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Difference Between Jews and Christians

synogogueJews and Christians are religious groups. The details of their beliefs comprise the difference between them. Some of the differences are obvious and significant to nearly any examination of the two groups. Other differences may seem minute to most examinations and may be insignificant to the members of the two groups as well. With religion it is important to keep in mind that each individual may practice and/or believe differently than another member in the group. It is also a fact that there are many organized groups within the Jewish religion and many others within the Christian religion. Each of those organized groups may have varying official beliefs and practices as well. This examination should not be considered comprehensive or an accurate portrait of any specific individual.

Jews believe the much of the Old Testament of the Bible. They also have a number of other religious writings that are held as important within the religion. They do not believe that Christ was the Messiah though. The result is a crux upon adherence to the law that is described in the scripture. This means living as their scriptures tell them to as their part of a contract with God. Their reward is favor with God and ultimately admittance to Heaven. Jews, as a lineage of people, are referenced in the Bible as being God’s chosen children. Much of the Old Testament chronicles many events in which God protects and saves the Jews from enemies.

Christians also believe in the Bible. They however worship according to a Bible that includes the Old Testament and the churchNew Testament. This includes acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah and completer of the law that God had handed down to his people. The result is a sort of freedom from the punishment  for the things denoted as sins in the Bible. This creates a faith not only in the existence of God, but in his Son. This is one of primary differences of the religions. Christianity also has no counterpart to the biological lineage that is at the core of the Jewish peoples. Christ opened his arms and the doors of Heaven to everyone.

Despite the fundamental difference between these two religions and the interpretations of the scriptures that eliminate acceptance of the other’s salvation it is not uncommon to see productive relationships existing between the two groups. In some cases the faiths have found ways to intermingle (Christians that observe the Law described in the Bible, for example). It is commonly accepted and promoted that Love is fundamental basis in both of these religions and that study of the scripture is one way to learn more about Love is and can be when perfect.

For more information about either of these religions or the People that believe and practice them, consider contacting your local Church or Synagogue.

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