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Difference Between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

Rhinoplasty vs Septoplasty

With the advent of technology today, nothing is really impossible. You can get everything you want. You can do anything what you want. A very big thanks to technology.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, anything can be enhanced or augmented. Anything can also be lessened. This is the most basic math principle as what we can observe among patients who want to have a better image of themselves.

There are those who just want to repair some parts of their body and not literally to add or minus a lot of parts. Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are the best examples for a repair surgery. The suffix –plasty means “repair.”

Rhinoplasty is also known as a nose lift. “Rhino” means “nose” and “-plasty” means “repair” so it means a repair of the nose. It is not only intended for surgical and beauty enhancements, but it is also to correct inborn deformities and abnormalities of the nose for proper breathing purposes. We all breathe in the nose and not in the mouth so the nose is an important link for us to breathe and speak well. Rhinoplasty can be done under different anesthesias like general anesthesia up to local anesthesia. It was developed by an Indian ayurvedic physician in 800 B.C. and then it spread out in the rest of the globe. The surgery for rhinoplasty is quite a bit longer, and the recovery can take weeks before you can see the results and before the wound heals. Rhinoplasty is more expensive than septoplasty.

Septoplasty, on the other hand, is the repair of nasal septum. The nasal septum is like the bridge that separates both of the nostrils below the nose and just above the upper lip. This is done to prevent nasal obstruction because some people have an inborn defect of the nasal septum in which it deviates either to the left or right of the nasal cavities. When this happens, nasal blockage can happen. Thus, corrective surgery is often performed in these conditions. These surgeries are usually done in 60 minutes excluding recovery.

These two procedures are widely done in different countries each year. Both procedures are safe. Just make sure that you are talking to a legal cosmetic surgeon with a medical license to prevent complications. This is not only for physical enhancement but also for the well-being of the individual.


1.Rhinoplasty is the repair of the nose while septoplasty is the repair of the nasal septum.
2.Rhinoplasty has a longer period for operation and recovery compared to septoplasty.
3.Rhinoplasty is said to be more expensive than septoplasty.

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