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Adenoids vs Tonsils

Our body is one wonderful creation, with almost every part given a special role in our own health and normal functioning. It is said that a human body possesses the correct parts and is considered as one complex machine. Our body is created in such a way that everything seems to have a designated role. Furthermore, some would even claim that each and every organ and cell functions as one, making sure that we are constantly in a state of wellbeing and protected from any invading or foreign organisms. Yet, there are still some parts of our body that may not be included in any major discussions regarding the maintenance of health. But what we may fail to realize is that these parts have a special role to play in our own lives, and that these parts are constantly in action to protect us from harm.

You may wonder what I am talking about here. From all the things presented above, there can only be one thing that is being referred to, and that is, our body’s immune system. It has been discovered that our immune system has a very unique and complex way of ridding ourselves with harmful organisms. Every second, there are distinct parts of our body that block, catch, stop, filter, or gobble foreign organisms. These protective mechanisms help us remain healthy and free from diseases and harm.

Furthermore, our body is like a firewall, with so many defenses before any organism can reach a vital part. It is said that there are 3 major lines of defenses established. They are the first line of defense, the second line of defense, and the cellular level. But for the purpose of this discussion, I will only tackle on the first line of defense, which involves the adenoids and the tonsils.

The adenoids located at the soft palate, near the high end of the roof of the mouth and behind the nasal area. These small glandular organs resemble that of lymph nodes which filter and attach to any foreign organisms or bacteria that enter through the nose or even the mouth. They are part of the primary defenses of our immune system that continuously work to remove as much organisms as possible.

Tonsils, on the other hand, work similarly with that of our adenoids. They are also considered as primary defenses for invading organisms that get past the adenoids or for those microorganisms that enter through the mouth. Their difference lies in their position, with the tonsils located in both sides of the throat.

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Our immune system continuously works to protect us from harm and to maintain our health.

Our adenoids are located at the back end of our nasal cavity, high above the soft palate.

Our tonsils are located at both sides of our throat, which helps filter foreign microorganisms that enter our body.

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