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Difference Between Appetite and Hunger

appetite-dbWhile appetite and hunger are related and synonymous in some everyday conversations, there is a technical difference. Both are related to an individual’s want to eat food. They are the direct motivator of eating in many instances and both can have a serious impact on an individual’s health. Since nutrition is one of the most important elements regarding an individual’s health, appetite and hunger can both impact health and be a major indicator of health.

An individual’s appetite is, in its simplest description, one’s desire to eat. This is the motivation that one may have to eat at a particular time. In more detail it may prompt not only when the individual eats, but also what an individual eats. When healthy and working toward the optimal effect one’s appetite will lead them toward foods that have the nutrition that they need. Often though taste will have an effect on the actual diet! This can be good or extremely negative. It may be reduced by general sickness or increased. Appetite may also increase with exercise and health also. These are usually long-term changes when they are healthy changes. Extreme and immediate change in the appetite is something you should consult a physician regarding.

Hunger is fair more of a health concern. Hunger not only describes an individual’s feelings, but is actually a condition that results from consuming less than the recommended daily intake of calories. Unfortunately a large percentage of the population, including in developed countries, live in nearly constant hunger and that can result in a negative impact on their health. The sensations of hunger that may be experienced by individuals can range from slight discomfort to nearly debilitating pangs. It is usually centered in the stomach and may worsen as the condition worsens.

Both of these can cause distraction from what the individual is attempting to accomplish, though hunger is far more serious. In general the relief for both of these is basically the same and fairly similar. The basic remedy is to get nutrition into the body, though either of these may be symptoms of something more serious. In the case of hunger, hospitalization may be necessary and intravenous feeding may be required.

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  1. You too can substitute a number of the fats in the same manner.
    Try changing half the fats and half the sugar in a recipe with pureed apple.

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