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Difference Between MCAT and PCAT


There are a lot of differences between MCAT and PCAT. They are totally different exams.

MCAT is conducted for admission to all the medical colleges except for dentistry and optometry. This examination is administered by the American Association of Medical Colleges.
The examination is divided into of four sections.

The first section, which is the verbal reasoning, is 85 minutes in duration and consists of 65 multiple-choice questions and around 9-10 passages with 6-10 questions each. The main skills tested in this section are the critical reading ability of the candidate.
The second section, verbal reasoning, is 100 minutes and has 77 multiple-choice questions. There are 10-11 passages with 4-8 questions each, also 15 stand-alone questions are there. Analytical reasoning, data interpretation skills, general chemistry, and physics concepts are tested in this section.
The next writing sample section is 60 minutes in duration which consists of 2 essay-type questions which analyze critical thinking, intellectual organization, written communication.
The last section is based on biological sciences and lasts for 100 minutes. This section has 77 multiple-choice questions, about 10-11 passages with 4-8 questions each, and 15 stand-alone questions. Basic biology and organic chemistry concepts, analytical reasoning, and data interpretation are put to the test.

PCAT is an exam developed by PsychCorp which is a brand of Pearson. The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy sanctions this test as the entrance test for admission into pharmacy colleges.
The PCAT examination is divided into seven sections.

The first section, the writing ability test, is a subjective type with 30 minutes in duration and analyzes the problem solving skills and conventions of language skills.
The verbal ability test consists of 48 multiple-choice questions testing analogical and sentence completion skills. It is also 30 minutes in duration.
The biology test has 48 multiple-choice questions with 30 minutes to complete it, and skills tested are: general biology, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology.
Chemistry, again, has 48 multiple-choice questions with 30 minutes in duration. The applicant has to have basic knowledge of, mainly, general and organic chemistry.
This test is followed by a short break.
The next section is initiated by a test similar to the first one.
In the reading comprehension, 6 passages are there with 48 questions to answer which evaluate comprehension, analysis, and evaluation.
The last 40-minute section with 48 multiple-choice questions is designed to test the skills of: math, algebra, probability and statistics, precalculus and calculus.


1.MCAT is for medical entrance; PCAT is for pharmacy.
2.MCAT is 8 1/2 hrs; PCAT is about 4 hrs.
3.MCAT requires extensive knowledge; PCAT basic knowledge.
4.MCAT scores multiple-choice questions ranging from 1 to 15; those on the PCAT range from 200 to 600.
5.MCAT requires logical thinking; PCAT requires memorizing.
6.MCAT requires two semester of algebra-based physics; PCAT doesn’t.

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