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Difference Between Concrete and Pavers

Concrete vs Pavers

The difference between concrete and pavers is that concrete is a construction material whereas pavers are a brick or a molded pieces of concrete. Both of the materials are used for exterior landscaping.

Pavers are interlocked or fit together closely whereas concrete is composed of cement, gravel and water etc. that hardens into a smooth durable pad when poured on a surface. The comparison between the longevity and adaptability helps to decide which one is better than the other.

If we compare concrete with pavers on the basis of longevity and durability then concrete wins. Pavers are more adaptable and flexible than concrete. If we bring pavers and concrete into a comparison of ease and comfort of installing than pavers are the winners. Pavers are easily moved or replaced as compared to concrete. The preparation of the ground is much easier than with concrete.

Concrete takes less time than average pavers take to settle and be installed. Concrete pathway needs a major demolition in case of repair or change. You may also need to prepare and pour the concrete mixture all over again. Although pathway made from pavers takes a long time to install, they can be replaced or moved more easily. It is also easier to replace scattered pavers when necessary. If you wish to redesign your pathway or decorate them for the next season it is more advisable to replace a few selected pavers. There is definitely no visible demarcation when you wish to expand or shrink the pathway.

There are five types of concrete used for walks, patios or driveways etc. whereas there are three basic types of stone or brick flatwork to lay pavers for landscaping driveways etc. Concrete can be colored and stained and pavers come in a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes. Concrete can be engraved, carved or marked and pavers can be sealed. Stamped concrete is expensive whereas pavers are quite cheap. Concrete is difficult and need to be installed on a prepared ground with help of the experts whereas pavers are easier to install on do-it-yourself basis. Pavers as compared to concrete are friendly enough to be repaired and modified easily as a DIY job when required.

Pavers are good for wet, mossy or shady areas and if they are installed correctly they resist snow falling and allow water to penetrate through them without being damaged. Concrete holds up better and resist shoveling, freezing and thawing but can crack.


1. Concrete pathways are expensive and may crack with the passage of time.

2. Pavers pathways are cheap but if not installed correctly may scatter.

3. Concrete can be colored, stained and sealed.

4. Pavers come in a variety of shade, shapes and textures.

5. Concrete pathways are difficult to install as compared to pavers which is an easy DIY job.

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