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Health vs Wellness

The term “health” is easily mistaken for “wellness” in the sense that many are still using these two non-synonymous words interchangeably. This comes as no surprise because the word “health” was defined in the past as simply the absence of disease, which is now very related to the present-day definition of wellness. Moreover, being healthy and being well (two different adjectives) are accepted as the same which add to the confusion.

As mentioned, “health” was previously defined as “the mere absence of disease physically.” Later on, its definition was further expanded to include the good mental status of the individual. So in order for one to be considered healthy, he or she must both be sound in body and mind not just either one.

Wellness is more of a lifestyle – it is a way of living. To the experts, “wellness” is concerned with its six different dimensions, namely: physical, emotional (mental), intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual health. These dimensions should be in the right kind of harmony so that one will achieve a sense of well-being. Wellness, in itself, is a very dynamic subject that has to be observed throughout one’s lifetime for him to attain good health. So you really have to exert an extra effort if you are to observe wellness. You are, therefore, asked to take some kind of action.

The primary difference between the two is that health is considered as a state of well-being while wellness is more on getting the most perfect balance of all the dimensions mentioned. Being in a state of well-being, health is when you are free from disease so you are regarded as being in good health or you are healthy. Alternatively, when you try to perform daily exercises to promote your physical dimension and engage in healthy relationships or interactions to perk up your social dimension, then you are promoting wellness. Vitamins are good examples of products that promote wellness and also, to some extent, good health.


1.Health is a state of physical and mental well-being while wellness is gaining a general balance in all six health dimensions.
2.Wellness is more of a way of life or lifestyle that seeks to maintain the right balance of all health dimensions.
3.Health is more of a goal or an end that should be achieved as opposed to wellness.
4.Health is concerned with the treatment of diseases.
5.Wellness is a healthcare approach that is concerned with boosting the immune system and sustaining a good balance in the body.

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