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The English language is made up of a multitude of words which are often misused. People sometimes rely on their preconceived notion of what a word means without actually knowing how to use them properly. Some might use words based on how they hear it without knowing what the word really means. One good example is the words ‘our’ and ‘are’.

Our is a word which originates from the Middle English oure and the Old English Å«re, Å«ser . It is an adjective which means ‘belonging to us’ or of us. In Northern England, it used before a person’s name to indicate that the person belongs to one’s family or if the person is a very close friend. The sentence ‘I’m going to meet our Mary at the airport.’ is one good example of this usage.

‘Are’ came from the Middle English arn, aren, and the Old English earun, earon. It is a verb used as a second person singular simple present tense of the word ‘be’ in the sentence ‘John, where are you going?’ In the sentence ‘We are not coming’, it is in the first person plural simple present tense of the word ‘be’. It can also be in the second person plural simple present tense if used in the sentence similar to ‘Mary and John, are you listening’. The sentence ‘They are here somewhere’, showed ‘are’ as a third person plural simple present tense of the word ‘be’.

Both ‘Are’ and ‘Our’ are words we use very often. Sentences will not be complete without them. But not everyone knows how they can be properly placed in sentences. It is always best to know the proper usage of every word in sentences so that we can correctly send our message across.

1.Our is an adjective while are’ is a verb.
2.Our means belonging to us while are is the simple present tense of the verb be.
3.Our originates from the middle English word oure while are originates from the middle English word arn, aren,

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  1. How could anyone get these two words mixed up? They’re not even pronounced similarly..?

    • Because you are not Cumbrian and have a strong dialect like I have and yes I do use the ‘are’ predominantly when speaking thus when I write sometimes without notice I mix the two up.

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