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Difference Between Cavity and Vacuum

Cavity vs Vacuum

“Cavity” and “vacuum” are very different words, in general language, people may use them to refer to holes, but a cavity specifically means an empty space in a solid object, and a vacuum specifically refers to an empty space or place which is even devoid of any air.

The dictionary meanings of “cavity” are:

Tooth decay in dentistry.
Empty space in a solid object, for example, body cavity, etc.

The term “cavity” is used in many contexts. It originally referred to an empty space or hole. This word was derived from the word “cavite” which is a Middle French word. This word is used in dentistry, medicine, and electronics. In dentistry it refers to the holes which are formed in the teeth due to tooth decay. They are the most common teeth problems and can occur in people of any age.The tooth decay happens when bacteria grow in the food stuck in-between teeth and damage the teeth. In medicine, it refers to the empty space in the human body, for example, a body cavity, the space where all the organs are located, or a dorsal cavity, abdominal cavity, etc. In electronics it is used to refer to resonators. The resonators create or select frequencies as per the wavelengths already present in the cavity of the devices.

The dictionary meaning of “vacuum” is a space completely devoid of any kind of matter including air or gas. It is especially different from any other cavity or hole or space as it has no matter. Scientifically speaking, the vacuum has some amount of gas which has less pressure than the pressure of the gas outside the hollow or space. “Vacuum” is applied for many purposes like: welding, packaging, and protection of filaments in the bulbs. Outer space, that is, space outside of Earth’s atmosphere, is considered to have the absolute vacuum. The word “vacuum” is derived from the Latin word meaning “void.”


1.“Cavity” refers to holes caused in the teeth due to tooth decay, in dentistry. It also refers to an empty space present in the body which accommodates organs, etc. This use is mainly in medicine. And “cavity” also refers to resonators in electronics. “Vacuum” refers to an empty space devoid of any matter.
2.A cavity has gas or air inside it; a vacuum does not have any matter inside it. Scientifically, the pressure of gas inside the vacuum is always lower than the pressure outside the space or vacuum. Outer space is considered to have conditions closely matching almost a perfect state of vacuum.

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