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Difference Between AML and CML

AML is better known medically as acute myeloid leukemia.  It is considered as one the rarest forms of cancer that attacks the white blood cells forming inside the bone marrow of the human body.  Medically speaking, myeloid means from the bone marrow and it usually affects the body when the white blood cells in the marrow produce cells that are not normal and typical.  CML, on the other hand, is known medically as chronic myeloid leukemia.  This disease is one that also affects the white blood cells that are formed in the bone marrow.  The same way that the AML moves in the body is the same movement of the CML.  However, chronic leukemia is somewhat a slow moving cancer that takes over a long time to process and complete.  Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a fast moving cancer that will eventually be fatal if not treated properly.

Scientifically, the acute myeloid disease is a disease that is caused by the rapid increase of abnormal cells in the bone marrow. Â These abnormal cells often accumulate in the bone marrow and lead to the prevention of growing normal cells for the body to use.  CML, meanwhile is the form of leukemia that is described as that increased production of myeloid cells in the bone marrow.

When it comes to the symptoms, the AML or the acute myeloid leukemia is often caused by a low number of white blood cells.  This can sometimes lead to frequent fever and infections as the body is now not able to fight off any diseases internally.  Eventually the person who has AML experience feelings of general unwell or feeling too tired and run down.  Persons, meanwhile, who are afflicted with the chronic myeloid leukemia or CML has frequent chills and loss of appetite.  In time, this will lead to a severe weight loss that will lead to the person to be fatigued and tired all the time.

There are three basic stages or phases of the CML.  The first being the chronic phase or that stage when the cancer is readily discovered and detected.  The second stage is the accelerated stage or the phase wherein the cancer progresses and becomes noticeable.  The last stage is the blast crisis stage and is the stage wherein the person now has this shorter life span. Generally, AML, on the other hand, does not have these stages as it is a fast acting cancer that can spread rapidly in just a few weeks or months from diagnosis.


1. AML is known as acute myeloid leukemia while CML is refereed to formally as chronic myeloid leukemia.
2. AML is known for producing abnormal cells in the bone marrow while CML produces too much myeloid cells that prevent the creation of good cells.
3. CML has three stages of development, namely the chronic phase, the accelerated phase and the blasts crisis while AML has no known stages.
4. AML is a fast moving cancer that can spread to the entire body in a few short weeks while CML is a slow moving cancer from the start.

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