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Tone vs Bulk

The two terms of tone and bulk are often heard in today’s times of fitness consciousness and health craze. There is a large portion of the population that is increasingly taking to visiting gyms in order to attain a picture perfect body. It is imperative to know the difference between bulking up and toning of the body in order to successfully achieve the kind of body that you set out to attain in the first place. Toning up is simply a way of smoothening out and tightening up of different parts of the body with special focus on the abdominal area, the hips, arms, thighs, etc. However, bulking up refers to the build-up of muscle mass mainly on the chest and upper arms. There are many people who want to both tone up as well as build a bulky body.

The process of toning does not require any special diet supplements as is the case of bulking up. In the case of toning, there are a few special exercises that are meant specifically for this purpose. When one is looking to bulk up, he will not only be prescribed to indulge in a thorough exercising routine but will also be advised to consume a heavy diet of protein supplements. Without their aid, one simply cannot hope to add bulk to the body. Natural proteins are also required to be taken in large quantities in the form of dairy, poultry and eggs.

There is no significant weight gain if one just tones the body. There is only a positive change in the appearance of the body. However, when one is bulking up and building up muscle mass, one develops more muscles which lead to a little weight gain too. The body starts to look brawny and muscular.

Toning up is basically meant for those who are gaining massive amounts of weight or are simply looking to have a perfect, petite, great looking body with no extra bulges anywhere. In this case, when one starts to lose weight, the skin is prevented from sagging that may happen as a result of the loss of fat. Toning is usually preferred by females who are not looking to have a muscular build. The men who are looking to build up six pack abs usually go in for bulking up as they require muscular content in their bodies.


1. There are no special added foods that need to be included in the diet in case of toning. In case of bulking up, the diet needs to be considerably modified.

2. Toning consists of a few simple exercises that need to be performed for a short while every day. Adding bulk to the body requires greater dedication and commitment as more energy is needed.

3. It is usually the males who want to add bulk to their bodies. Professionals like boxers, body-builders, etc. may also go in for bulking up and this may include females too. Women who are not involved in any such sports go for toning.

4. There is an addition of weight in the case of bulking up. There is no such weight gain in the case of toning.

5. Toning can even be done in one’s own at home. The process of adding bulk requires the close guidance and supervision of a certified trainer as it can be dangerous to do it on your own.

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