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Difference Between Xenical and Alli

Xenical vs Alli

As the number of obese people increases, so does the number of demand in weight loss schemes and interventions. The weight loss and diet industry is said to be worth one billion USD plus. Included here are the different pills that one can buy in the market. Two of the popular pills in the diet and weight loss market are Xenical and Alli.

Let us tackle the differences between Xenical and Alli. First, these pills are not really diet pills which will suppress your appetite but, rather, these are fat-blocking pills. Alli is one of the newcomers to these lines of medicine. It is a fat blocker that is said to be very powerful in blocking fat in the body. One does not need a prescription to buy this pill. It is an OTC or over-the-counter drug. Xenical, on the other hand, is not new in the market. However, it needs a prescription from the doctor before one can use it.

Alli and Xenical have different dosages and potencies. Xenical has twice the dosing of Alli. Xenical has a 120 mg. dosage while Alli has a 60 mg. dosage. Both drugs work by blocking the absorption of fats in the body. They also become more potent if both are being used while exercising and maintaining a low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet.

These drugs will also have their side effects, of course. The fats that are being blocked and absorbed by the drug will come out of the body through the bowels. So the obvious side effects are frequent bowel movements. There can also be intestinal and stomach upsets such as diarrhea. This happens when a high-fat diet is consumed prior to taking the drug. Another side effect is that fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients are also being excreted. So it is advisable to use multivitamins while taking these drugs.

Alli can be bought as a starter kit in the market. This is an advantage for starters as they can have a guide in taking this drug along with their weight loss plan for a few weeks up to a month. When taking this drug it is still recommended to exercise and to take part in a diet.

Xenical, on the other hand, since it has a bigger dosage, may have more results and more side effects as well. This is recommended for super overweight and obese Type 1 and 2 individuals.


1.Alli is an OTC drug while Xenical requires a prescription.
2.Xenical is available in 120 mg. while Alli is available in 60 mg.
3.Both drugs work by blocking fats in the intestines.
4.Alli is available in a starter kit while Xenical is not.

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