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Difference Between Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins

Water vs Fat Soluble Vitamins

Our body needs vitamins for it to remain healthy and strong. A strong body and mind indicate that we are taking the needed amount of nutrients and essential compounds for normal cell functioning. We can get different kinds of vitamins in almost any nutritious food we eat . What is important is that we should have the basic knowledge on the different vitamins.

Why it is important to know the different essential vitamins needed in our body? Let me ask you what are the different vitamins that you know of? How do these affect your body? In most cases, many people would probably give Vitamin C for an answer. Indeed ,this is a very popular vitamin and is easily accessible to all. This is because most fruits and leafy vegetables contain Vitamin C. It is important for normal cell functioning and health. What about the rest of the vitamins, do you know how what they are and their importance to the body? If not, then this article would help you a lot. It is important to know the different types of vitamins to determine which ones are needed in our daily diet and which ones are stored in the body. With that, we can now differentiate between water-soluble vitamins with that of fat-soluble vitamins.

Let’s first tackle on water-soluble vitamins. From its definition, these are vitamins that are easily dissolved when they are in contact with water. Since 3/4 of our body contains water, then we need to take in a daily amount of these vitamins to keep us healthy and boost our immune system. Vitamins B1-B12, as well as Vitamin C are part of this group. They are easily used up in the body and are not stored, thus, we should need to replenish them daily. You can read more about what are the foods rich in water- soluble vitamins.

Fat-soluble vitamins are those which can be dissolved from fats before they can be used by the body. In order to easily remember, you just note that vitamins A, D, E, K belong to this group. These vitamins only get extracted when they come in contact with fat, then they travel to the blood stream, until they are used up by the cells. Any excess amounts get stored in the liver, thus, you do not have to take them every day. Do remember that each of these vitamins has different functions to our cells.

You can read further about this since only basic details are provided here.


1. Vitamins are organic compounds needed as nutrients to keep us healthy.

2. Water- soluble vitamins are easily dissolved by water. Thus, we need to take them daily.

3. Fat- soluble vitamins dissolve in fat and are stored in the liver. Some examples are vitamins A, D, E, and K.

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