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Cream vs Lotion

In the realm of beauty, cosmetics and skin care, there has been a lot of talk with regard to the use of creams and lotions. Many still don’t get the point why cream is better in some situation than lotion and vice versa. Much more, a lot of cream and lotion users just use these products without even knowing their specific purposes and what these substances are actually made of.

Generally speaking, both of these emollients function to bring or place moisture towards or into the skin. The differences between the two are more linked to their users. Each person in unique and not all people have the same skin types. Some have dry flaky skins while others often have moist and oily skins. With this, the use of lotions and creams sets in. the only problem is, finding the best product for your skin type is more of a trial and error mission. You can use one type of product at a time and see when you have achieved the best results.

In terms of composition, lotions are made of oil and water. These light emollients are basically non-greasy. Most lotions regardless of brand have a sort of cooling effect that is achieved by its absorption into the skin of the user. Because of this quick absorptive property and effect, lotions are the preferred emollients during warmer seasons like summer.

To those individuals who are suffering from eczema, a condition that results to an excessively dry looking skin, lotion is also the right product to use. With regard to the area being applied, lotions are also ideal for skin areas having grown lots of hairs (but not too much of course) like on men’s chest.

Conversely, body creams are a lot thicker or heavier in consistency and feel when compared to lotions. Although these emollients are still made of the same water and oil combination, some creams are made to be a lot greasier with the addition of more oily components. For the time of use, creams are said to be ideal during cooler seasons like on winter. These products help moisturize the skin amidst the heavy blow of the cold winter winds.

All in all, both body creams and body lotions are emollients but they differ in the following aspects:

1. Lotions are ideal for warmer seasons while creams are better used during cooler seasons.

2. Lotions are generally less greasy than most creams.

3. Lotions are said to be lighter and thinner in consistency unlike the heavier and thicker body creams.

4. Lotions are also effective on areas with moderate hair and for users suffering from conditions that cause moderate to severe skin dryness.

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