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Difference Between Ultram and Tramadol

Ultram vs Tramadol

People have varying pain thresholds. Some can tolerate pain in extreme conditions while some cannot even tolerate even a small amount like the bite of an ant. People with cancer are usually in pain. Those in terminal stages usually have the worst pain of all. Seeing such patients will definitely melt one’s heart. Thus, doctors keep pain profiles of their patients in order for them to assess when to increase the dosage of their drugs.

Pharmacologic companies always battle for the best painkillers. They develop their drugs based on the individual needs of the patients and their pain. They also make sure that their drugs are not only potent but effective with less side effects.

Two of the painkillers in the market are Ultram and Tramadol. Let us tackle the differences. Tramadol is categorized as an opioid pain reliever but it is synthetic. Ultram, on the other hand, is an immediate-release tablet. Tramadol is indicated for moderate to severe pain while Ultram is indicated for pain management.

Tramadol is actually a generic drug while Ultram is a brand name of this drug. There are no differences but, as they say, branded drugs are more effective and act faster than generic drugs. In generic drugs, companies do not spend lots of money on developing the drug. In trade drugs, companies pay for them as well as for the branding and marketing of the drug. Thus, Ultram costs more than Tramadol.

Ultram is produced by Ortho-McNeil while Tramadol is produced by different companies. There are not many differences between these two drugs. It is already in the discretion of the patient which to choose whether choosing a branded drug or a generic drug. So as much as possible, ask the physician, nurse, or pharmacist to help you choose which drug will be best for you. If it’s moderate to severe pain, then Tramadol is best. If it’s for pain management, Ultram is also good. So it’s up to the consumer’s choice on which drug to take and what to buy.


1.Ultram is a brand name while Tramadol is the generic name of Ultram.
2.Ultram is a bit more expensive than Tramadol.
3.Tramadol and Ultram are both painkillers.
4.Ultram is produced by Ortho-McNeil while Tramadol is produced by different companies.

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  1. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. For those that are wondering which is better I can help with that. Both treat pain the same way and this article is a load of lies. Both Ultram and Tramadol are both synthetically made, and both are immediate release. Both treat chronic pain, from moderate to severe and both are used for pain management. This article shows the writer doesn’t know the difference between the two, and are probably just making it up as you go. The only thing you got right was that Ultram is a brand name pharmaceutical drug and Tramadol is generic, many different companies make Tramadol. Some may be fooled into believing Ultram is the better drug because it’s a name brand drug, but those people are either disillusioned or have taken a really horrible generic Tramadol. There’s good brands of Tramadol. but I have used both and see no difference in the way the treat chronic pain. Lastly, I get really pissed when people give advise on something they know nothing about. If you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

  2. I have not taken much of tramadol as on my second dose i had sever itching. As to address that generics arent always good that is true. I was dyarted on coumadine at age 34 after a p.e. name brand at 15 mgs because it was a sever episode that is genetic caused and we didnt know it existed. I almost died. Any how i was slowly getting my dose lowered and the pharmacy gave me a B grade generic same milligram as i had been level on for over a month and i bottomed out in two weeks. My diet hadnt changed i. Hadnt missed any. The office i went to looked at the bottle and found the manufacturers had many complaints about short changing drugs. They say they are just as good but not always. I finally adjusted but still endup taking more milligrams of the generic than the namebrand.

  3. Well one thing I know is that the generic Tramadol used to be great! I tried from several different suppliers/pharmacies over time, and they really worked! Nowadays Tramadol is useless. Something has changed for the worst. A baby aspirin would bring more relief! I think they jack around with the fillers, or formulation has changed altogether. They are definitely not the same as they were just a couple years ago. I’m thinking of giving Ultram a try…if I can afford them! Too bad the generic is a joke now because some people really need pain relief!

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