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Difference Between Gallstones and Kidney Stones

Gallstones vs Kidney stones

Have you ever had that excruciating and inexplicable abdominal pain? If you had and its recurring almost every time then you might just need to see your doctor immediately. It is because pains like that might be caused by kidney stones or gallstones and if left untreated would cause you dearly (not only monetary wisely).

SO how do you differentiate the each from the other? How worse can it possible get? What are the treatments involved? Here are the answers for the frequently asked questions regarding kidney stones and gallstones. But you just might want to know that kidney stones form almost instantly as gallstones form. The two are intertwined. They often occur together because of the anatomical position of the human body’s kidney and gall bladder. The two are naturally positioned very close to each other.

Gallstones are caused by a lot of factors. These factors include: wrong diet, toxicity, liver malfunction, chemical disturbance, bile stasis (or gall bladder stagnation). When there’s stasis of bile, the gall bladder absorbs liquid more than its normal capacity. As a result, the bile becomes very concentrated and cholesterol will start to crystallize. As soon as its done with that process, the crystals would gradually form into bigger gall stones. Hence, the excruciating pain on your abdomen or back. Sometimes, symptoms also include vomiting, nausea, and a shoot of pain right under the right arm. According to Chinese belief though, gallstones could cause pain in the neck, head and the shoulders. This is because gallstones block the energy passageway that would often result to a person’s lethargic movement, tight and tense feeling, and would also often lead to hypoglycemia. It also most likely that more women suffer from having gallstones than men because of pregnancy and childbirth. Treatment for gallstones may include surgery (if the pain is chronic) and other medications that will dissolve the stone.

Kidney stones are small or large hard mass that are formed when some substances of the urine crystallizes. It forms because of a lot of contributing factors that include birth control pills and blockage of the urinary track caused by forming gallstones. The function of the kidney is commonly associated with the healthy growth of bones. That is why osteoporosis is juts one of the many symptoms of having bad kidney stones. Other symptoms would include lower back pain, blood in urine, knee pain, very weak bones, hair loss, and ear infections. Treatments may vary according to the size of the stone. If it’s a large kidney stone, then surgery may be required. But if its smaller, then the body can naturally flush it out even without medical help.

Both inconveniences could best be avoided if you avoid unsafe foods and drinks and drugs. Foods that were included in the must-avoid food list are: chocolates, strawberry, spinach, sweet potatoes, celery, and other foods. You should also remember to fill up your tank with tons of glasses of water everyday. Just ask your director about great options on how to treat or avoid kidney stones and gallstones.


Both gallstones and kidney stones occur or form almost at the same time because of the anatomical position of the kidney and the gall bladder.

Gallstones are caused by crystallization of cholesterol while kidney stones begin to form when some substances in the urine crystallizes.

Gallstones and kidney stones formation could best be avoided by watching what you take inside your body.

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