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Difference Between Cavity and Pit

Cavity vs Pit

“Cavity” and “pit” both refer to holes of some kind. They are used in many different contexts like the “body cavity” which refers to the cavity of the body or “pit” as in “a pit in the ground.” In this article we are going to differentiate between these two terms in the field of dentistry.

The dictionary meanings of “cavity” are:
•In dentistry, any part of the tooth which is decayed.
•It also refers to a space in a solid object which is empty. For example, the cavity in the body in which all the organs are located.

When we talk about the term “cavity” in dentistry, it means a hole formed in the teeth due to decay. This hole or cavity is formed due to the deterioration of decayed teeth. It is also referred to as tooth decay or caries. Cavities in teeth are formed when the food particles that are left in the teeth start rotting and decaying. They get stuck in the spaces between the teeth, and the bacteria which is formed cause irreversible damage and decay in the teeth. The damage is irreversible because the bacteria produce acids. These acids are formed by the process called hydrolysis, and these acids start weakening and dematerializing the dentin and the enamel of the teeth. Enamel and dentin are the two, main, solid tissues of the teeth.

The dictionary meanings of “pit” are:
• The stone of the fruit is called a pit.
• A fairly large hole on the surface of the ground.
• To put something or someone in competition or conflict.
• The act of removing the pit from the fruit.

“Pit” is a term which is also used in dentistry. A pit is very small depression which is naturally formed within teeth as they mature. Pits are found primarily at the tooth grooves. They are the spaces or little depressions where the food gets stuck and decay starts due to the growth of bacteria. Cavities are most commonly formed in the pits along with the teeth surface and in spaces between the teeth.
To help prevent tooth decay, one must brush the teeth properly so that food does not get stuck in the pits and between the teeth and cause cavities due to bacterial growth. One must floss the spaces between the teeth, and focus on the pits that are hard to reach by the toothbrush. Fluoride is believed to help protect the surface of the teeth.


“Cavity,” in dentistry means any part of the tooth which is decayed. It is caused due to the growth of bacteria by rotting food stuck in the spaces between the teeth. A pit is the small depression which is already present in the teeth at the tooth grooves and is one of the places where cavities are most commonly formed.

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