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Difference Between Ultrasound and Sonogram

ultra-soundUltrasound vs Sonogram

One of the problems that people in the medical community have is when two terms, such as ultrasound and sonogram, are interchanged by patients who require such tests. For example, pregnant women who would like to determine their baby’s gender, might get confused as to whether it is a sonogram or an ultrasound that is required. To help you out, here is a quick look at the difference between the two.

Generally, ultrasound is the cyclic sound pressure which occurs at a frequency far greater than the limits of what humans can hear. As you may already know, one of the many applications of ultrasound is sonography ‘“ which is the process of producing pictures of a fetus in a mother’s womb. So if you wantto see how your baby looks inside your womb, a sonogram is required, and this is an application of ultrasound.

If ultrasound is the frequency above what humans hear, sonogram is actually the imaging technique which uses ultrasound. Basically, the image created in the sonogram results are a result of the ultrasound ‘“ so one is actually a product of the other.

So what are the other applications of sonography or sonogram tests? This application of ultrasound technology can be used to take, not just pictures of the fetus inside a mother’s womb, but also pictures of tissues and internal organs.

In addition to gynecology, other fields of medicine have followed the path taken by the application of ultrasound technology. As a result, sonogram tests are also used in cardiology, vascular medicine, ophthalmology, radiology, and even psychiatry. The good news is, that either an ultrasound or a sonogram is a non-invasive procedure, which will not cause undue harm to the mother or the baby.


1. Ultrasound is the cyclic sound pressure which occurs at a higher frequency than what humans can hear, while sonogram is an imaging process using ultrasound technology.

2. Ultrasound is more of a general technology, while sonogram is a more specific application used in gynaecology and other fields of medicine.

3. Ultrasound tests are non-invasive, while sonogram tests will similarly not harm either the mother or her baby when conducted during pregnancy.

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  1. i would like to be informed aboutany and ever information son regarding the available sonography training courses–online–.do accept my deep respect and gratititude .
    Dr.Feryal Aboud Musa Al Nidawi

  2. Please note that someone placed a comma in the first line of the article after the words, “medical community have” and a comma should not be used there.
    Language and written communication are important!
    The article does shed a bit of light on the relationship between the two procedures, if ultrasound is considered a procedure.
    Thank you.
    Ann Rewis

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