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Difference Between Full Moon and New Moon

Full Moon vs New Moon

Differentiating a full moon from a new moon is so easy that even early childhood kids can already tell which is which. But aside from the blatantly obvious difference of the full moon having the brightest light and the new moon having the least light of all lunar phases, there are still several more unique characteristics that separate each phase from the other.

The lunar month is very different from the ordinary 30/31-day calendar month. And so the lunar phases will depend on the 29.5-day (approximate) cycle. The first day of the month is the new moon while its mid (15th) day is the full moon. The world will experience one of each phase in every 29.5-day period.

Also, the full moon is at its brightest light because it is the time when it is situated in such a position that it can be fully illuminated by the bright sun. It just reflects the light coming from the sun as the moon itself is not capable of giving off its own light. This light reflection is seen as the moon revolves around the planet. From the observer’s point of view, many phenomena occur because of the moon’s movement which are quite dramatic as there seems to be many changes happening in the moon’s shape, distance, size, brightness, and even color.

The people gazing on the moon will also realize that the area being illuminated by a full moon is also clearer as more light shines. By contrast, artificial lighting may be necessary in a new moon as the moon seems to be dark as if it’s not there.

In this connection, the moon’s placement becomes very significant. As it becomes more distant from the sun in relation to the position of the Earth, a full moon takes place. On the contrary, the new moon happens because its position has become closer to the sun. To be more precise, the moon during a “new moon” is placed somewhere in between the sun and the Earth.


1.During a new moon, the moon is situated somewhere between the sun and the Earth. It is closer to the sun.
2.During a full moon, the moon is situated far from the sun.
3.The full moon is the brightest phase of the moon in the lunar month while the new moon is the darkest.
4.The new moon is the first day of the lunar month while the full moon is the 15th day of the lunar month.
5.A full moon is the most visible moon while the new moon is the barely visible moon.

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