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Difference Between Implantation Bleeding and Period

Implantation Bleeding vs Period

Females who are sexually active are oftentimes confused and nervous over whether vaginal bleeding is from a menstrual period or from implantation bleeding.  For a woman who is unprepared for pregnancy, the sight of blood could be implantation bleeding confused as a period. A period is another word for menstruation.  Menstruation is the female body’s way of shedding the lining of the uterus, which occurs every 28 days for a non-pregnant woman.  Implantation bleeding occurs when the egg moves into the uterus and through the lining, which for some women can cause bleeding. Women who experience implantation bleeding are pregnant, even though blood may be confused for a period or a miscarriage.

Periods are common in women after they reach puberty and last until a woman reaches menopause.  A period stops while a woman is pregnant, and this is called amenorrhoea.  Periods can be accompanied by cramping, headaches and migraines, irritability, and other signs of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).  Blood flow from a period can vary for different people, however anything less than 80 mL is appropriate.  It is important to understand that periods are entirely normal and that the bleeding is normal.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a period and implantation bleeding. A period usually begins with a light flow of blood which gradually increases. Spotting is not necessarily a sign of implantation bleeding; it could be the onset of a period.  Implantation bleeding is a darker color red with a brown tint and comes sparingly.  One can easily be confused for the other as implantation bleeding occurs around the time a normal period would start for a woman who is not pregnant.  Implantation bleeding is not cause for concern, it is normal for pregnant women.

Implantation bleeding is one of the signs of early pregnancy, and a woman who is unsure of bleeding may take a pregnancy test.  A woman who is not pregnant and is bleeding is generally having a period. A woman who is pregnant and bleeding is demonstrating a sign that the egg has implanted.  There are some women who will not experience implantation bleeding at all if pregnant; however studies have found that it occurs in nearly 30 percent of all women in their first trimester.

Women can confuse implantation bleeding for a period; however the two are very different from one another and should be treated appropriately.


  1. A period occurs when a female’s body sheds the lining of the uterus every 28 days.  Implantation bleeding occurs in a pregnant woman when the egg travels into the uterus and into the lining.
  2. Implantation bleeding occurs at the normal time a period occurs, yet the blood is dark red with a brown tint.
  3. Implantation bleeding does not occur in all pregnant women.  Implantation bleeding can be confused for a period.
  4. A period is bleeding which occurs every month for a female from puberty to menopause. Implantation bleeding only occurs in a pregnant woman’s first trimester.

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  1. my periods are a little irregular and they usually come every 32 days on average, my last normal period was may 21 and lasted 5 days. Through the whole month of june I didnt not get my period but on july 1st I started bleeding and only lasted 3 days, should I be concerned if im pregnant or just a really late period?

  2. Ihave the same problem did u find out if you were

  3. How long after bleeding (if pregnancy is unknown) do u take a P test?

  4. i need help just a lot concerned. my periods are sometimes irregular. my last period start on the 4th of sept and ended on the 14th. started bc on the 13th. took it straight for first week when the rest most of the time i doubled up. the past 3 days i didn’t take my bc. yesterday around 10 at night i seen a spot on my underwear and wiped and it was pink. this morning i wiped it was brown, later it pink with brown like a brown tint i guess is the best was to decribe it. is it my period? curius because i have un pretected sex with same person for 8 months and have been checked. comments need opinions plz & on a 27 28 day cycle

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