. But exactly how do they differ from each other?

Subsistence farming and intensive farming are two very different farming methodologies. To start of subsistence farming, otherwise known as subsistence agriculture, is a very simple type of farming. The farmers in this methodology just raise or grow the right amount of food for their families to consume, no more and no less. In this strategy everything is set just right. Subsistence farmers grow sufficient crops that are assured to last for the entire year for a predetermined number of heads.

Subsistence farming practices self-sufficiency. The farmers no longer go to the market to buy food and other commodities for their day to day living. They just harvest what they can and be contented with what they have. There are absolutely no marketing strategies involved nor is there a plan to gain income or surplus from the overall yield of the field. Subsistence farming is often seen to be a very violent way of agriculture because the farmers cannot really comprehend many variables like extreme climate changes and emergencies to which their limited resources are always put to the test.

Moreover, this type of farming does not make use of expensive machines and pricey fertilizers. They just use what they can grab around them like animal manure to serve as their organic natural fertilizers. Animals are then drafted to work with the farmers as well, which replace the requirement of the farm machines.

On the other side of the coin, intensive farming or agriculture is the complete opposite of subsistence. It is a more complex agricultural strategy. The intensive farmers employ all the kinds of modern farming technologies such as machines, expensive pesticides and fertilizers and not to mention a bigger number of labor forces. There is also a high input of farming materials with the general or ultimate goal of generating the most profit and the biggest surplus possible. Hence, the overall yield is set at a positive trend.


1. Subsistence farming is relatively simple compared to intensive farming.

2. There is no marketing involved in subsistence farming nor is there a goal to generate income or surplus. Intensive farming is the complete opposite of such.

3. Subsistence farming does not use pricey commercially prepared fertilizers and farm machines compared to intensive farming.

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