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Anesthesia vs Sedation

Both anesthesia and sedation are medically accepted to help surgical or simple operation procedures.  In terms of the main effect, the anesthesia is a type of medication that will make people sensitive to pain while sedation will create this state of relaxation which is almost like falling asleep.  Historical records have shown that the creation and development of such procedures are mainly for helping patients deal with surgical methods and to help alleviate the feelings of pain, stress and anxiety.  Anesthesia is defined as that medical procedure that will control pain for only a particular area.  This is usually one with a local anesthesia.  The intent and objective of such an action are to numb that particular area of the body.  The sedation, on the other hand, is mostly injected or taken orally and will usually affect the entire body.

The reason to take both medications is usually for making the patient comfortable.  There are some cases when the reasons may differ.  For one thing, the sedation process is usually done to decrease the level of tension and stress that a person feels.  Anesthesia does not usually affect the mental feelings and emotions of a person.  There are also certain classifications of both the anesthesia and sedation.  Anesthesia is divided into three major classifications such as local, regional and general anesthesia.  The type would  depend on the amount of area you want to pacify or make numb.  The local anesthesia focuses on small parts of the body while the regional type usually focuses on larger areas and injected into major nerves, and the general types are affecting the brain and the whole body.  Meanwhile, sedation does not have types but levels of effect.  Namely, these levels are the minimal sedation, the moderate, and the deep level of sedation.  At times, general anesthesia is considered as the fourth and final stage of sedation.

For most physicians, surgery most often would require both medications of anesthesia and sedation.  However, if the patient is mostly suffering from mental disorders and problems, the main solution to be advised are those of sedatives rather than anesthesia.  In terms of the side effects, anesthesia is often considered to be safe and have been little known disadvantages.  Sedation, on the other hand, can become a habit that will affect the mental ability of the person.  It can lead to them to have memory gaps and lapses, which can affect their daily lifestyles.  At times, sedation medication can lead to addiction and dependability on the medicines.


1. Anesthesia has three major types, namely, these are the local, regional and general anesthesia while sedation has three basic levels, which are the minimal, the moderate and the deep sedation.
2. Anesthesia is perfect for full surgical procedures while those with emotional or metal imbalance are preferred to take sedation medications.
3. Sedation, when taken, will affect the entire body, while anesthesia has the choice to only affect numbness on a particular part or region of the human body.
4. Sedation is known to have side effects of habitual dependability and addiction while there are rare or no cases to be found on anesthesia.

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  2. When the article says anaesthesia is intended to make people sensitive to pain i presume “insensensitive” is meant.

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