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The human body is an intricate mechanism that has different functions and features. It is made up of several different systems that work either together or by themselves. While there are some parts of the body which are not necessary, most are very essential for the proper operation of the body.
The skeletal structure of an individual is one of the most important parts of the body. It is the system that supports and protects organs such as the lung, heart, and brain. It also supports the muscles and helps keep them in place.
Both the skeletal structure and the muscles, together with the fat that forms in the body, determine its shape. As an individual grows, the shape of his body also changes to conform to his physical attributes. The shape of the body can greatly affect one’s gait and posture which has an important role in his overall appearance.

As an individual’s body changes, so does his muscle tone. This may be due to several factors such as his genes which play a great role in the development and formation of not only his intellect but also of his physical appearance.
Hormonal changes and body fat also have a great deal of influence upon how his body is shaped and toned. So does exercise and proper diet which strengthen the bones as well as shape the body to a desirable form such as being ripped or buff.

A person with a buff body shape is one that has a well-built, strong, and muscular body. Typical people with buff bodies are athletes and underwear models. They are fit and trim. And while some may have big physiques, some have small bodies but with noticeable muscles. They consume more protein and fat and eat lesser amounts of carbohydrates.
A person who has a ripped body shape, on the other hand, is one that has a more defined muscle tone. They have lower amounts of body fat, and their muscles are more pronounced. Bodybuilders have ripped muscle tones, and their muscles are well defined.

To get ripped and acquire hard, defined muscles, a person needs extreme weight training and dieting. It is necessary to lose fat by consuming fewer calories, more protein to prevent muscle loss, and carbohydrates for extra energy. It is also better to divide each day of the week for the workout of the different parts of the body.

1.A buff body is one that is well built, strong, and muscular but not necessarily big while a ripped body is one that is more defined and has more pronounced muscles.
2.Athletes are examples of people who are buff while bodybuilders are examples of people who are ripped.
3.Getting a ripped body requires extreme weight training and dieting while getting a buff body needs less rigorous training and dieting.
4.People with ripped muscle tones have low or non existing body fat while people with buff bodies may have a certain amount of body fat in their bodies.

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