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music-vampire-pdGoth vs Vampire

Different sociological groups evolve in the course of time. An original group can evolve into another one with just a slight difference in beliefs or tradition. Sometimes, differences can be due to the location they come from or the culture that they follow. Different subcultures emerge from these various cultures.

One good example is Goth which is a subculture that can be traced back to 1976 in Britain. As it evolved, Goth has been associated with a particular style of music and the fashion that goes with it. It is typically all black with hints of velvet and leather.
Defining Goth is not easy as it is related to identity and personal expression. Some claim that it is defined by black clothes, black hair dye, heavy makeup, death, darkness, even depression and horror.

Now, a deviant subculture that is often associated with Goth is the vampire subculture.
Vampire is a mythical/folkloric creature that is said to subsist on human blood. At times, animal blood can suffice. Vampires are said to come from a dead person reanimated by a special means. They are often described as having additional powers and character traits. The word vampire is believed to be in use since the year 1734.

From the vampire idea emerged the vampire subculture which is marked by obsessive fascination with contemporary vampire lore ‘“ ranging from fashion to music, and even to the actual exchange of blood. It is delineated with a particular style of dress and make-up that combines Victorian, punk, glam and other styles that are featured in vampire horror movies.

The vampire subculture is more organized in the sense that there is a secret society that goes through initiation rites of drinking human blood. They are typically found in underground metro area nightclubs.
Though often associated, most Goths dislike vampires and do not want to be linked in the stereotype portrayal of vampires in the media.
1.Goth is defined based on identity and personal expression while vampire is clearly defined as a creature that subsists on human blood.
2.Goth is known for black clothes, black hair dye and make while vampire combines Victorian, punk and glam styles.
3.Goth is identified with depression and sadness while vampire is linked with the obsession to subsist on human blood.

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  1. In my opinion…

    Vampire = spirituality, myths, legends, rock & roll, loving life, energy work, aesthetics, etc. Of course vampires smile more (hence the fangs).

    Goth = music, cloves and aesthetics. lol

    BUT a goth can be a vampire and a vampire can be a goth, the two are not exclusive to the other.

    • Quite true.
      I am a vampire. And you can be both.

      But WE are real.

      • Your not a **** vampire. Can you turn into a bat? No. Do you melt when the sun hits your pasty ass skin? no. Are the fangs in your mouth real or did mommy and daddy buy them for you and a dentist put them in? If I shoot you in the face, would you die? yes. Do you cast a reflection in the mirror? yes. Drinking tomato juice out of a plastic goblet you got at Halloween and dressing in black and sleeping during the day doesn’t make you a fucking vampire… It just makes you a pasty white loser.

        So stop watching Twilight and go get a life.

      • What can do to become a vampire

        • Here a few ideals
          A. Bit/cut ur self (painful but u know where the blood come from at least)
          B. Sortave like A but with someone u trust (a lover or a friend u trust)
          C.Get ur self some of the blood in the bag like they u I’m hospital s(dnk if u actually can or not
          D. Dnk u can find a way though

  2. who cares who says they are a vampire, goth whatever, no one cares!!!!!!!!

    • There a lot of people who disagree with u and if ur not going to be supportive then don’t post no one likes a nagtive nanse %)

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