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Difference Between Hydrocodone and Vicodin

Hydrocodone vs Vicodin

Hydrocodone and Vicodin are drugs that are given to alleviate pain. Pain as a fifth vital sign is another important assessment among humans. Pain can be a sign of impending deadly occurrences, such as, chest pain in heart attacks. However, Vicodin and Hydrocodone aren’t indicated for the heart.

Hydrocodone is a chemical which was discovered in Germany during 1920 by Carl Mannich and Helene Lowenheim. It was approved for production in the US during the 1940’s.

Hydrocodone was manufactured first and became a brand name. Vicodin, on the other hand, became one of its trade names. Hydrocodone is an opioid narcotic while Vicodin is made up of two substances: Paracetamol and Hydrocodone. Paracetamol acts as an analgesic or pain killer and as an antipyretic or fever reducer.

Hydrocodone is used as an analgesic and antitussive. Antitussive is indicated for coughing. It suppresses the individual’s urge to cough. Hydrocodone is also used as a sleeping aide. Non-medical use of Hydrocodone is to make the person in a state of euphoria or happiness. Vicodin, on the other hand, is indicated for mild to severe pain the same as Hydrocodone. It is also used for severe cough thus it is also an antitussive.

The side effects of Vicodin are gastrointestinal upsets, dizziness, and nausea. The side effects of Hydrocodone are itching, nausea, sweating, and euphoria or state of happiness. Adverse effects, such as, allergies should be reported to the physician immediately. Vicodin and Hydrocodone should be taken as prescribed by your doctors. Do not experiment by taking larger doses because this may compromise your health.

Hydrocodone should not be taken along with the following substances including: alcohol, barbiturates, cocaine, among others because it may cause respiratory depression, liver problems, heart attack, pulmonary failure, amnesia, and seizures. Vicodin should not be taken along with antidepressant drugs, MAO inhibitors, bladder medications, and Irritable Bowel meds to ensure safety and avoid drug interactions.



Hydrocodone is a drug with only a single component while Vicodin contains two substances.

Hydrocodone was discovered earlier while Vicodin was made later.

Hydrocodone was manufactured as a brand name while Vicodin was under Hydrocodone as one of its trade names.

Both drugs are indicated as analgesic and antitussive.

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  1. I’ve been taking the original made Vicodin since my neck surgery failed. I had option to medal post surgery or pain control. Risk surgery because I have nothing to fuse to from the failure of the surgery in 1999.Therfore I chose medication pain control but not codine of which makes me sick. This Vicoin miracle medication kept me stable and never abused. Throughout time generics came along of which I could not take as I get sick from most narcotics. Then I was given a brand from a Company called Watson. This worked extremely well 5/500. I even recently had a full total hip transplant of which was extremely positive and healed better than most people my age and younger. I refused pain medication other than the Vicodin due to the negative response to morphine and other generic drugs after ICU. Today however they took away my long time stability, of which is saving me a severe rod into neck and back surgery as well as helping my arthritis and other issues of bone problems away. No more Watson 5/500 Vicodin. How can the FDA be allowed to do this to people that have counted on this medication for pain for many years without any problems what so ever and have followed Doctors instructions at all times. They claim it can cause liver damage of which my blood test throughout the years have been very good. I have seen three friends only in their 50’s/60’s die from liver illness due to Alcohol drinking of which they did over use in their lives. They drank for fun not for pain. People know this even when they abuse drinking. My point being how can my medication 17 years later be taken away? I’m old now and can’t imagine to have to suffer or extreme surgeries due to this action taken. Anyone know where I can turn to. My doctors are even livid!

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