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HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. HIV is  an RNA virus whereas HPV is a DNA virus. The transmission of HIV is mainly through sexual contact as a result of transmission of fluids from one person to another. The transmission for HPV is through skin, mainly from the abraded surfaces and from sexual contact.

HIV affected individuals get various forms of infections. One among is HPV. HPV is difficult to treat in HIV positive patients. HPV can be treated whereas HIV affected individual don’t get rid of the disease lifelong.

In HIV affected individuals, the immune system is compromised and hence any disease can easily affect them. When HPV enters the body, it is not easily recognized by the immune system of the body as it is compromised, and it affects the individual more commonly in HIV patients.

HIV is life-threatening whereas HPV, when it occurs separately, is not life-threatening. HPV occurs in HIV individual when  CD4 -cell count decreases and viral load increases. The complications of HPV are warts seen in hands, genital areas, feet and oral areas. The complication of HIV is acquired immunodeficiency disease and eventually leading to death.

The treatment for HPV includes both oral and topical application of anti-viral drugs. Topical applications should be done in the area of warts, and sometimes surgical removal of the wart can be done. The treatment of HIV includes anti-HIV drugs which will just decrease virus levels and improve the life of an individual. There is no permanent cure for HIV.

HPV can be resolved completely, but sometimes complications like cervical cancer can occur whereas with HIV, there is no regression of the disease but instead gets worsened by increase in virus load, decreased immunity and the advanced stage of the disease being acquired immunodeficiency virus leading to death.

HPV do not produce any symptoms, but in few cases symptoms like warts may appear. It is more common in genital areas, but in some cases, it may also occur in the throat which is called as a recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. The wart appears small initially and is cauliflower like in appearance. It may grow in later stages. It can be either raised or flat. It occurs after few days of sexual contact. Mostly it regresses, but in few cases it may increase in size and number. Few cases of HPV show cervical cancer. The HIV eventually develops all sorts of infections due to decreased immunity.

1. HIV is an RNA virus while HPV is a DNA virus.
2. Many infections develop in HIV whereas HPV shows warts and in some cases don’t produce any symptoms at all.
3. The treatment for HPV is anti-viral drugs mostly they are in topical form while for HIV it is anti-HIV drug.
4. Complete regression of HPV is possible whereas only the quality of life improves with HIV.
5. The complication of HPV is the cervical cancer whereas for HIV it is AIDS leading to death.

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  1. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus it is the AID’s virus and HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus in DNA

    The transmission of HIV is mainly through sexual contact as a result of transmission of fluids from one person to another. The transmission for HPV is through skin, mainly from the abraded surfaces and from sexual contact.

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