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Difference Between Squat and Deadlift

deadliftSquat vs Deadlift

You must have heard of squatting and deadlifting. Both of these are exercises and serve different purposes in tuning your body.

A deadlift is an exercise in which a person has to lift a weight off the ground and remain stable throughout the length of the process. So this is a weight training exercise and is an excellent one for the overall development of the body. But if you are doing it for the first time, it would be good if you seek help of a trainer. The desired results can be achieved only if the exercise is done properly in the intended way.

On the other hand squat is a strength training exercise. In this form, the person uses the knees, hips, lower torso, and hands to complete the process. This exercise is used to train the thigh muscles, hip, and buttocks. Sometimes weights are also used in the process. It strengthens the ligaments, bones, and also helps in increasing the size and length of the legs. But many people experience pain while doing this exercise.

In deadlift, the person has to lift the weight from the ground. So a person is lifting dead weight in this exercise. There are different types of deadlifts. Tire deadlift, equipped deadlift, raw deadlift, and one handed deadlift are some of the types. All these involve the lifting up of dead weight, but the type of weight used can be different. It can be barrels, hummer tires, or plates.

When a person does the squat exercise, the number and depth can vary. Usually it is good to keep the depth less. When the squat becomes deeper, the risk of getting injured also is high. When the squat is above the parallel, it is considered a shallow squat and when it goes below the parallel, it is a deep squat. Some of the different types of squats are back squat, front squat, overhead squat, Zercher squat, and Hack squat.

There are different types of equipments which are used during squats. Smith machine, weight lifting belt, heel wedges, etc are some of the equipments used. Hamstrings, glutes, barbell, dumbbells, etc are commonly used in deadlifts.

Squats involve more of a stand up and sit down motion. Deadlift is closer to a bending and straightening motion. Both serve different purposes for the body and can be done on a daily basis for good results.

1. Squat is strength training exercise and deadlift is a weight training exercise.
2. Deadlift involves the lifting of dead weights in different forms. Squat may or may not involve the use of weights.
3. Squat are more effective for the lower body, while deadlifts are effective for the upper body.
4. Deadlifts, if done properly, are not injurious. But squats can be injurious to the body depending on the number and depth.
5. Squat can be of the form of back, front, overhead, or Zercher. Deadlift can be one handed, raw, equipment, or sumo.
6. The equipments used for Squat and Deadlift are different.

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