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Difference Between AIDS and STDs


Comparing AIDS with STDs is like finding out the difference between Colgate and toothpaste. Yes, to put it simply AIDS is just one of the many kinds of STDs. Thus, AIDS is an STD but not all STDs are AIDS.

Completely known as sexually transmitted diseases, STDs are the disorders that are more likely to be transmitted from human to human by virtue of sexual acts, no matter what route is undertaken (oral, anal or vaginal sex). Since long ago, STDs have also been known with an alternate name of VD or venereal diseases. But in the most recent times, STDs are now known as STIs or sexually transmitted infections. This gives it a truer meaning to its nature as not all those who are infected with STDs have the disease but they’re rather infected or carrying the virus only.

Under STD, there are many different sub diseases that are classified based on the etiologic cause. For the STDs that are bacterial in nature, these include chancroid, chlamydia, granuloma inguinale, gonorrhea, and syphilis. For fungal infections, there is the tinea cruris and candidiasis. The more diverse STD forms fall under the viral category like viral hepatitis, herpes simplex, HPV (human papilloma virus), MCV (molluscum contagiosum virus) and of course AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). For parasitic STDs, scabies and crab louse (crabs) belong to such. And lastly, for the protozoal STD there’s only one ‘“ trichomoniasis.

AIDS is not to be confused with HIV because the latter is the virus that causes AIDS. This syndrome or disorder can be a result of having had contact with venereal fluids like saliva (although relatively rare), semen, and vaginal secretions. Moreover, AIDS can also be interpreted as one of the stages of the disease. If cancer has a stage 4, then AIDS has a terminal stage called the same way ‘“ AIDS.

The mode of transmission or the means of contracting STDs and AIDS are more or less the same. Aside from sex, sharing of needles, blood transfusions, breastfeeding and even the process of childbirth can all transmit the AIDS and STD viruses or bacteria.

1. STD is a more general term that encompasses AIDS because the latter is just one type of STD.

2. Some STDs are curable and can be managed easily while AIDS is undeniably incurable and is more difficult to manage.

3. In its late stages, AIDS is the most fatal type of STD.

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