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Difference Between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms

PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms

When a woman reaches child bearing age, a lot of changes happen in her body.  Puberty is when one of life’s most significant life changing events take place.  This is the time when a woman experiences her first menstrual flow and all the inconveniences that come with it.

All women suffer from the discomfort and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, most commonly known as PMS.  It is a combination of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms that appear ten days before the start of a woman’s menstrual period and usually disappears shortly before or after the start of her menstrual flow.

Most women will just experience minor discomfort while others can suffer from the pain and other symptoms associated with it.  Some may even think that they are experiencing pregnancy symptoms because of the similarities between the two.

This is due to the changes in the hormonal balance in a woman during her menstrual period and during pregnancy.  During these times women become anxious, tired, nauseous, and will become highly emotional.  Physical changes will also take place and her breasts will become swollen and tender.

These symptoms will disappear after the menstrual period and if it goes on after that then it is certain that she is pregnant.  Sometimes when a woman becomes pregnant she will experience slight bleeding and might think that she is having her period but it is actually implantation bleeding.  This is when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall a few days after conception.

Another sign of pregnancy is the darkening of the areolas and morning sickness.  While with PMS a woman will also feel nauseated and sometimes even have food cravings, these feelings are milder than when she is pregnant.  Aches and cramps are also very common symptoms of PMS and pregnancy.

PMS can be alleviated by keeping fit and eating right.  Hormonal intervention by using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can also help in eliminating PMS symptoms.  Before using this medication, it is best to make sure that the symptoms that the woman feels are not pregnancy symptoms.

While PMS symptoms usually disappear after her menstrual flow stops, some pregnancy symptoms can last until after the baby is born.  Because symptoms of PMS and pregnancy are similar, it is best to stick to natural and healthy ways of alleviating them to make sure that if ever the woman is actually pregnant, the baby will not be harmed in any away.

1. A pregnant woman may experience bleeding but unlike PMS, it is just a slight flow and will stop after a day or two.
2. Swollen breasts, pains, and cramps in PMS will disappear after a woman’s menstrual period but will continue to be felt by a woman who is pregnant.
3. Tiredness and nausea in pregnant women will be experienced even up to the baby’s delivery but will immediately disappear after a woman’s menstrual period.
4. PMS can be treated with hormonal intervention while pregnancy symptoms are better left to run their course.

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