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Abdomen Vs Stomach

The abdomen and the stomach are two very different structures of the human body. If there are some people who get confused between the two, it is most likely because the two are positioned close to each other.

The abdomen is actually an area or region of the body. It is the area between the chest or pectoral area and the pelvic region. It houses all the other organs including the liver, pancreas, kidney, rectum, gallbladder, spleen, small and large intestines, appendix and even the stomach itself. The abdomen is separated from the chest organs by virtue of a structure (actually a muscle) known as the diaphragm.

The word abdomen is derived from the Latin word ‘abdodere’ which literally means to hide, like the hiding of whatever food item was eaten. Most of the digestive processes occur in the organs of the abdomen. The intestines, most especially, are responsible for the final absorption of water and other food elements.

As mentioned, the stomach is one of the organs situated inside the abdomen. It is also inclined to the left of the abdominal region. Its name is taken from the Latin word ‘stomachus’ that means food reservoir. When empty, it can contain gas and air as well.

The stomach is responsible for digesting foods that are eaten by animals or humans. It is sac like in appearance having acids that help digest the food being eaten. The acid is so acidic that large foods can be decomposed easily. With the aid of other digestive enzymes, the stomach is able to effectively break down food so that it can be absorbed by the body.

The stomach is situated between the intestines and the esophagus. It is connected to the esophagus through the gastroesophageal sphincter which is responsible in containing the food that goes into the stomach. This prevents the food from being propelled upwards as in the case of gastric reflux. At its terminal end, the stomach is connected to the duodenum (first part of the small intestine) through the pyloric sphincter. Food that has already been digested by the stomach acids and enzymes will go the small intestine for final digestion through this sphincter. Certain internal triggers stimulate the sphincter to open up and empty the partially digested food into the small intestine.

In summary,

1. The abdomen is a region of the body situated between the chest and pelvic area while the stomach is an organ of digestion.

2. The stomach is the second place of digestion of food after the mouth while the abdomen houses other structures that are responsible for the final stage of digestion and food absorption such as the intestines

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