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Difference Between Female and Male Goldfish

Female vs Male Goldfish

Knowing whether your fish is male or female can be a bit tricky when the fish is young. Male and female goldfish are similar in external appearances. However, the two sexes can be discriminated during the breeding season. While some fish change their sex according to environmental conditions, the sex of goldfish are genetically predetermined.

Male goldfish

During breeding season, the male goldfish develops white bumps on the opercula (or the gill cover). These white bumps are also called breeding tubercles because they develop only during the breeding season. Another development during the breeding season involves rays in the pectoral or the hind fins of the male gold fish. On average, a goldfish reaches breeding age four months after birth, or four to five months after introducing him or her into the aquarium.

Male goldfish are slender in shape. They have longer fins and longer bodies when compared to their sexual counterpart. There is a ridge that runs through the back of the male’s pelvic fins, up to the vent on the underside. The male’s abdomen is firm and the vent is concave in shape, and a bit thinner than that of the female goldfish.

The pectoral fins of the male goldfish are pointed, having a stiff front ray fin.  The overall body shape of a male fish resembles a torpedo.

Female goldfish

Female goldfish are bigger in appearance. They are plump and their size increases during the breeding season. This is due to the fact that during the breeding period, the abdomen of female is filled with eggs. This makes the abdomen softer when compared to that of males.

The mid ridge line is either reduced or totally absent on female goldfish. The shape of the vent is convex and rounder in females. The pectoral fins are short and round with a fine front ray fin.

Behavior-wise,  female goldfish are quite timid. The male goldfish chases the female and bumps her in order to get her to release eggs. Female goldfish are supposed to have a brighter color than males.


  1. Males have breeding tubercles, while females do not have breeding tubercles.
  2. Males are smaller in size, and females are bigger in size.
  3. Males a have mid ridge line ,while it is absent in females.
  4. The vent of males is concave-shaped and thin, while this vent in females is convex and round in shape.
  5. The pectoral fin in males is pointed, while it is short and round in females.
  6. Male goldfish are aggressive and female goldfish are timid.

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  1. In addition to female round pectoral fins, it is usually thin and the male is thicker with white rough stars along its edge.

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