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AcipHex vs Nexium

It is not easy to deal with a bad stomach. What is even more disheartening is that not only does one feel uneasy with his stomach but sometimes one can feel a sour taste that goes into the mouth. When this occurs, it can be quite irritating.

Some people disregard such a thing as a minor occurrence, while others are more concerned about it. It is better to be concerned than not, because the person might be experiencing increased gastric production. If this not managed and left over time, it could lead to ulcerations or worse, internal bleeding.

The gastric juice contents are important to our stomach. This is because the acidity helps kill any microorganisms that come in with our food and also helps liquefy the food for easier digestion. The pH level falls well below the neutral level, giving it a pH level of less than 4, which can dissolve most edible food substances. Do take note that digestion mainly occurs in the small intestines and not in the stomach. The stomach lining can take this much acidity and not damage the stomach cells. However, one needs to take care of the stomach, since too much acidity can eventually corrode the protective layers and damage the cells, leading to gastric ulcerations.

At the initial stage, stomach cell irritation may occur, which is characterized by reddened spots visible under an endoscope. During this time, the protective layers weaken which could lead to gastric acid to slowly corrode the area. For this, doctors often prescribed medications that prevent gastric contents from becoming too acidic. These drugs are Nexium and AcipHex, and they have their own differences.

The first medication is the Nexium, which is the brand name of Esomeprazole. It has been used for some time now and it has been proven to be effective in reducing discomfort from gastric acid increase in the stomach. Nexium is a proton-pump inhibitor, which prevents the formation of gastric juice by inhibiting enzymes that are responsible for gastric juice production. Nexium relieves heartburns or stomach upsets, as well as preventing these from recurring.

On the other hand, there is AcipHex, which is the brand name for Rabeprazole. It is another type of proton-pump inhibitors that have been tested for short-term relief from complaints of gastric upsets caused by acidity. AcipHex has a faster effect than Nexium and patients can feel relief a little quicker. AciHpex is also a new generation of proton-pump inhibitors made to prevent ulcerations as well.


1. Nexium is the brand name for Esomeprazole, which is a proton-pump inhibitor that provides relief from gastric upsets and increased acid production.
2. AcipHex is the brand name for Rabeprazole, a new generation of proton-pump inhibitors. It has similar effects to that of Esomeprazole and is prescribed for gastric upsets and to prevent ulcerations.
3. AcipHex has been proven to work faster than Nexium for short-term relief of stomach discomfort.

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