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Difference Between Dumbbell and Barbell

dumbbell_barbellDumbbell vs Barbell
Exercises are a good method to keep fit and stay in shape. Strength training forms an integral part of good exercise regime, which includes activities like aerobics and general flexibility routines.  Some people like and some dislike working out with weights. Mostly, the weights used are of the following kinds: free weights, dumbbells and barbells. A free weight exercises a specific muscle group. It all depends upon your mental make-up and the ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve through the strength-training regime. It goes a long way in helping you to decide upon the correct equipments for the purpose. It also depends upon the climate and the season that one is experiencing at that moment.

A dumbbell is shaped like a bell but does not have a clapper so it does not ring. It is also known as a symbol of strength and any weight that has to be lifted by one hand is termed as a ‘dumbbell’. After the introduction of dumbbell came the barbell. It is nothing but a similar piece of weight with a bar placed centrally that can be held by both hands.

There are a few basic differences between a dumbbell and a barbell. Although dumbbells target stabilizer muscles, yet barbells allow the usage of more weights. Dumbbells also provide greater impetus to the toning of the upper body using a bench, curls or lat. Moreover, dumbbells allow us to do squats and dead-lifts although some people are of the view that barbells are more suitable for the purpose for a strength training program as it also enables us to do power cleans.

Dumbbells do not allow increasing the weight significantly yet it helps you to balance in a better manner. They also give a wider choice of lifts ranging from dumbbell press, dumbbell fly and many more exercises that are similar.

While using dumbbells, it is advisable to work out each arm separately or together depending upon whether you are doing hammer curls or dumbbell curls.
However, one great advantage of a barbell is that it allows the addition of more weight, which is not possible in the case of a dumbbell. This helps in the work out of the pectoral and triceps muscles.

Barbell exercises are transferable to dumbbell versions and not vice-versa.
1. Dumbbells and barbells are both used along with free weights and machines for strength training programs.
2. Barbell has a bar whereas a Dumbbell does not.
3. Barbell is bell-shaped but doesn’t have a clapper.
4. Barbells allow for addition of more weights as compared to dumbbells.
5. Dumbbells allow for natural motions as it works on each hand one by one or both simultaneously.
6. Dumbbells are used for building biceps whereas Barbells are more effective for pectoral and triceps muscles.

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