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Difference Between Crack and Cocaine

cocoaBoth crack and cocaine are drugs that are created from the coca plant. The basic differences between the two are the level or amount of refinement. While the coca plant may only supply a mild high and is used by native shepherds, cocaine is a concentrated form of particular chemicals. The use of this refined form can produce profound highs and is known to be addictive.

Crack is further refined by removing the hydrochloride salt that is present in the street form of cocaine. The most common method of use is smoking. Crack is known to be highly addictive. It reportedly makes a crackling sound when it is smoked. Crack use may increase the possibility of heart attack.

Cocaine is a reformed form of the coca plant, but in its street form it has hydrochloride salt and sometimes cutting agents that dilute the potency of the drug. Cocaine is most often used by inhaling it through the nose in powder form. Inhaling it through the nose in powder form can result in damage to the mucus membranes. This is also referred to as snorting. Another method of use is intravenous injection. Injection can result in a quicker and more intense high, but has inherent risks. It can also be smoked or swallowed. Cocaine has been proven to be highly addictive.

There is treatment for addiction to these drugs.  Seeking help is important if you need it.

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