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homeopathyHomeopathy vs Naturopathy

Both naturopathy and homeopathy refer to an alternative way of handling diseases and disorders of the body. So how are they different? Let us see!
Naturopathy basically refers to any method of treatment that depends on lifestyle and diet modifications to tackle a particular disease or disorder. It uses methods like homeopathy, herbs and lifestyle alterations to deal with diseases. So, in that sense, homeopathy becomes a part of naturopathy:it is one of the methods used to tackle disorders naturally.

Traditional methods of treatment tend to tackle the symptoms of a particular disease. However, both naturopathy and homeopathy tries to find out the reason behind that particular disorder and tackle it. While naturopathy will advice you to modify your exercise regimen and diet in order to tackle the disorder, homeopathy will advise you on taking in homeopathic medications that get to the root of the problem. However, homeopaths do not use herbs as medicine.

Another important difference between the two is that homeopathy does not stress on the mind and spirit of the individual, but naturopathy does. It aims at freeing the human spirit and treating the patient as a whole. Therefore,it bears the name holistic medicine or treatments!
Homeopathy also aims to bring about a solution to the disease or disorder by tackling the physical problems of the individual. However, it has nothing to do with the mind of the patient! It believes in introducing a number of diluted substances into the body.

This brings us to an important differentiation between the two. While naturopathy believes in introducing only beneficial substance into the human body, homeopathy actually introduces diluted versions of the substances that cause problems in the body. This helps the body in fighting against them!

While naturopaths stress on western herbal knowledge as well as Asian ancient medicine, homeopathy is a better evolved science in the way it tackles medical problems.

The naturopathy treatment you receive will depend on what your practitioner prescribes. It may include botanical medications and supplements, herbal medications etc. They may not always be safe for pregnant women or children. Homeopathy on the other hand, is totally safe for pregnant women and children also!
Both homeopathy and naturopathy are important methods of tackling diseases and disorders in the world today. They are becoming more and more popular as people realize the advantages of a more natural lifestyle!

1. Naturopathy relies on herbs and lifestyle alterations to deal with diseases. However, homeopathy relies on introducing diluted substances to help the body deal with it.
2. An important part of naturopathy deals with the mind and spirit of the person. However, homeopathy has nothing to do with the mind.
3. Homeopathy is non toxic and does not harm pregnant women. However, certain natural herbs may be toxic to pregnant women.
4. Homeopathy works by introducing harmful substances into the body in diluted form. However, natural therapies only introduce beneficial substances into the body.

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  1. They have ineffectiveness in common.

    The treatments that I’ve seen advocated by naturopathy rely heavily on the assumption that an illness is related to immunodeficiency. Rather than prescribing a medicine to alleviate immediate symptoms, or cure the disease itself, it supposes that any illness can be fought by a sufficiently healthy immune system. There’s no argument against good eating habits, or a healthy immune system, but the prejudice against medical intervention on many illnesses is imprudent. There are infections that simply can’t be stopped by the immune system alone. There are also diseases that relate to the immune system itself. Multiple sclerosis is an example of the immune system attacking the body itself.

    The idea behind homeopathy presumes that inoculation is universally applicable. But exposing a person’s immune system to a benign sample of a pathogen (inoculation), and assuming that a tiny (if even extant) application of the thing that causes the symptom one’s fighting, are two different things. Homeopathic medicines are safe, for the most part, because they don’t have any active ingredients; or those ingredients are in sufficiently minuscule trace amounts not to matter.

    Western medicine is often hamstrung by politics, riddled with conflicts of interest among private medical providers; but the methods themselves are founded upon painstaking research, controlled experiments, trial and error. The scientific method demands that data be collected consistently, that tests be performed under controls meant to isolate predictable effects and behaviors, whether in pathogens, or prospective treatments.

    Whether a person subscribes to alternative medicine is their choice. It’s not my business to dissuade them from it. But I take issue with the comparison between the meticulously documented, rigorously challenged, hotly debated methods of science, and the vagaries of less stringent models.

  2. FYI: not sure where you got your information, but I thought it was the opposite, Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, it actually takes mental/emotional symptoms as part of the “totality of symptoms” and they are often the way a homeopath differentiates a patients remedy. Mental/emotional symptoms are often at the top of the hierarchy when taking symptoms into consideration, so to say it has nothing to do with the mind/spirit is incorrect, Homeopaths know and operate on the basis that it is all connected!

  3. I think the time has come for people to understand the difference. That there are safe products out there that works with the bodies, algorithms. Many athletes are turning to homeopathic medicines to help them perform and recover quicker. It took me a while to get into it, only after hear others talk about it and rave about them. I have been an athlete for the better part of 15 years and as I get older I need, help. I don’t like the side effects of some of the mainstream products out there and can vouch for a few Homeopathic products.

    Thanks for this post guys.

  4. @cameraon . Usually when I work with Homeopathic medicine, the physician or care giver usually asks me more questions than a regular care giver. Is there a reason for this? It just seems like it is more honed in on how the body works with itself before anything is really done.


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