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Hemp vs Cannabis

Cannabis is the genus of a flowering plant native to Central and South Asia that has three species: Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica. The plants are cultivated for their fiber and seeds and are used as medicines and recreational drugs.

Industrial hemp comes from the Cannabis ruderalis L variety and only has 1.5% tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the substance that can make a person high. It has a high level of cannabidiol (CBD) content which reduces the psychedelic effects of THC.

Hemp fiber is strong and very durable making it a very important raw material for industrial products. It is used in the production of paper, textile, plastics, building materials, and other household products. Its seeds are a good source of protein, amino acids, and fatty acids.

Hemp seeds can be eaten whole or cooked as porridge, made into flour and used to bake cookies and buns, or turned into hemp seed oil and added as ingredients in sauces, butter, and other condiments. It can even be processed to produce ethanol for fuel.
Cannabis, also popularly known as marijuana comes from the Cannabis sativa or indica variety and has a very high level of tetrahydrocannabinol. It contains up to 20% of this active substance which makes it suitable for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Using cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in most parts of the world save for a few which legalized it like the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Austria. It is an effective treatment for vomiting and nausea, stimulating appetite in AIDS and cancer patients, treating glaucoma and gastrointestinal problems.

Marijuana or Cannabis is usually grown in warm, moist, and damp areas wherein they can generate the best-quality seeds and flowers unlike hemp which can be grown anywhere. Furthermore, Cannabis needs ample space because its branches are allowed to fan out which is different from hemp which must be grown up.
Both plants need permits to grow, though. And even if it is not illegal to cultivate hemp, a special permit from the DEA is still needed by growers. It is required that the area must have fences and guards to keep people away.


1.Hemp comes from the Cannabis ruderalis L variety of the plant genus Cannabis while marijuana comes from the Cannabis sativa or indica varieties of the same plant genus.
2.Hemp plant stems and branches are strong and durable while Cannabis’ or marijuana’s are soft.
3.It is not illegal to cultivate hemp but, like Cannabis or marijuana, it requires a permit to plant, and there are several restrictions imposed.
4.While hemp seed can be processed as food like grinding it into flour to make pastries and consuming it as porridge, Cannabis seeds are usually smoked.
5.Hemp needs only a small area to cultivate because it grows up while cannabis or marijuana needs a wider area because its leaves must be grown out.
6.Cannabis or marijuana is an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting and to stimulate appetite in patients as well as treat certain eye and gastrointestinal ailments while hemp can be utilized as fuel aside from its uses as raw material for industrial products.

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